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"A unicorn for 25 cents? Lucy knows a bargain when she sees one! So she immediately sends in her quarter, and waits - patiently - for him to arrive. In the meantime, she imagines exactly how beautiful and wonderful her unicorn will be. And she even names him - Sparkle! Of course, as often happens, when Sparkle finally arrives, he is nothing at all like Lucy's imaginings. In fact, he is a major disappointment. So Lucy decides to send him back. But maybe, just maybe, Sparkle is what she wants after all.
And I totally agree with Lucy that Sparkle is definitely NOT a goat - he's a special unicorn.
" said.

" Read through this while checking in books at my library and I absolutely loved it! Adorable storyline, soft and colorful art, and definitely had me smiling the entire time! " said.

"The ad said "Unicorn. 25 cents." I am pretty sure I would have sent away for this unicorn when I was a kid as well, but as an adult I would have cautioned my kids and said that a bargain price like that usually gets you a bargain pet.. turns out Lucy was the winner in this case as my kids usually are as well. Her unicorn (who seems a lot more like a goat to me) is simply wonderful and becomes a much better pet for her than the one she dreamed of. Really, the one she imagined looks like a cross between a blue horse and something you would see on the front of a Romance novel. I think that Sparkle is fantastic and will be there for her forever - like all good pets should be. He likes warm milk, butterflies and cupcakes and seems like a companion instead of something you would see in a catalogue. Lucy is pretty great also. Maybe Amy Young will let us see Lucy again? Or Sparkle AND Lucy? It would be very nice." said.

"Originally posted on my blog, Nine Pages .

A little girl buys a unicorn for 25¢ and anxiously awaits its arrival, dreaming of riding him along rainbows with a necklace of flowers on his blue neck. What arrives is a goat with a single horn. He’s smelly. He’s not blue. He has fleas! He eats his flower necklace and his tutu. Lucy tries to defend her unicorn at first from those who say he’s just a goat, but eventually she calls to return the unicorn, but once he’s in the truck and bleating for her, she changes her mind, and realizes that she has grown to love Sparkle even though he is not what she was expecting. Lucy appears to be African American, making me love her even more because there is never once any issue made of her race and we need more books about African Americans where race is not an issue. I like this protagonist so much more than the Barbie from Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Brigette Barrager’s Uni the Unicorn.
" said.

"When Lucy sends away for her 25 cent unicorn, she has big dreams of what it’s going to look like. It is sure to be blue with a pink tail and pink mane. She will ride on him and name him Sparkle. But when the box finally arrives, Sparkle is not what she expected at all. He does love cupcakes, but that’s not all he loves to eat. He also eats underwear, his flower necklace and the tutu Lucy puts on him. She can’t ride him at all and he doesn’t behave at show-and-tell. Lucy decides to return Sparkle, but the man can’t come and get him until the next day. In the meantime, Sparkle turns out to be scared of storms, butterflies love him, and he makes Lucy laugh. Perhaps it’s not important to be the perfect unicorn after all.

I must admit that I expected this book to be overly sweet, rather too sparkly and filled with too much princess and unicorn fluff. However, it’s not that kind of a picture book at all and I can’t resist a book that surprises me this much. Even better, it’s a unicorn book with a “unicorn” that farts, smells and has fleas. In fact, it’s a unicorn book about a goat and a girl who learns to love him. And in the end, I think readers are going to fall for Sparkle too and realize that the idealized unicorn may be very dull compared to one very active goat.

Young’s illustrations are very appealing. She does a mix of large format pages and then more detailed ones that show all of the trouble that Sparkle manages to get into. Lucy imagines herself as a princess, but throughout is clearly a colorful little girl who loves to pretend and imagine. Readers will immediately know that Sparkle is not a unicorn, but will love the fact that he’s a goat with a heart-shaped mark on his side.

A sparkling and clever story about new friends that defy expectations. Appropriate for ages 3-5.
" said.

"Sometimes we get an idea in our head of what a perfect pet would be and when we get that pet, they turn out to be not exactly what we expected. What happens then? Well you get frustrated, the pet behaves poorly and all because we did give the pet the opportunity to show it's personality or give the pet enough time to get used to us and vice versa.

This is a book showing responsibility and acceptance. Well done by Amy Young. Published by Farrar Straus Giroux.

#PB #pets #unicorn #goat #acceptance #responsibility
" said.

" I love unicorns. I love goats. I loved this book! " said.

" From now on I will be more appreciative of any and all bargain unicorns in my life. " said.

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