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"A Pizza the Size of the Sun is the third book of poetry by Jack Prelutsky that I've read. This was the first time I've read this particular collection and while it was good, I don't believe that it was quite to the standards of New Kid or Something Big.

There were a couple of memorable poems in this volume, my favorites being If and When I'm Full of Silence. One that made me laugh out loud was entitled My Brother, the Doodler (or something to that effect). It talked about how the narrator's younger brother drew on absolutely anything and everything. Which, in turn, reminded me of MY little brother (who still to this day doodles on EVERYTHING - nothing is safe around him).

I enjoyed the collection overall. It did have a more serious tone (in places) than I remember the other two books I own having, but still a great collection and definitely one I wouldn't mind adding to those I already have.
" said.

"This collection of poetry is full of humor. Each poem is accompanied by a simple black and white drawing. The poems would appeal to a variety of ages because the humor in them is of several different types. Some of the poems are gross such as "Eyeballs for Sale". There is a poem written in a circle that never ends. There are several short poems that are only 4 or 8 lines in their entirety. The poems are rhyming, which could make them appealing, and a lot of them have silly details that kids would enjoy such as the poem with the kid whose name is "Quentin Quimble Quamble Quayle". There is a poem written in a mirror image. A lot of the subject matter are things that kids might find interesting or relevant to themselves: pizza, grandmothers, animals, bugs, aliens, ships, enchanted hats etc. The poems are straight forward and so are easier to understand. A lot of them also have the final line as something of a punch line so they are structured like jokes. I think that kids would love this collection of poetry." said.

" This poem book is great for kids. It has great rhyming short creative poems with simple illustrations. The poem i personally liked what called "Miss Misinformation". The poem is about an individual who claims they know it all, however they give out information that is not realistic at all. Misinformation like the "the stars are silver footballs" and " The seas are thick with elephants". Overall the book is filled with many great funny poems. " said.

"About a month ago I went a little Jack Prelutsky crazy. I discovered that the kids and I had fun going to a random page of one of his books, reading a poem, sometimes memorizing it and sometimes making actions for it with our arms and hands.

I really had no clue Prelutsky was so prolific. I came home from the library with a rhyming dictionary and several of his books. Unfortunately for me, I really can't sit down and just get through a whole book. Even though I like Young Adult fiction and picture books, my personal dose or threshold of children's literature gets lower when I'm not in the classroom these days. For my own enjoyment, having a my own copy or two of his books available to open randomly, and read a couple of poems when I'm in the mood is what I like. It's also nice to have a book for the kids for the same reason - to do this in class for filler and transitions. Kids like memorizing and reciting funny poems like I do.

This book is one I might buy. The poems are short and funny, pretty much as usual. I've read his how to write poems, longer poems, the haiku animal book and this is the preferred length and genre for me. I like that there's a random assortment and not all about Dragons, for instance. That said, it would be nice to have a 'category' and chapter breakdown, however the First Line Index should be helpful if you don't have early onset.

Another nicety is there are more than a couple of picture poems (where the text is an integral part of the poem). For some it may be a drawback that there aren't big colorful illustrations, but for myself, I always enjoy his choice of collaborations and like James Stevensons' drawings in this book. I also appreciate that the pages are mostly 1 to 2 pages, making them very suitable for memorization and fun.

Bonus: This book has a CD you can buy that adds another modell for classroom learning. The kids will love songs like Rats for Lunch and I Was Walking in a Circle, to name a few. I've used his books for K-6, I know other adults who read him, so as far as an age recommendation, I'd say: know your audience or reader.
" said.

" Such clever poems that any kid would absolutely love! " said.

" This is a great poetry collection for kids -- I read it in elementary school, and the illustrations and sheer absurdity of the poems drew me in, along with the end-rhymes. It served as a great introduction to poetry, and I loved having these poems read aloud to me. " said.

"I really liked this book!it is a poem book 1/2 rhyme and 1/2 free verse. my favorite poem was Eye balls for sale! here it goes (for people who havent read it):

Eye balls for sale!
Fresh eye balls for sale!
not moldy or stale.
Eye balls from manticores,
orgs,and elves,
fierce dragon eyeballs
that cook by themselfs.

Eyeballs sreved cold!
Eyeballs served hot!
If you like eyeballs,
then this is the spot.
Ladle a glass full,
a bowlful or pail-
Eyeballs!fresh eye balls!
Fresh eyeballs for sale!

And that is all!
" said.

"Like Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky writes poetry for children that speaks to children, rather than just about them. As a result, the poems are silly and full of humor and truth, and never take themselves too seriously (except when they need to, such as in "When I Am Full of Silence," a truly introspective piece). Reading A Pizza the Size of the Sun and A Light in the Attic concurrently, I discovered that I preferred Prelutsky's simpler, more realistic poems. There are still absurdities, like made-up creatures and aliens and physically impossible situations. However, there is should I say, sinister overtones to this collection. In fact, there are quite a few that are gentle and downright touching (I'm looking at you "When I Grow Up"). A fine compilation. " said.

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