Mission London: A Scavenger Hunt Adventure (Travel Book For Kids) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-26 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 24 user ratings

" Very colorful book with lots of pictures and snippets of information organized in a youth friendly way. The book is laid out in a youth oriented and fun way and would be useful for any one bring children or young adults to London, it would also be helpful to anyone who has never been to London as it has most of the main attractions listed as well as giving fun activities to try at each. " said.

" Goodreads win. Will read and review once received.THis was a unique and fun children's book. I can see just about anyone of any age would have fun with this book. I will say this book/series is a great idea. It is short and full of interesting information. This book is definitely something I could see being used to entertain the children while out and about on a family vacation. I would definitely think of buying these. A great thing. " said.

" I got this book from goodreads first reads. It hit all of the major tourist traps in London that most folks would be going to see anyway. It's a great way to get people to focus and learn a bit when things can be so overwhelming or not geared toward them. I love the suggestion to have the adventurers have their own camera but for some families that might not be possible. It reminded me a lot of where in the world is Carmen Sandiego and that is a big compliment for my generation. " said.

"These travel books are an absolutely brilliant idea. Kids of all ages will love earning points to become special agents as they discover and uncover the rich history and culture of London. For parents, it will solve the problem of entertaining the kids and will truly make the trip an adventure and learning experience. These are meant as travel take-alongs, but I think they can be used in fun and educational internet searches for those not lucky enough to travel. There is a wealth of information that is interesting to read on its own. This is not a boring textbook. It is learning made into an adventure. Each page is different and the special format design, colors, pictures and fonts hold attention and pique curiosity. I highly recommend these books for family vacations and school and group tours, but local residents and those just dreaming of making the trip will enjoy these guides." said.

"I have to say that this little book has the most detailed and lavishly illustrated designs wrapped into it's pages I've owned to date. Every single page has a beautifully crafted layout and I really think it's wonderful. My little boy loves it also and it keeps us both occupied for many hours at a time.

The reading level is aged 6-13 and not only educational but a lot of wholesome fun for the whole family to get involved.
Although I have lived in Florida for 22 years now, and my child was born here, I grew up in England so he is naturally very curious about his heritage. I have taken him to England twice now and Geography and travel is the subject that he is most interested in. This book brings back a lot of great memories for me and also my child.

A scavenger hunt along with terrific spy stories that we can both enjoy together. A journey into exploring the many sights of London. Some of these sights my boy and I have already seen in person such as The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and we have even traveled across London Bridge.
Children are very curious about travel and this book will certainly whet their appetite about all the many different countries and cultures there is to see, starting with 'Mission London". A five out of five star review and a must for any child's library.

I was lucky enough to be sent a paperback copy of this book for reading and reviewing, I was not obligated to give a good rating.
" said.

"This is a delightful children’s adventure book that the whole family can enjoy when in London. It will keep your child (or children) engaged with a thrilling challenge to see if they have what it takes to become a spy. But adults will likely have just as much fun playing along.

The individual missions in the book are clearly marked and laid out with gorgeous photographs and artwork, befitting the legendary landmarks you will likely explore while on vacation. Kids tasked with completing their missions will find themselves unwittingly learning as much as you about London’s history, culture, art, politics, geography… there’s quite a broad spectrum of education crammed within these pages, and none of it comes off as such. It all comes off as wicked fun. If schools back home were set up this way, I imagine kids would learn a lot more. It’s like teaching engineering and design by having a class build a hang glider then going out and flying one. This sexy appeal to learning makes the kids’ taking in everything about their new world with wide eyed wonder a foregone conclusion. And by interlacing the Mission London playbook with your travels you might find the added bonus that the kids will remember the trip well into adulthood; something they might not otherwise do without the anchor points provided in the text.

Highly recommended for kids and parents alike. Don’t forget to load up your cell phone or tablet with this ebook before boarding the plane!
" said.

"What fun it was to receive this book in return for an honest review. I spend a week in London seeing the sights and recognized several of the places pictured and explained in this book. Although it is written for young people, the adults supervising the activity will enjoy and learn from the activities featured in the text as well.

The reader is invited to become a secret international agent and search for clues throughout London, England. Once the scavenger hunt is completed and the points added up, the reader can further her experience by going online and printing out a certificate and entering a photo contest. At the site, other books about Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Washington DC, and New York are featured. The trick using these books is to convince the child it will be a fun, shared activity and not improvised homework. With the right attitude, this could be a memorable and valuable experience for both adult and child.

While using this book, the reader seeks out details in such places as Westminster Abbey, Parliament and Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery, the British Museum, the British Library, the Temple Church, and the Tower of London. It is not necessary to travel to each of these destinations in order to earn enough points for a special agent certificate. There are also ways to earn bonus points by noticing things featured throughout the city.

As well as using intrigue to motivate the reader, Catherine Aragon (is that her real name?) injects humor throughout. For example, when searching the British Museum for Selene's horse's head, Aragon writes, "The horse may appear a bit tired because he just led the chariot of Selene, the Moon goddess, across the sky."

Readers not only search for items and check them off but they are also encouraged to interact with their environment. In order to imitate Queen Victoria wearing a corset, "Suck in your stomach as far as you can and read the quote on the next page, while appearing as serious as possible."

If you're the kind of family that likes to globe trot, this series of books is for you.
" said.

" Very colorful book with lots of pictures and snippets of information organized in a youth friendly way. The book is laid out in a youth oriented and fun way and would be useful for any one bring children or young adults to London, it would also be helpful to anyone who has never been to London as it has most of the main attractions listed as well as giving fun activities to try at each. " said.

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