Fly Guy and the Frankenfly (Fly Guy #13) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-23 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 64 user ratings

" It looks like Buzz and Fly Guy are getting ready for Halloween (though it's never mentioned in the book).Very quick read. Buzz draws a picture of himself as Frankenstein's Monster and Fly Guy as a bat. Then he goes to bed, but Fly Guy is too busy to go to bed. He stays up all night working on something . . . Buzz thinks it's a monster! In the morning, he sees what Fly Guy made. " said.

" In this book Buzz has a nightmare that Fly guy turned into a monster and is out to get him! When he wakes up, he realizes that Fly Guy isn't a monster and he fell asleep making posters about their friendship.Buzz awakens to a sweet message of friendship that is nothing to be afraid of! This was a cute book but I don't personally like the "Fly guy" character. The story was somewhat scary with a sweet ending and it didn't seem to go well together. " said.

" Fly Guy was intent on his mysterious work as Buzz went to sleep. Then Buzz wakes up to find a Frankenfly in his room. Fly Guy created a monster! Or maybe it was all a dream?This is a fun series for any beginning reader.TpT Store | Pinterest " said.

" Buzz and his flying sidekick Fly Guy entertain themselves all day, but when it's time to sleep, Buzz has a nightmare about a much-larger-than-life fly created by his friend. Although what he dreamed really didn't happen, Fly Guy does have a sticky gift for him. This series has high appeal for beginning readers, especially males. It's hard not to like the two friends with their unusual friendship. I even liked the bedroom that Buzz has provided for Fly Guy. " said.

"Buzz and Fly Guy, his pet fly, are best friends. So one dark and stormy night, Buzz makes puzzles for both of them before bed. Buzz falls asleep before Fly Guy. Buzz dreams that Fly Guy is creating a monster, a Frankenfly! When Fly Guy turns on the power, Frankenfly heads towards Buzz. Fly Guy turns off the power and the giant fly drops onto Buzz. Finally, Buzz wakes up from his nightmare to find that Fly Guy had spent the night on his desk drawing a picture of the two of them.

A sure hit, as always. Great for humorous read-alouds.
" said.

"Yes, even the mere thought of having a fly as a pet is somewhat disgusting, but grossness becomes acceptance when said fly can say your name: Buzz. Young Buzz and Fly Guy are great friends. This is another great installment in the Fly Guy series. These books are fun because even older, struggling readers, can enjoy them. I'm feeling a slight disappointment because Fly Guy seems to be talking more, and even writing, and I think part of the charm is when Fly Guy is loved for being a fly. A smart fly, but still a fly." said.

"One evening, Buzz makes monster puzzles and monster masks with his pet fly, Fly Guy. That night, Buzz dreams that Fly Guy creates an enormous monster, Frankenfly. Frankenfly is in the process of picking up Buzz until Fly Guy sees what is happening and cuts the power. The nightmare ends the next morning, when Buzz falls out of bed and then realizes what Fly Guy really made the night before. Colorful artwork and simple text make Fly Guy a favorite with my early readers. I also like Tedd Arnold's message of friendship. Usually stimulates conversation about pets in my classes. We love all the Fly Guy books." said.

"We picked this book up from K's school library.
For me I would pick this book to read at Halloween to K. Being as it deals with Frankenfly being within the story. NO IT IS NOT SCARY.
It is dark night and Buzz and Fly Guy make costumes together which I think it is pretty interesting to see what Fly Guy came up with. Quite funny to see the "scary" dream that Buzz ends up having that has to deal with Fly Guy.

Not only is this a good read, it is good for those that can read or maybe trying to read. There are not a lot of words on the pages so it should discourage the kiddos from trying to read this book themselves. The pictures are great to look at and funny to see Buzz's face when he meets Frankenfly.
" said.

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