Song of the Lioness Quartet: Alanna; In the Hand of the Goddess; The Woman Who Rides Like a Man; Lioness Rampant Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-26 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 135 user ratings

" How have I never read this series before? Love the fiercely strong Alanna breaking glass ceilings that change the futures of women all across her land. Beautiful writing, girls and women can definitely see themselves in her desire to be both warrior, and woman and how she grows into these roles. " said.

" I LOVE this YA series - and really, everything I've read by Tamora Pierce. I re-read it (and all the others) once every few years. All of her stories are about strong girls who take their lives into their own hands and live (and love) by their own rules. Highly recommended for teenage readers. " said.

" Just reread this four-book series about the rad girl who grows up to be a knight/shaman, complete with magic and great dialogue and lots of life and Spirit and growing up business. So thankful to have stumbled across this some 25 years ago in my early teens. I really think it's shaped the person I am today. Two decades on, I still had a great time reading all four books. " said.

" Thoroughly enjoyed this series of a young girl who rebels against her society's strict segregation of male and female roles, then eventually comes "out" as a female warrior and has many adventures. She's not perfect - she's full of doubt and sometimes misses obvious cues (just like us), but she has a strong group of characters to journey with.She does sleep with every guy she is interested in - Pierce has some great comments on this part of Alanna's character - I suggest you look that up. " said.

" I remember the first book well, and I enjoyed reading it again so many years later. The rest of the books, however...I had close to zero recollection of reading them. Those didn’t stand up nearly as well upon rereading, either. The romance and angst is a bit corny to me today. As is the way the heroine Mary Sues her way through a lot of conflict. But, you know, younger me loved and needed corny storylines and Mary Sues back then. I’d still recommend the first book to young adult readers. " said.

"I was lent this book by a friend who told me it's one of their favourites. So I had high expectations going in. I'm glad to say I wasn't disappointed. I thought the story was well written and the action was well done. The main character 'Alanna' was really likable with a nice mixture of wit and stubbornness to make her enjoyable to read about through the collection of the 4 books. The only complaint I would have is that it wasn't clear to me how much time had past throughout the story. But that's a minor nitpick as you can roughly work it out." said.

"Tamora Pierce is awe inspiring in her ability to draw you into her world and paints amazingly clear pictures with just enough room for interpretation. Her character of Alanna is an inspiration in her self-assurance and determination. This book is perfect for confident independent readers as well as for shared reading, and is accessible to both boys and girls. I definitely recommend any of Ms Pierce's books but the Lioness Quartet is a must read for any fantasy and sword-and-sorcery genre lovers. Happy Reading xxx" said.

"Going to keep this short and to the point without the flair that I would do when I write.
I read these books and others from Tamora Pierce when I was in the 4th grade. Now after years of not touching them, I thought that it would be a bittersweet remembrance to read through them again. The first book started out strong but the plot and the characters get flatter and flatter as you go through this cycle. the ending was rushed and there was no character development that would of glued me to the pages. would I recommend series? Yes. Would I re-read it again? someday after the disappointed wears off.
" said.

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