Pirates Past Noon (Magic Tree House, No. 4) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-06 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

" My 6 year son, Daniel, says, "I wish that I could give it 15 stars! It was really exciting! It's the best one so far!" " said.

" Seth and I have been enjoying reading the Magic Tree House books together. They are great! I'd highly recommend them for young readers. They're like a Dr. Who series for kids :) " said.

" I read this to my Brooks Elementary kindergarten class today. Oh the joy in their faces as we were reading. :) " said.

" 2.5 starsMy least favorite of the series so far. The pirate captain was too one-dimensionally evil and the "clue" on the treasure map was too ridiculously simplistic for me to give this 3 stars.It was fun, though, to get to meet the M person. And to learn the purpose of the treehouse and why jack and Annie are able to use it. Although why she would choose a treehouse of all things to use as her time machine is never addressed... " said.

" This is another book that I read to learn Spanish as an adult.This book is at my comprehensible reading level which made it an absolute delight. I was able to learn several new words through context as there is ample repetition.The plot was simple with a couple of twist and turns which kept it from being boring, but I doubt that I would enjoy this book much if it was much below my comprehensible reading level.I may read a few more of this series, but the plot simplicity makes me hesitant. " said.

"Re-read as German audio play.

We are still enjoying these stories. There is just enough intrigue to keep things interesting, but it's not too complicated, so it's perfect for my 5 year old. You also find out who the "mysterious M person" is in this book! I like that the author doesn't shy away from using more complicated/advanced vocabulary. Occasionally, I'll ask my son if he knows what such-and-such means. If he says no, I'll tell him. Most of the vocabulary you can figure out through the context, though.

First read April 2015
" said.

"For the first time ever Alex made a request for a specific kind of book when we went to the library. His kindergarten teacher read them a Magic Treehouse book, and he wanted to get one for us to read at home. Couldn't exactly deny a request like that! This was a cute story... I loved the relationship between Annie and Jack as brother and sister. It's easy enough that before long my 5 year old will be able to read this on his own without much help. We look forward to reading others in this series." said.

"Ok. So I totally have this thing for pirates, where I just will read pretty much anything pirate related. Pirates are cool and when you toss Magic Tree House into the mix, you just get lots and lots of fun and adventure. Not to mention new friends and experiences! The Magic Tree House Series is so wonderful that I'm slightly upset I started it so late. I'm only on book 4, but I'm super excited to read book 5 and I already love the series. Each book is a delicious morsel that allows young ones to learn and older ones to relax and explore the crevices in the back of our minds that have gathered cobwebs. Until the arrival of ninjas, Samantha out!! =)" said.

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