Middle School: Escape to Australia Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-10 
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" A nice addition to the Middle School series. It was a fun quick read, but not as good in my opinion as the previous ones. " said.

" Middle grade readers will love the snark and humor written just for them. " said.

" I kind the premise of the book a little unlikely. However, almost every middle school has a similar plotline. I wish James Patterson would change things up a bit. Also, this book is Ausie-ist. Though i lived the 'drop bears' " said.

" This is the exact same book as Race's Australian Misadventure under a different title.There are a lot of antics but the premise is even more unbelievable then most of the books in the series. There is also a lot of bullying going on by adults was well was the kids. " said.

" characters: mom dad little brother this weird ghost guy.setting: Australia and their school and his home.i like this book they most interesting part of this book is when their gym teacher came up to them n a chicken suit in Australia when it was hailing and his whole car got destroyed. i am giving this book a 8because it was kinda all over the place through out the book or it would a 10. i recommend this book if you like the ifunny book. " said.

"The book “Middle School Escape to Australia” is by James Patterson and Martin Chatterton. I really like this book because of the story line and how it keeps progressing throughout the story and doesn’t go back to past tense. Rafe Khatchadorian has entered an art competition to go to Australia with all expenses payed. So, his mom (Jules Khatchadorian) decided to go with. The school had said that they were gonna be on a first flight class, yet they were on a destroyed plane! As they got to the place they were staying in a beach house, and they were living with two kids and two adults. The first night of the stay Bradly (one of the two kids) put a snake in Rafe’s bed. Then the next day they went surfing and Rafe’s shorts feel off in front of the whole beach! Though he met beach kids and started to like them. Soon later in the book Rafe’s Mom saved him from monsters!

My personal opinion on this book is that I really liked it. It was one of the best books I’ve read by James Patterson, and I really like the story line that goes along with the story. I liked the comedy, and some sort of adventure. Overall I really like this book.

I would rate this book from kids in 5th grade to 8th grade. The reason for this is because of the silence of humor and the adventure that goes along with this book. Also I would say that people who have read the some stories along this series so they know the characters.
" said.

"James Patterson created the awesome book Middle School. The main theme of this book is probably never to be to excited for something. The reason is because he is really excited to go to australlia but some bad stuff happens that is really funny and also bad. The idea the author wanted me to get from the book is probably to wait for things to come because he Nathan had to wait so long for his trip to come but then it finally did. He has accomplished it because now I wait for a lot of things.

So basically this story is about a boy names Nathan and his sister and his family who go on a trip to australlia and meet a guy named rocko. Those are all of the main chracters in the book. Lots of stuff happens that you would have to find out if you read the book. The genre is realistic fiction, because anything in this book could happen in real life. The setting is in australlia, their home, and on the plane. The action takes place in the middle of the book when something awesome happens. He does a good job of making me feel there because of all of the awesome words he puts in. The chracters are beleivable because they do everyday things just like a normal human would do in real life.

Some strengths in this book are that the author of the book uses really good words to describe events in the book and they give emotions to the book as well which is really good. Some weaknesses of this book are that he makes it boring in some areas by there being to much fluff which makes it broing. IN one example in the book he was listing things to do in austraillia and he elaborated to much on one and it was kinda boring. I like that the author makes it like this is the persons journal where he can write whatever he wants to. Like it says in the book this is where I keep all my secrets like a journal.

I would reccomend this book because it is really good and funny and whoever likes funny books should read this book because it is really comical.
" said.

" the kid goes though bullying and other stuff. its a good book just a little boreding " said.

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