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UPDATE TIME: 2019-11-11 
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" I just love this one! The last scene has got to be my favorite of all!! " said.

"This was pretty disappointing. Lucy Maud spends WAY too much time describing unimportant incidentals, like when Anne spends a summer teaching in Valley Road (I had to Google the name of the town because I couldn't for the life of me remember it, so what's that tell you about how riveting the chapter was?). It had absolutely no relevance to the story and the only thing I recall about it was that the woman driving the cart was flat-out obnoxious. "Jog along, black mare!" Ugh, it's like fingernails on the chalkboard just remembering it. I'm all for using quaint colloquialisms, but L.M. abused them to the point of ridiculousness (see also - Davy with "I wanna know" and Paul with "YOU know, teacher"). The best part of the story was, once again, Anne and Gilbert's romance, but it was relegated to an afterthought. I'm really starting to question whether or not I want to finish the series. " said.

"Continuing my friendship with Anne with the third book in the series, I had the same surefire calm vacation experience as I've done reading the ones before. There's not much to be said about a new Anne book - other than the fact that if you've enjoyed one of them, you'll probably enjoy another too. There was only one thing slightly off in this one for me - it's supposed to be a book about Anne in college. And yet - Anne's college goes by without... any college. I feel like we don't hear about it at all. It's just her life during the summers and her house. (view spoiler)" said.

""I don't want sunbursts and marble halls. I just want you."

Just going to say right up front: absolutely none of the books in this series can come close to the beauty of the first Anne book. It's a slice of magical, golden childhood and I will defend that book with my life. :')

Secondly: I've literally been shipping Anne & Gilbert since before I even knew shipping was a thing. And they fINALLY have their Moment!!!

"There was nobody else--there never could be anybody else for me but you. I've loved you ever since that day you broke your slate over my head in school."

Oh look, that's me dissolved in a puddle of happy feels.

Other things I liked:

- The writing style is soft & unassumingly lush. It's such a comforting & homey thing to get lost in.

March came in that winter like the meekest and mildest of lambs, bringing days that were crisp and golden and tingling, each followed by a frosty pink twilight which gradually lost itself in an elfland of moonshine.

- Avonlea is like a second home to me now.

- Phil is a riot and she injected so much life into this story.

- All the college/change-related stuff was super relevant to my life right now. I know exactly how Anne feels watching all her old friends get in relationships and feeling left out. It's so hard to articulate, but this has been happening to me a lot & I relate to Anne's dread of changing relationships. You desperately want things to remain the same, familiar way they always did. But people (and relationships) change . . . and that's a hard thing to accept.

- Patty's Place is the coziest little home imaginable. I want that to be my new dorm room, please and thank you.

- Marilla getting all sentimental and nearly making me C R Y. (Also, I still miss Matthew, terribly. <3)

- I know I already mentioned this, but Anne and Gilbert. They were probably my first OTP, and they finallyyyyyyyyyy get together by the end of this book. I wanted to shake some sense into Anne because it took her the entirety of college to figure out she liked him. *facepalm*

- I just feel so light and happy reading L.M. Montgomery's books. I'm sure this doesn't need any explanation.

Things I didn't like:

- Not enough of all the "classic" Avonlea characters (Marilla, Diana, Gilbert, etc.). They're like family to me, and I missed them. I like the new "school chums" that Anne makes, but I almost feel like Anne's friendship with Diana is forgotten. :/

- OKAY. So. Rant time. This is the major reason I docked off an extra star. I'm a huge animal lover, so the one chapter where they try to freaking chloroform a cat they couldn't take care of??? I. Was. So. Upset. I don't care that it's a different time period. I don't even care that they were "trying to not cause the cat pain." THAT'S NO EXCUSE.

I know people are probably rolling their eyes right now. Like, "Seriously, Mary, it's supposed to be funny. Stop making such a big deal out of nothing."

Well, I'm sorry, but I fail to see any humor in the fact that they actually tried to kill an animal they couldn't take care of. That's never okay, and it made me so furious & disturbed. It seemed so out of character for Anne, and worse, it was never portrayed in a negative way.

If you can't keep an animal . . . find someone who will be able to. I don't know how anyone can justify this.

*deep breath* I'm sorry, but despite how much I love these characters, that chapter was sickening.

- It could get a little boring at times & it lacked the magic of the first book. But that's mostly just because I was pining for all of Anne's hilarious antics and adventures with the classic Avonlea gang.

Overall? This was a delightful, transportive experience. L.M. Montgomery never fails to make my heart thrill with nostalgia and happiness. This may not be the standard of golden perfection that Anne of Green Gables is, but it was a much-needed book for this period of my life.

3.5 stars
" said.

" PERFECT. This book is my favourite in the series, if only for that ending. I fangirl-squee every time I read it, and I never fangirl-squee. P.S. I love Anne and Gilbert together and Gilbert is wonderful " said.

"I loved going away to college with Anne. Her life there with her friends at Patty's Place just exudes charm and cozy-feelings. Of course, I was thrilled with the happily-ever-after, while completely relating to Anne's nostalgia about days gone by. I think Anne, and myself, needed the reminder that even when it's sad to leave the former things behind, there are always good things to come. Anne is such an indescribably charismatic character, one that is sincere and lovely to be around. The secondary characters are always so fun - my favorites in this one are Phillipa and Aunt Jimsie - they just made me smile. I'm so eager to read the next installment in the series." said.

"Anne Shirley goes to Redmond, makes friends, discovers boys are A Thing, and returns to Green Gables and Avonlea which she is startled to realize no longer feel quite like home.

Every time I try to approach these books logically to provide a thorough critique and commentary on them, my soul cries out and I'm left clutching fistfuls of tears shouting about my childhood. There's something so intrinsically linked to who I was when I first read them that I can't separate myself from them.

It's just so cozy and heartening reading about the girls settling into Patty's Place and making lives for themselves, even as many of the details get swept to the side in the hurry of cramming four years into one volume. I wanted more of those quiet evenings studying, or the rambunctious evenings when they were home to friends, or the festive nights when they went out to parties and dances.

I was also a bit thrown by some of the casual violence this time around: chloroforming Rusty; hanging the dog; Mrs. Lynde falling down the cellar steps; Ruby's death; Mrs. Josephine Barry's death—I feel like these things were stepped over or rushed over without too much weight.

ALSO, I put from my mind the fact that Anne is "not overly fond" of cats. I mean, really.

In addition, I found myself the smallest bit frustrated with how conveniently perfect everything works out for Anne: Patty and Maria choosing to be gone for 3 years exactly, returning in May after graduation; Mrs. Barry's death giving Anne enough money to stay on at Redmond; etc. It's a wonderful story, but it does make for a kind of easy, eye-rolling sensation of of course it'll all be all right; how could it not? that went down like syrup.

After wanting more about Diana settling into Avonlea, now I'm hungry for a glimpse into Gilbert Blythe's days at college: working at a newspaper, deciding to become a doctor, seeing Anne out and about and feeling heartbroken, befriending Christine and getting along with her without any other expectations.

BUT STILL: "I have a dream," he said slowly. "I persist in dreaming it, although it has often seemed to me that it could never come true. I dream of a home with a hearth-fire in it, a cat and dog, the foot-steps of friends—and YOU!"

PS: Not enough kissing.
" said.

"It's a sad reminder how times change when you approach the bookstore with a gleam in your eye of rediscovering a childhood favorite only to find that they no longer carry it. That was my recent experience where instead of finding Laura Ingalls Wilder and L.M. Montgomery I found vampires, sorcery, and scantily clad teenagers glaring at me from overly bright and shiny bookcovers.
I will not claim that the Anne series is monumental fiction but it was too me. I wonder if youth today are getting in their own reading what I so very much treasured in the books of my childhood. In twenty years will they fondly remember those manga (?) books or recall the great vampire trend? Will they be the ones saying how times have changed? Probably.
I love Anne. She is simple and complex she is delightful and innocent. I would love to be just like her minus the red hair. She lives in beautiful environments and has an amazing time wherever she goes.
I guess there will always be crud sold as literature which is what I called all those books taking over the precious spots my Anne should have been in, but wasn't it I who loved R.L. Stines Fear Street series twenty years ago too? And isn't it I who have wonderful memories of reading that crud as a kid? I guess so.
" said.

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