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UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-06 
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"MI6 assigns Alex Rider, 14, undercover at an elite prep school for teen rebels after two fathers are assassinated. Principal Dr Grief and vicious cigar-smoking Mrs Stellenbosch are the only teachers. All the students act studious, perfect - and identical. When Alex finds the plot, the villains find him, and the mountain peak has only a black ski run escape.

I think this book was better than the previous book of the series. In the first book, Alex was still an innocent schoolboy who had no idea what was happening. In this book, he had matured. He was more knowing about the world and was more aware of what was going on around him.
That made him a much better spy and the book a lot more interesting. I think the premise of this book made this book amazing. It was a new original plot, it was a good concept and I cannot say much more without ruining the book for you guys.
The setting was in France and it was a really interesting and beautiful place in the middle of nowhere. That set up the danger part of the book because there was no way for Alex to get out if he got into a lot of trouble and he had to be extremely resourceful. The way he was calm under pressure and just looked at the facts made me admire him. He did not go crazy even when a lot of shocking things happened and other people would have probably given up.
Another thing I really liked about the book was the way it was narrated. It was narrated in third person and that is really hard to pull off. However, Anthony Horowitz managed it in an incredible way. He managed to reveal different points of views without decreasing the amount of suspense and still the story was unpredictable. That takes some talent.
The theme of the book was action and mystery and to prove that 14 year old boys and girls can manage to solve things people only used to think adults could do. In fact, they have an advantage because they can get into places adults can’t and they are not expected to be a threat.
This book would probably work for middle grade and the younger side of teens giving them the confidence that they need to do something and make a change in their world as well as giving them the action/adventure a lot of them like in books.
It was a quick read and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I will be reading more books by Anthony Horowitz for sure. Can’t wait for the next book in the series!!
" said.

" Honestly, reading this series is much like watching a James Bond movie--lots of special effects and impossible situations and danger. Perhaps the pull is the teenaged that protagonist doing the impossible... I will say this series is addictive though certainly not a favorite for me. " said.

"I'm not ashamed to say how much I am enjoying these books as a grown man! They are light and fun. Like the Bond genre, they rarely have life-changing insights although they occasionally dabble with important global/political issues. This one had a far better plot/villain than the first although it does indulge itself with the same type of silliness that runs rampant in Bond novels/films (ex. his friend named "fiona friend", since he never had to "phone a friend" I'm assuming she'll reappear in later novels.) " said.

" Read with one of my students. Went down very well. " said.

" A novel for children. There isn't an element which can capture the heart of a adult or young adult. But I am sure that the children will be captivated. " said.

" It's 007 for children and I very much enjoyed reading it. Of course, the problem that arose was something that would cause international crisis but the plot was rather simple which is appropriate for the target age group. I think I understand why the movie did not continue on following the series but I think it would have still been a fun watch. " said.

"Woah, talk about suspense! This book was packed with nonstop action and I loved every single minute of it. The scenes are perfectly set up, giving insight from various perspectives to really establish the events. It was ingenious! I could really imagine everything that was going on - it was as if I was watching a movie. The whole plot was brilliant and keeps you guessing throughout. How Anthony Horowitz comes up with these original conspiracies and ideas, I just don't know. What I do know is that I'll definitely keep reading this series!" said.

"The scene is set with the murder of a wealthy businessman, Roscoe. We watch as Roscoe is murdered. Gosh it was chilling! Next, we follow Alex as he damages police headquarters while tailing a dealer who has been selling drugs to kids at his school. MI6 intervenes with the police's charges and sends Alex undercover to Point Blanc, a reform school in the Alps, where apparently Roscoe's son goes. Alex uncovers sinister things going on within the school.
Point Blanc was an action-packed, adventurous and suspenseful book. I liked Mr Blunt's observation: "Most schoolboys dream of being a spy. With Alex, we have a spy who dreams of being a schoolboy." It would be interesting to find out whether Alex's views change as the series progresses!
" said.

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