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UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-16 
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"I'm not ashamed to say how much I am enjoying these books as a grown man! They are light and fun. Like the Bond genre, they rarely have life-changing insights although they occasionally dabble with important global/political issues. This one had a far better plot/villain than the first although it does indulge itself with the same type of silliness that runs rampant in Bond novels/films (ex. his friend named "fiona friend", since he never had to "phone a friend" I'm assuming she'll reappear in later novels.) " said.

"Unfortunately I read this before Stormbreaker. Just took the book from the stack of three and read. Actually liked the character. A 14 year old spy sounds cool and definitely refreshing minus the romance usually accompanying spy thrillers. Like Mrs Jones, I too feel like I was getting attached to Alex after some time. The thought of Mrs Stomach-bag in pink satin nightie is quite chilling. I was hoping for some emotions being shared when the 6 kids at Point Blanc were saved... at least some kind of sharing or discussion between Alex and James & Paul Roscoe when they were set free. I thought that is an important element. Sadly, the scene was not there. " said.

" Read with one of my students. Went down very well. " said.

" It's 007 for children and I very much enjoyed reading it. Of course, the problem that arose was something that would cause international crisis but the plot was rather simple which is appropriate for the target age group. I think I understand why the movie did not continue on following the series but I think it would have still been a fun watch. " said.

"Woah, talk about suspense! This book was packed with nonstop action and I loved every single minute of it. The scenes are perfectly set up, giving insight from various perspectives to really establish the events. It was ingenious! I could really imagine everything that was going on - it was as if I was watching a movie. The whole plot was brilliant and keeps you guessing throughout. How Anthony Horowitz comes up with these original conspiracies and ideas, I just don't know. What I do know is that I'll definitely keep reading this series!" said.

"The scene is set with the murder of a wealthy businessman, Roscoe. We watch as Roscoe is murdered. Gosh it was chilling! Next, we follow Alex as he damages police headquarters while tailing a dealer who has been selling drugs to kids at his school. MI6 intervenes with the police's charges and sends Alex undercover to Point Blanc, a reform school in the Alps, where apparently Roscoe's son goes. Alex uncovers sinister things going on within the school.
Point Blanc was an action-packed, adventurous and suspenseful book. I liked Mr Blunt's observation: "Most schoolboys dream of being a spy. With Alex, we have a spy who dreams of being a schoolboy." It would be interesting to find out whether Alex's views change as the series progresses!
" said.

"On one hand I liked this book more than the first one, on the other hand I found it way more creepy. Although that's probably just me.

So this is the second book in the Alex rider series and again, the characters are pretty cool, the adventure is awesome, and well the gadgets speak for themselves.

This book is about a mission in the french Alps, because there seems to be something fishy about a finishing school built inside a mental asylum.

***** SPOILERS *****

Ok first of all, how creepy was that ending?? It's probably just me, because cloning and all things futuristic just tend to really freak me out but like, I did NOT like how we don't really know if that was the real Alex that walked away from that school!! I mean obviously it has to be because there are like 8 more books.. (And I may or may not have checked the beginning of the next one) But still!! That was creepy...

I was hoping to see more of that Russian assassin in this one.. But he wasn't there.. Oh well.

I've realised that I got kinda attached to Wolf so I hope there's more of him too. I think that's just because I read the graphic novel though, because I just have this very clear image of him and that always helps with liking a character..

Which leads me to a problem I had with the description of Mrs Stellenbosch. I did not manage to picture what she looked like. Basically all I could see was this huge bodybuilder person with a high pitched voice, but I could NOT picture her wearing any of those evening dresses! I mean really, how would that even look on her... There's only so much my imagination can make up..

Anyway... That's the end of rant I guess.
" said.

" A novel for children. There isn't an element which can capture the heart of a adult or young adult. But I am sure that the children will be captivated. " said.

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