The Legend of the Sand Dollar: An Inspirational Story of Hope for Easter Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-08-17 
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" This book would work well for children who are having a hard time with their parents leaving them at school. The main character goes on a trip and is very sad that her parents are not there but she finds a way to have fun and not be sad anymore. " said.

"Looking for a beautiful book to read each Easter as a family?

This would made a wonderful addition to this year's bunny basket or the perfect take-along for a family trip to the beach!

There are books that are fun, everyday stories that you don't mind having tattered copies of, as long as you can still read them.

Then there are those special books that really merit sitting on your shelf in hard-bound form.

This is one of those books.

A young girl is spending time at the beach with her cousin, who introduces her to a nearby island where they can collect sand dollars.

She'd never seen a sand dollar before, so her cousin begins to explain what makes these treasures so special.

Almost every aspect of the creature is shown to be symbolic: an Easter lily with the Christmas star in the center on one side, the holes "made" by the nails and spear and the doves that burst forth from the center of the shell when it's broken open remind us all of the good news.

This story is mainly conveyed along one edge of each two-page spread, leaving the majority of the space for the sumptuous illustrations.

This book was originally published over a decade ago, but has been revised to include new, vibrant illustrations - illustrations that I feel make this book truly special.

I actually found myself quite distracted for several portions of the story - enough so that I would not want to read this book again, if it weren't for the wonderful artwork inside.

The little girl is distraught at the opening of the book because her parents can't come with her to the beach.

Why? We're never told, but we do revisit this conflict when the girl and her sister wait for their parents to arrive at the end of the book.

Once the cousin begins to explain the symbolism of the sand dollar, however, I completely forgot about the confusion about the parents that the book opened with.

The cousin's descriptions of the symbols are where this book's text begins to shine and it continues through several pages until what I consider an abrupt comparison to the moon, the tide, the girl's parents, and God.

This part of the story was just awkward to me; it was abrupt and had no real connection to the rest of the story.

The final page of this book explains a bit more about the sand dollar and includes a traditional poem describing the sand dollar's symbolism, which I appreciated.

Despite my issues with the storyline, I am still quite happy that we've added this title to our library.

The illustrations alone make this book worth its shelf space and I did really enjoy the meat of the book, where the sand dollar's symbolism is explained.

So consider adding this book to your collection - I feel it would be great for a seasonal Easter book that you pull out to read each spring - or the perfect book to bring along on a family trip to the beach, where your children can make an immediate connection to the story by going out to search for their own sand dollars.

I feel that even the tiniest tots would enjoy the beautiful artwork and that the sand dollar's symbolism means this book has no upper age limit.

It reminds me of the books sharing the symbolism of the candy cane or the 12 Days of Christmas song, so if your family enjoys those every year, you'll probably want to get your hands on this one.

I received a free copy of this product as a member of Zondervan's Z Blog Squad in exchange for writing a review. All opinions are my own.
" said.

" Note: I accessed a digital review copy of this book through Edelweiss. " said.

" A neat inspirational story for children. Shares the Legend of the sand dollar and how it tells the story of Easter. " said.

" This is a good book. The story is touching. It could be used for church, but not school. Uses Sand Dollar to depict symols of Christ's Ressurection. " said.

"I'm not sure what made me pick up this book. I think it was the front cover illustration with the seashore and the sand dollar. The story is pretty good, although a bit overly dramatic for the lesson that it is trying to give. And the illustrations are very nice, very realistic. I think this would be a good story to read at Easter. The additional information about sand dollars is very informative, as is the message that you should only pick up the white, bleached out sand dollar skeletons, not the live ones. " said.

"This is a soft cover, inspirational book that relates the North American coastal residents' Legend of the Sand Dollar, and includes a copy of the poem about the sand dollar from an unknown author. The artwork looks like paintings.

Kerry is upset that she and her sister will spend Easter weekend with their Aunt Jane and Cousin Jack near the ocean, and won't see her parents till they are picked up on Easter Sunday.

As Kerry wanders down to the beach, Cousin Jack comes in a small motor boat. He offers to take Kerry for a ride. She finds some sanddollars and Jack answers her questions and tells her the story about them.

This was an enjoyable read, and although it is graded for ages 4-7 with an adult reading, 2nd-3rd grade independent readers will
do just fine and enjoy the book as well.
" said.

"Auer, Chris. The Legend of the Sand Dollar. Grand Rapids, MI: Zonderkidz, 2005.
Genre - Fiction - Christianity
The Legend of the Sand Dollar is a simple story about a girl named Kerry who goes to her relatives two days before Easter and misses her parents. While away she travels to an island with her cousin Jack where she finds a sand dollar. Kerry had never seen a sand dollar so her cousin explained what it was, how it got there, and how it tells the tale of how Christ's birth and how he Sacrificed his life for us. After Kerry is feeling a little better about missing her parents, Jack explains that in reality they are not that far away from each other using an example of how the moon is connected to the tide to explain his point.
The book has very soft illustrations which make reading it a very relaxing anti stress read. The story can be good for explaining how God is in everything. This book would be better if read after Christianity has been explained to a child since it doesn't mention the exact story, more so a reference to Christ. This story doesn't have too much of a rising plot its mainly a flatter story. This story can still be a good bed time story for a child around 3 to 4 years of age.
" said.

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