The Otter Who Loved to Hold Hands (Storytime) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-13 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 7 user ratings

" A beautiful story about being brave and doing something frightening for a little otter. A cute gentle story with beautiful pictures. " said.

" Letting go so one can experience something new is hard when you're a child. Parents are all that is safe in the world. I loved the way this story progressed. " said.

" A sweet story about a little otter that is afraid to let go and explore the watery world around him. The story does have a positive ending and he learns to have confidence. " said.

" My second graders love any story with animals so they really liked this one. They thought Otto was adorable and were cheering for him in the end. After we read it they watched an episode of Wild Kratts on otters and then we compared Otto to the ones in the video. This one was just adorable to read though. " said.

"I picked this up as a gift for my niece so when I took part in a readathon with a children's book challenge, I figured I'd give it a go for myself. The pictures were adorable. I wanted a cuddle pile with the little illustrated otter family. The main little guy didn't want to stop holding hands with his family because he was afraid he would float away, even though his family assured him it was fine to do so. Then one day he let go. It wasn't premeditated. It just happened and he realized everything would be fine. I definitely see this being good for kids who might have worries about starting school or maybe even daycare." said.

"This is a great little story that revolves around little otter who is afraid to let go of mom in case they get separated. He's afraid to swim or play with his siblings in case he floats away. No matter what Mom and Dad say, he's not letting go. One day Mom shows him an oyster which has a little otter in it, he's so excited that he winds up holding the oyster to gaze better at this image. Of course, it's his reflection and by the time he realizes that he's swimming on his own. Both parents and children loved this at storytime and the illustrations are lovely. Highly recommend for someone looking for books about building self confidence." said.

"The Otter Who Loved to Hold Hands is about a little otter named Otto who is afraid to let go of his mom and dad's hand. Every night, Otto's family hold hands in the water so that way when they sleep, they won't drift away from on another. Otto is afraid that if he let's go during the day time, he will float away and not be able to swim on his own. One day, his mother finds an oyster and opens in up. Inside is a beautiful pearl that may just help Otto get over his fear.

Activity- Have the children pair up and hold hands. Give them various activities to do around the classroom without letting go of each other's hands. Have them discuss what was difficult to do while holding another person's hand and what was easy. Have the children discuss some of their fears like Otto's about letting go.

Heidi, H., & Howarth, D. (2014). The Otter Who Loved to Hold Hands. New York: Sandy Creek.
" said.

"Howarth, H., & Howarth, D. (2014). The otter who loved to hold hands. New York, NY: Sandy Creek.

Summary: The Otter Who Loved to Hold Hands is a sweet story about a fearful otter named Otto. Otto’s family hold hands each night to stay safely together as they sleep along the waves. Each morning, the otters all let go to enjoy their day. Every Otter except Otto. Otto is just too fearful to let go of his mom and dad. He really wants to swim, play and splash with the other otters, but it just seems too frightening. Otto then sees a beautiful pearl and accidentally uses both hands to pick it up. Once he realizes he’s let go of his parents, Otto sees that he’s got the courage to join his friends after all!

Activity: I would have elementary students write in their journals about a time when they were too afraid to try something new. Prompt them to write about what helped them to be brave or bold or maybe what it may take to force them out of their comfort zone if they haven’t tried it yet.
" said.

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