Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-06-12 
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" Not sure how I managed to get to almost 50 without reading this classic children's book. In a way, though, I'm glad I did; I was able to appreciate its marvelousness on all levels as a result! " said.

" Very charming. I enjoyed this immensely. The epilogue is unfortunately unsatisfactory, but I can deal with it. " said.

" Great book. I unfortunately watched the movie first which mostly ruined Robert C. O'Brien's story so don't waste your time with the movie. This is a wonderful book that I will one day move from my bookcase to my son's bookcase when he's old enough to read. Easy 5 star. " said.

" Though it lacks the eloquence and pathos of classic anthropomorphic animal stories (Charlotte's Web and Wind in the Willows) this is still a great story of heroism and sacrificial love. Since it is told simply and well, it might be a good option for a reluctant young reader. " said.

So this book is about 1) how great the love of a mom is, 2) the evils of technology, and 3)Excellent animal names. I mean..Mr. Ages? Nicodemus? Word.
I realized I've been really enjoying stories of overly evolved animals, because I currently have a wonderful little animal evolving into a person in my life right now, so the whole rats in the lab story was great -- also, the story within the story business was so well done. I really like the complex but straightforward way that O'Brien weaves his tales. Man, I love smart, classic kids lit. So uh, yeah, this book is an excellent argument against YA (gulp!) can write a satisfying and serious kids book with all ages appeal and it doesn't have to have teenagers (or anyone!) with romantic entanglements or superdramatic stuff or blah blah blah. I really really liked this. The movie was ridiculous. DON BLUTH, cmon.
" said.


Will I ever find a talking animal book to equal "Watership Down"? Doubtful. And that's okay.

But in my latest jaunts through the great kid lit of the 20th century, "Mrs. Frisby" is a standout. O'Brien sets up a talking-animal world with what seem at first some loose conventions, and while his young audience may not notice, the genre-savvy reader immediately notices something is up. Mrs. Frisby and her family can read? They can use medicine? Heck, they know what a postcard is? Then O'Brien unravels his brilliant conceit, and I was enthralled. Shades of "Flowers for Algernon," appropriately enough - fortunately with a happier ending. I found myself pulling for the rats as they take their evolutionary step toward setting up a society. Take your place, "Frisby," in the pantheon of talking animal books, and in the pantheon of great 1960s/1970s speculative fiction (a legacy the book is less remembered for today, but one it deserves.)

I was disappointed to find there isn't a proper sequel - O'Brien's daughter picked up the story decades after his death in a move that might remind you of the endless pimping of "Dune" books. I'm skeptical, and I doubt I'll be checking up on the NIMH rats' adventures. Still, it's good to know they're out there, isn't it?
" said.

" This was excellent. I've never rooted for rats to live before. All the kids (5-9) loved it. " said.

" Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh starts out feeling like a simple sweet woodland animal tale, similar to Peter Rabbit, but with mice instead of bunnies. However, it turned out to be so much more! Action, plot twists, a dead husband’s mysterious past, mutant rodents with electricity underground: all this in addition to the sweet Beatrix Potter-style gentle mother love. A fun read that kept both my nine and eleven-year-old’s rapt attention. " said.

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