Uncle John's Totally Quacked Bathroom Reader For Kids Only! (Uncle John's Bathroom Reader for Kids Only) Reviews

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Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 6 user ratings

" I have always enjoyed this series of books and this is no different. The ''For Kids Only'' label of course means I need to read it too. It was fun reading and sharing the quirky, wacky, absolutely goofy facts (just the sort the kids love and I go 'Really?') with my kids who always love sharing trivia - many of their conversations begin with 'Do you know that....'. A definite must-have for anywhere, not just the bathroom. A 5* from the kids and a 4+ from me " said.

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Uncle John's Totally Quacked Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!
Bathroom Readers' Institute

This is a really cool,fun and absurd book full of bathroom reading material for kids. Kids are sure to love the zany tales and funny quirky titles such as---Snot a condiment,The Doctor is insane and What a quack. There's also fun experiments that kids will love to try such as---Make it glow. Or maybe inquiring minds may want to know the answers to disgustingly weird questions such as---"why do cats bury their poop?" As a "big kid" I enjoyed it and think kids will too.
" said.

"Awesome book with quacky and wacky but fun information. This is a book that your child will definitely love. Highly cute, and adorable. What got my attention really quick, the author made the sentences short and to the point without the long drag on sentences that will lose its young readers. Plain and simple and easy to read too. Superhero Origins, now you definitely got my attention from Aquaman to Cyclops or The Great Poop Axis? Funny isn't it? Dogs pooped in a north south axis. Real Unicorns? Anyway this is absolutely a book to make faces at or with and go, "huh!" Wonderful read indeed, thank you Bianca Schulze of The Children's Book Review where I won this awesome hardcopy from. Did I say awesome one to many times, well it is:D Thank you, Darlene Cruz" said.

"I received a free copy from the publisher through goodreads. Thank you!

I'm a big fan of the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader books. They're responsible for at least half of the random, slightly useless trivia I spout. And where else would I go for weird facts that I don't know I need to know?

The Totally Quacked Bathroom Reader for Kids Only is no exception. Lots of weird facts, jokes, puzzles, and quotes. And it's great for kids -- no article is too long, and everything is interesting and/or goofy.

And let me tell you, I never wondered about funny stories from the White House bathrooms. That's just not something that has ever occurred to me to investigate. But I think my life is better for reading some of those anecdotes.

Minus one star because some of the facts were exaggerated. The north-south axis dog one, for example, most sticks in my mind. The study's weird enough on its own; I don't think the results needed to be made more dramatic.

But all in all, it's a great book for middle grade readers (or older -- heck, I enjoyed it too).
" said.

"Title: Uncle John's Totally Quacked Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!
Author: Bathroom Reader Institute
Publisher: Baker & Taylor Publishing Group
Published: 8-19-2014
ISBN: 13-978-1626861756
Pages: 288
Genre: Children's Literature
Overall Rating: Excellent
Reviewed For: NetGalley
Reviewer: DelAnne

Bathroom reading material is an established tradition. Men have their Deer Hunter or Muscle Car Today. Women have their True Romance or Better Homes and Gardens and who doesn't keep a Reader's Digest or two on hand? Perhaps the latest paperback you are reading while soaking in the tub. Now kids get equal time in bathroom reading material. With "Uncle John's Totally Quacked Bathroom Reader For Kids Only!" kids can read jokes, historical facts, fictional shorts and other types of reading material wrapped up in a single volume geared directly to kids.

Give your young readers something of their very own to look at while taking their turn in the bathroom. Retire the rubber ducky and let them bathe and have some fun learning time too.

" said.

"I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review, BUT guess what my 9-year-old son is getting for his birthday. Yes, he’s going to get a hardback version because he’ll devour this book!

Packed full of the strangest facts, ideas and tibits, this book is a guaranteed magnet for middle grade readers (and bigger ones like my husband.) There’s everything from booger candy (in three flavors), facts about worms, odd historical occurances, and much-much more. And the illustrated Uncle John with his umbrella glasses adds the perfect amount of silliness and seriousness (he is wearing a lab-coat, after all).

When I first opened this and saw the table of contents, it was a bit intimidating at twelve pages…and a little confusing too. But the entire book is a humble-jumble of quacky information – a real treat. I especially appreciate the writing, totally aimed at kids in a way kids will enjoy. Even the greeting at the beginning guarantees to lure those younger readers in. Reluctant readers or those with short attention spans will love taking in only a couple sentences, without having to read pages at a time. And they’ll still learn something in the process.

In other words, I completely and whole-heartedly recommend this book for all silly information fans. Kids will have tons of things to tell their classmates (and teachers) about, and enjoy every minute of it. (Even if adults do not.)
" said.

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