Anubis Speaks!: A Guide to the Afterlife by the Egyptian God of the Dead (Secrets of the Ancient Gods) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-12 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 7 user ratings

" Recommend. Grades 4+. Readalikes: Everything Mythology / HoenaEyewitness Mythology Treasury of Egyptian Mythology / NapoliThe Kane Chronicles / Riordan " said.

" I read and reviewed this book for LMC magazine. You'll find my review there in an upcoming issue. " said.

" Anubis guides the modern mortal through the hours of the afterlife and gives insight into ancient Egyptian beliefs. " said.

"An absolutely delightful and highly entertaining trip through Duat in the company of an Anubis dripping with attitude, sass and charm. This books demands to be read aloud, with lots of dramatic flair. It is so thrillingly theatrical that I hope it is soon available as an audiobook read by an voice actor who is up to the challenging task of capturing Shecter's ghoulishly amusing Anubis in all his charm (or perhaps even as a one-man play). Read it aloud to your friends and family ... and learn quite a bit about Ra's nightly perilous journey through the darkness." said.

"Oh, this is SUCH a fun read, even if it is about Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Dead.

Or maybe because it IS about Anubis. Vicky Alvear Shecter gives voice to this god in a way that middle schoolers will love--and learn a whole lot about the Egyptian beliefs of the afterlife in the process.

Anubis is our tour guide through the twelve hours on our journey through the perilous underworld, explaining the ins and outs (and innards) of gods and the dead and rituals and snakes and desert and the Nile...well, it's quite a list, both fascinating and icky.

Like I said, the kids'll love it. Maybe as much as Shecter appeared to love writing it!
" said.

"Egyptian God Anubis takes us on a tour of the night--the trip that Ra makes every evening to be reborn in the sunrise. Along the way, we learn about Egyptian customs, beliefs, and their very complex mythology.

Thanks in part to Rick Riordan, ancient mythology is of great interest to kids and this book will definitely fit that need, especially for those fans of Riordan's Kane Chronicles. It's the right target age, and Anubis is a very knowledgeable and extremely snarky tour guide. He makes no bones about his nature and the nature of his fellow gods and goddesses. He gives us all fair warning at the beginning of what to expect--even decapitations--read on if you're brave enough!

There is lots of material on Ancient Egypt, but this stands out as being written for middle grade and in a narration instead of a presentation of facts.

Very recommended, ages 9+.
" said.

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I was introduced to Vicky Alvear Shecter when I read Cleopatra’s Moon and was struck by her way to intertwine fact, mythology, and fiction into a fascinating story. I’ve recently (once I started teaching it) become a very hug fan of mythology though mostly Greek and Roman; however, with my reading of Cleopatra’s Moon (then the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan), I jumped into Egyptian mythology head first and began learning more and more thus realizing how fascinating all mythology is.

Now to Anubis Speaks! What I enjoyed most about this book was how it was put together. It isn’t just another nonfiction book that lists facts and myths and hope that students find it interesting. Instead Shecter made sure to make the book entertaining and different and intertwined myths with a fun narrative from the Egyptian god of the dead. (YES! The whole book is told from the point of view of Anubis making it quite hilarious at points and making it more interesting than just an informational nonfiction book.)
" said.

" I loved it! I liked about different Pharaohs. I hope the author writes more books like this. " said.

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