The Moon Stealers and The Queen of the Underworld (Fantasy Dystopian Books for Teenagers) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-13 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 6 user ratings

"The adventure continues! I literally squealed with joy when I got the email from Tim Flanagan that this 2nd book of The Moon Stealers series was ready to read. I started reading it right away. The heroic Edgar and the kids in his care now find themselves in the fairy realm searching for the help they need to save their own world from the Moon stealers. But first they have to help save the fairy realm from the rule of the evil queen. I loved all the different and new characters they encountered in this part of their adventure! The descriptions were so detailed and painted a very vivid picture in my head as I was reading. The battle scenes were nothing short of amazing and kept me reading way past bedtime lol.The second installment ends on yet another cliffhanger that is going to drive me crazy till book #3 comes out! These are great stories for anyone looking to escape into a book for a while. The ONLY thing that could add to these books would be illustrations, or maybe having a movie made out of them! MUST READ and a 5/5 here =]" said.

"I was given this book by the author for my honest review

My Review:
No words can describe how excited I was to read this book especially how after the first one ended. When I had gotten the email from the author saying he would like me to review this I was jumping up and down and rushed through the book I was reading at just to get to this book! Crazy Edgar,Max, Joe and Scarlet have no idea what they are getting into when trying to help the Faerie home from the evil queen. The adventures or fights they get into had me on the edge of my seat for most of the book! I couldn't put it down at all til I had it finished, which took me 2 days. I'm not sure if that part will upset the author or make him proud that his writing is amazing! The bad part (yes there is a bad part) is that this book in this series ended in another cliffhanger! UGH! Tim Flanagan how can you do this to me again! Not to mention I have to wait til book 3 comes out, trust me I will be bugging you and stalking your facebook page to see how far along you are and when this book is coming out! I hope this series never ends and that all the adventures everyone goes through never stops. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a good read and a adventures that add in paranormal side.
My Star Ratting:
5 out of 5 stars
" said.

"I was given this book in return for an honest review. Having read the first in this series I needed to read this one. The first one left me needing to know what happens now? The Magical Sir Edward leads Joe, Max, and Scarlet into the Underworld which is a magical realm ruled by the Faeries. They are hoping the queen will not only help them find Peter, who is there somewhere, but will help them fight the Moonstealers who they left behind. For Now! On there journey they find that the queen is evil and corrupt and she has Peter. They will have to wield their magic and get the help of the creatures of the Faerie realm to complete their quest. In order to get the help of the Farie creatures in fighting the Moonstealers, they must first help the Faerie defeat the evil queen and still save Peter in the process. They will come across shapeshifters, Griffins, and creatures of all sorts. Some friends and some foes. Through battles, adventures,the magic of the Silver Bough, and new allies, will they be able to finish their quest or will the evil queen and the Moonstealers win in the end. A quote from the book, " If we need help to rid our world of the Mooonstealers, we must join forces with what is right and honorable in this world too." This is a fun adventure filled fantasy book. I would think any kid would enjoy this series, I know I did and I'm an adult. It should appeal to both sexes as well." said.

"Tim Flanagan’s The Moon Stealers Queen of the Underworld is the second book in his four book Moon Stealers series. Unlike the first book, which offered a mix of science fiction and fantasy, the second book focuses exclusively on the adventures of Sir Edgar and the children as they seek to rescue Peter Crisp. In addition to saving Peter, they’re also looking to rekindle a connection to the faerie world to help our world defeat the Moon Stealers. Unfortunately, things are a bit more complicated. The Underworld is immersed in its own struggle for survival against the power hungry Queen of the Faeries. Sir Edgar and the children discover they’re part of an ancient prophecy foretelling the fate of the Underworld. Their hopes of saving Peter, not to mention securing help for their home, force them to take leading roles in the titanic conflict.

While this book lacks the yin-yang switches between science and fantasy that made the first book so enjoyable, it still packs a powerful dramatic punch. More action oriented than its predecessor Queen of the Underworld features titanic battles between powerful armies as well as the individual trials of the heroes. Mr. Flanagan’s descriptions of the battles conjure realistic images of the scenes without crossing the line of gratuitous gore. He skillfully utilizes character-based multi-threaded story arcs to create nail-biting cliff-hangers.

Appropriate for tweens there is no foul language or sexual content of any kind. The Moon Stealers Queen of the Underworld is does have feature detailed battle description. Many characters meet nasty ends, but there’s nothing most teens can’t handle. If it was a movie its battle scenes would earn a PG rating. With that qualification, I recommend The Moon Stealers Queen of the Underworld to any tweens (and their parents) who enjoy a tale of high fantasy adventure.
" said.

"Wow!! This sure was an Ebook filled with climatic adventures and really felt alive and excitement brewing up as this story keeps moving faster and faster keeping the reader in suspense. So, even thoughI had found some mistakes it was well worth the reading and I wish to recommend this for five stars and for kids ages 12-16. I received this ebook for free and in return here is my honest review. Great jobTim! By. Angela" said.

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