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UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-09 
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" Interesting story based on oral history where a group of slave accidently head south instead of north when seeking their freedom (hence the title). Provides a glimpse of what escaped slaves faced in trying to escape and touches on some interesting history in the connection between former slaves and the Seminole Indians plus free blacks in Mobile, Alabama. " said.

"Vivid story about how a man known as "the African" who escapes from slavery. The African plans to run north but ended up running south where he came across Seminole Indians in Florida and joined a community of free blacks. Even though the books is short and illustrated, I'd recommend it for middle grade readers, roughly ages 9/10+ due to intense descriptions horrors of slavery slave catchers and beatings. All of the details of horror and adventure make the reader feel as if he or she is immersed in the time alongside the African. What's amazing about the book is that it's based on true story told to author Frye Gaillard by elderly friend Robert Croshon about his ancestor Gilbert Fields. Powerful and interesting read that teaches readers about a lesser known part of history." said.

" In the 1830s, a slave family escapes from a Georgia plantation and takes refuge among the Seminoles. A fascinating, engrossing story. " said.

" One of the best books I can remember reading, especially having recently gone to the African American Museum of History and Culture for the first time, the week of its opening. I just wish I had read it growing up -- I think it would have impacted the way I saw the world. " said.

"Go South to Freedom is an evocative narrative of Gilbert Fields' flight from slavery, as recounted by his ancestor. One cloudy night, Gilbert leads his family through the dark, treacherous Georgia territory, hoping to go North for freedom, but without the stars as guide, he instead leads them South, deeper into danger. A perilous river crossing takes the life of his young daughter, but still they press onward. Reversing course would only worsen their chances, having lost the element of surprise. But who would expect them to go South?

They take refuge with the Florida Seminoles and then continue their adventure to the free black community in Mobile Alabama.

Readers will love the history of the Seminole Wars of the 1830's and learning of their alliance with former enslaved people. It would be awesome as a read-aloud.
" said.

"I really enjoyed reading this story. It was short but gave me a lot to think about afterwards. This is the oral story of how Robert Croshon's family came out of slavery. They were able to escape a terrifying life because of a family member who was an African named Gilbert Fields (of course that probably was not his real name given to him at birth). I won't share the entire story because I encourage the reading of the book. However, through careful planning and just sheer fortune the family ends up running south and eventually settle with Native Americans. The Native Americans assist the family until they have their own battles with the "white man". Fields eventually finds his way to Mobile, Alabama where there were a mix of slaves and free blacks living. Through the story, I find it interesting how Blacks were able to live their own lives because some whites felt it fine to leave blacks alone as long as they paid them monies for the sense of freedom. I also find it interesting how there were many pathways to freedom. I thought about the little baby growing up and not having to labor in the fields. I also wondered about how perilous it was for a runaway and how trusting people must have took everything slaves had inside. Good story for elementary school students. " said.

" This short book was recommended to me by the SJS librarian. Based on a true story, it is a retelling of a slave's family journey to freedom. It would be a great story to be read aloud. " said.

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