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" Read with one of my students. It was OK, 2.5 " said.

" As a stand-alone book this one was decent. However, this is part of a series and they are all starting to follow nearly the same path. Even the part about the crane has been used in this series already. Doubt if I'll read the rest of this series. I want to stop while I can still give fairly positive ratings. " said.

"Alex Rider has been through a lot in his life. He has been almost electrocuted by a giant jellyfish, been held prisoner twice, and has stood face to face with evil. But none of his prievous experiences will even come close to this one. One day after soccer practice, Crawley, a man who works for MI6, appears, asking Alex to be a ball boy and keep an eye on the Wimbledon tennis tournament and watch for anything supspicious, since there had been a break in. Immediately, he spots a guard who is up to something supscious. After foiling the mans plan to sabatoge the tournament, Alex thinks that he will be able to sit back and relax on his vacation with one of the ball girls from the tournament, Sabina. While on this vacation, though, he is attacked by another man from the same gang that the mysterious guard was from. The two heads of MI6 propose to have him work for the CIA briefly on a mission while they try to let the gang that attacked him know that he is under their wing. With rumors of nuclear bombs, a Russian president making a visit to an old Russian general, Alex plunges headfirst into a mystery that is not what it seems." said.

"I decided to read "Skeleton Key" by Anthony Horowitz because lots of my friends had read it and had said it was a great book. I had read the first book in the series before and I thought it was really good. The cover of the book isn't very exciting but the content inside the book definitely is.

My favorite character in the book is Conrad. He is a really strange man with an eye to kill. Years before the book was set, Conrad was trying to sneak a bomb into a highly populated area when the bomb blew up on his body. He was blown into pieces and almost died. Specialist doctors managed to piece him back together. He is a messed up person with features well out of proportion.

My favorite quote in this book is, "you're never too young to die...". This quote is very interesting because it leaves uncertainty to what will happen to Alex Rider (the main character). This could mean that he is going to die or it could mean he will be close to it.

After reading this book I wondered if there really were secret agents in the world. It seems unlikely but it would be interesting if there was. In the book the main evil character tries to set off a nuclear bomb but doesn't succeed. This has made me think about all the horrible people in the world who want to terrorize countries or the whole world. This book was really great and I will definitely read more of the series by Anthony Horowitz.
" said.

"The book "Skeleton Key" is a thrilling exciting novel. From the moment you open he book from the time you close it there is action all around. I ended up reading at separate time, taking a long break in between reading this and i regret it because the ending could have come any faster. Overall I was more than happy about the book and enjoyed every page I turned. I would recommend this book to anyone but mainly guys.

Alex Rider is a 14 year old boy with fair hair and brown eyes, his parents were killed in a "accident" and ever since was raised by his uncle. Alan Blunt is and emotionless man and is the head of the M16. Wolf is a military squad leader who trained with Alex at M16. Chinese gang member was trying to poison players at Wimbledon for reasons you will have to find out!

The book begins with the trade of nuclear weapons but the people selling the arms are killed by alligators in a unexpected way. Soon after alex hears from the M16 that he must go on a new mission but it was almost a dream mission. He was able to be a ball boy at Wimbledon. He is assigned this position because earlier that week a man broke in and broke out, but they couldn't find out who it was or what the stole. So alex became a ball boy. Meanwhile many of the top ranked players weren't performing and lost the tournament and a underdog won the tournament. During the whole time alex is suspicious about a security guard who made unnecessary phone calls. Soon alex finds himself in a intense situation where he finds out that the players are being drugged and the guard tries to kill him! Alex escapes and figures out the reason behind why the man was drugging the players. But there is more to the story read it and you will never regret it.
" said.

"The main characters in this book are Alex Rider; a 14 year old English school boy who was drafted by MI6 (British special forces) after his uncle was killed in action. Alex is also accompanied by his housekeeper and more or less guardian, Jack Starbright. There is also an evil villain in this book and his name is General Alexi Sarov. This guy was big in the Soviet Union and when they went down he lost everything including his only son. This is what caused him to hold Alex captive for much of the book; he thought that he could have Alex to replace his dead son. Of course Sarov also has a henchman named Conrad who is a very lucky man (although that is somewhat arguable); Conrad somehow survived when a bomb that he was carrying suddenly exploded he has over 30 pins in his body a plate in his skull and metal wires in all of his big joints and his jaw. The main plotline of this book is that Sarov has a nuclear sub fleet he’s going to plant a bomb on them that would blow them up pretty much killing like half of the world’s population. Afterwards the Russians will be looked down upon and they’ll go to the president. Then Sarov will release a film of the president drunk and an edited interview of the president. Later the president will be found dead and Sarov will take his place. All of this will happen unless Alex can stop him.

I really liked this book because it had a lot of action, but unlike the other books it has more cliffhangers than usual and I really liked that because it made the book into a quick fun page turner. The one thing I didn’t like about this book was how in the mid-section it really didn’t have any action and it wasn’t really that interesting, but all in all I really enjoyed the rest of the book.

If I had to recommend this to someone it would probably be for boys in sixth grade and up because of some of the violence. I would also recommend this to my friends and to anybody who likes quick paced semi-violent action books.

" said.

"Alex has just returned from a mission and he wants his life to get back to normal. Unfortunately, the M16 needs him again almost immediately – they want him to go undercover at Wimbledon. When he uncovers and foils a multimillion dollar gambling scheme (and takes out a member of the Big Circle – a Chinese gang), the Big Circle puts a hit out on him. M16 decides the safest place for Alex is on a CIA mission – to the Skeleton Key. He is placed with a couple of CIA agents and they are to pose as a family on vacation. They don’t trust him initially because of his youth, but Alex saves the life of one of the agents, and works out part of their mission for himself. When the agents are killed in action, Alex takes over their mission and discovers that a General Sarov is planning to detonate a nuclear bomb in Russia – which will destroy much of the surrounding area immediately, and poison the rest of the world. Alex vows to stop him.

This was another exciting installment in the Alex Rider series. Alex has got it all, well, ok, most of it – brains, looks, moves, even girls – but he doesn’t have a family or a normal life. I think that tension is going to come up more and more as the pressures of being an M16 agent continue to build. By the end of this book, Alex is exhausted, and he’s experienced some really difficult things – not only constant danger, but the suicide of General Sarov. It takes its toll on him. The M16 intends to continue to use him without regard to his mental state – so long as it doesn’t interfere with the quality of his work.

These books are action-packed, exciting, and quality reading. It’s as if Anthony Horowitz took James Bond, made him young and transplanted him into Alex Rider. Boys love these – from 5th grade on up into high school. Alex is a great character and he’s everything we all want to be (capable, strong, independent). If you have kids who like the Maximum Ride series (James Patterson), suggest these as readalikes – they are so much better!
" said.

" Some unavoidable spoilers for Stormbreaker and Point Blanc are contained within this review

Alex's third mission takes him out of his beloved Britain and onto a private island near Cuba to work with the CIA investigating General Sarov - a former Russian military leader whose has a insane plan to change the world... with a bang!

Skeleton Key was not Anthony Horowitz's finest piece of work. It lacked that special quality that the previous books of the Alex Rider series strived off. It isn't just kick-ass action nor spine-tingling suspense but an intangible quality that makes Alex and his adventures seem to leap off the very pages. While I did enjoy the new beginning half of the novel, the second half (from (view spoiler)" said.

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