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UPDATE TIME: 2017-03-20 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 41 user ratings

" Great illustrations with a flourish of gold on each page, but textually not engaging. " said.

" Nice artwork.The story itself doesn't feel right. The info doesn't match what scholars and experts say. " said.

" Beautiful illustrations together with spare text that gives the reader a lot of information make this a good book for those either with a general interest in ancient Egypt, but also enough to make it a good starting point for those interested in more research on King Tut. " said.

" This is the sort of subject that Demi excels at. You could spend hours pouring over the details of the pictures, the tiny exquisitely rendered hieroglyphics, the gold embossing. Better still, the story is well told and compelling. Another master work by one of the true stars of the children's book world. " said.

"Not only is Demi a gifted illustrator, but she is also a skillful children's story-teller; she introduces the religious shifts of the time, shares details of Tutankhamun's childhood and family life, developing his character for young readers, and follows through with his story until the discovery of his tomb in the 20th century, all in a narrative that develops the reader's interest and curiosity.

The young king's admirable efforts to make peace through freedom of worship plays well against the power-hungry motives of his guardians. This good-guy vs bad guys theme is commonly seen in children's stories.

Demi's twist is the introduction of the true hero of this story; through loyalty to his king, he ensures the legacy of Tutankhamun's family, giving us a gift across the centuries
" said.

"Demi is one the greatest children's writers out there. She mainly concentrates on famous historical figures or classic tales fron foreign lands. Tutankhamen is another one of those classic books. It has her classic artwork and writing. Always well reasearched and the illustrations represent the culture and time period, Tutankhamun tells a clear story of King Tut in a way I've never known. The royal intrigue and battle between regents are new to me. I heard that Tut might have died in a chariot accident after a broken leg and that he had a serious form of malaria that affected his bones. The murder is a theory that is widely discounted. This is an absorbing story that is more meaningful to older elementary kids and helpful to students learning English. A great book. " said.

"Picture book ARC review:

Illustrations are the real pleasure in this bio of King Tutankhamun. Demi's work is colorful, lush, awash in bright contrasts. It brings the spirit of Egypt's culture to life. As for the narrative, you will learn the basics about the young prince's life, how the loyalty of the man who hid his burial site insured the young king's fame, and how politics and family intrigue swirled around him throughout his short life.

Tut's father endorsed a new sun god, Aten, and abandoned the old one, Amun, but changing gods isn't as simple as all that, and the hard feelings and anger would smolder beneath court life and ultimately affect Tut personally. Showing deft leadership skills at a young age, Tutankhamun adopted his name to once again acknowledge Amun after his father's death (Tut's original name was Tutankhaten -- note the name of Daddy's new god at the end).

Alas, Tut's mysterious death gives credence to the belief that compromise wasn't enough to save him from his enemies. Overall, a beautiful addition to any young mummy enthusiast's library.
" said.

"Opening and synopsis: ”King Thutmose IV, who ruled from 1419 to 1386 BCE, was the great-grandfather of King Tutankhamun. As a young prince, Thutmose IV had many brothers and half-brothers who wanted to seize the throne.”
Illustrated with stunning images, this book places King Tut in his cultural and religious context. Demi tells of Tut’s ancestors, his life and tomb. Tut emerged as pharaoh at an interesting time in history. Inspired by Thutmose IV’s vision, Tut’s father, Akhenaten, did away with worship of traditional Egyptian gods in favor of monotheism. When Tut came to power, political strife ensued as two regents wrestled for control. After Tut’s death, his ultimate successor tried to erase Tut’s family from history forever. But he couldn’t destroy Tut’s hidden tomb.
Why I like this book: As obsessed as my three-year-old is with mummies, we actually knew little about King Tut’s life. Although the story line is far too advanced for preschoolers, Demi’s images can be appreciated by all ages. She’s gilded many of the images, conveying the wealth of ancient Egypt and the pharaohs.

" said.

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