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UPDATE TIME: 2016-09-15 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 6 user ratings

"I want to thank the publisher for the chance to preview this book, and complement them on creating an ideal first dictionary for young (and old) fans of Roald Dahl." said.

"A fantabulous resource for readers, from its first ordinary entry of "aardvark", ( "every dictionary starts with one"), to its last "zozimus"! Perfect for anyone who loves to "gobblefunk" words and create "spoonerisms" too. Roald Dahl fans in particular will want to snatch up a few copies to keep on hand for gifts, or for when you just can't remember what a "Knid" or "whizzpopper" means. This is one of those books that will endure for generations, like an "everlasting gobstopper". Topped off with fun illustrations by Quintin Blake and references from the many R. Dahl books too. Made me want to go back and reread them all.
Love it!

(Book provided and previewed on NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.)
" said.

"The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary is a wonderful companion to his books; an excellent addition to any library, in fact.

This is without question an ideal book for young readers who are reading, or have read, Dahl's books. The fun nature of the dictionary coupled with his delightful books will help to make young readers into lifelong readers and learners. Reading and learning should be fun and this definitely makes it so.

Adults will also enjoy the playfulness of this dictionary, as well as taking you back to your childhood and how the newness of words so often led down completely new avenues.

Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.
" said.

"My daughter is a fan of Roald Dahl. I couldn't wait to buy her htis dictionary because I thought it might just fit in with her love of Roald Dahl.

This book is exactly as you would expect. Colorful, great drawings and superb words.

Roald Dahl is well known for his love of crazy made up words. Whizpopper, Gobblefunk, frobscuttle and more. If you forget what a word means you can look it up here. Or you can just browse the fun, crazy words and try to use them in your daily life. Do you feel hopscotchy? (Happy!) Does your room look ucky mucky?

This reflect Roald Dahl as you know and love him in his children's books. It's a great dictionary.
" said.

"I love Roald Dahl because thanks to him and Johnny Depp with his spectacular Willy Wonka I discovered Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and an imaginary world interesting and captivating. I read all the Wonka books and I continued with many others as well.

So I requested without any kind of hesitation apart a Road Dahl biography for trying to understand much better who this author was in real life, The Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary by Susan Rennie and Roald Dahl published by the Oxford University Press thinking just later...

Bloody hell, I am italian and now?

When I opened this dictionary at first I was a bit "scared."

Well, I can tell you I would have wanted a similar italian or English or Latin or Greek or french dictionary like this one!

It's truly truly, truly funny, humorous, and your children will fall in love for it.

It is completely colored, funny, thanks to Quentin Black's illustrations and captivating. Thanks to a lot of anecdotes, stories, new words created by Dahl your children will learn with joy and happiness not just the most common English words, but also other funny new ones inserted in Dahl's books. Dahl was a creative like PG Wodehouse.

So be careful when they will speak to you after that they will have read this dictionary. Maybe they will use Dahl's words...
You can't never know..

So, dear parent don't worry, be hopscotchy! ;-) and buy this dictionary without any kind of perplexities to your children. Money very well spent trust me because, for once, I can tell you this, they will open the dictionary with love and curiosity and they will read it with interest!

I thank NetGalley for this book.
" said.

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