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UPDATE TIME: 2016-09-11 
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"Raggedy Ann's Lucky Pennies is a lovely story of how a rag doll found a penny growing on a tree, that brought good luck. It did not seem that way at first, as Raggedy Ann and Andy, with q young man who had been mnade to forget that he was the prince who ruled that territory, and another young man transformed into a donkey named Noodles, were captured by King Growch, who was NOT the rightful ruler but the former commanding general of the prince's army. Yet that Lucky Penny helped the lost prince regain his memory, reminded him that he was the beloved Prince Bonnie, the rightful sovereign. That Penny helped a knight who had been discharged remember that he was king (and Mrs. Knight his consort)
of a nearby kingdom, that Growch's scullery maid Lovey Lou was their Princess, AND that Winnie-the-Witch was NOT so wickedy but really Princess Winnie! (Another witch named Sylvia, alias, Wanda-the-Witch, was pretty and very nice, freed Noodles from his transformation and revealed him as Prince Donald, heir apparent to the knight-king's throne.) One of the most amusing parts of this story was Winnie's having Raggedy Ann and her friends bring back some gifts for the mean king-- a pint of water carried by a string, a tissue paper filled with fire, a giant in a bottle, and a pie that would sing when cut. Winnie, the SUPPOSEDLY Wickedy Witch who was really a NICE lady, brought back silly common things: an ice cube on the string and four fireflies in the tissue. Growch suspected that the giant in the bottle was another silly common thing that he should have thought of himself, and the singing pie was not mentioned. When, at the end, the mean king broke the tiny bottle on a rock, there was explosion, which killed him. (Was the "giant" really a grenade?) It would have been more fun if the king DID cut the pie; if it sang, it would have been just a battery-powered record player! Another silly common thing! Yet, it was this "giant" as well as the Lucky Penny that led to the death of the false king and the restoration of Prince Bonnie to his throne, which brought happiness to his subjects, AND restored the former knight to HIS throne in the nearby kingdom. All in all, a very nice story.
" said.

"This is by far my favorite Raggedy Ann story. Funny, exciting, and sweet as always. My 3-year-old daughter asks me to read to her from it so often that we have finished the book four times!" said.

"My Mother read this to me and we read almost all of the series and I looked forward to story time and the gentler stories of several years ago." said.


"These were the stories my Dad read to me as a kid. They ought to be available to a new generation of children via all the major B&M bookstores. But as someone who once worked in a bookstore for five years in college back in the '90s, I observed even then that these works were never stocked. As a result, too few children are exposed to Johnny Gruelle's timeless classics. These are incredibly imaginative and whimsical stories, with illustrations completely unlike anything produced by anyone else (meaning much better than most children's illustrators/cartoonists' today). But more than that, these books convey values of kindliness, compassion and the Golden Rule. Every children's librarian should stock Gruelle's books and every major bookstore should carry at least some of of these classics. Back in the '70s and even into the mid '80s the dolls were ubiquitous. By the '90s, however, the dolls and the stories seemed to fall off the map. It would seem that because Disney never gained control of these classic characters, they have fallen out of the mainstream. That's a real shame and I wish the Gruelle estate/hometown would work harder to publicize these works to a new generation." said.

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