Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-09-02 
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" Delightful children's novel, full of brave and highly intelligent anthropomorphic characters. I only wish I had read it as a child! " said.

"Just read this book with my four-year-old son. It's hard to know what percentage he understood, but as long as he is still interested and asks me to read another chapter then I keep going and don't worry too much about comprehension since I figure it develops by reading and discussing. He was even more motivated to read it when we picked up the movie (The Secret of NIMH) from the library and I told him we could watch it after we finished reading the book.

I know I've read the book before, but I didn't remember it very well. I also know I loved the movie as a kid (and I think I was exposed to the movie first), but as an adult I much preferred the book to the movie, especially watching it with my four-year-old.

1. The book was really all about science and the movie had magical elements that seemed totally unnecessary to the story. -- The glowing eyes on Nicodemus and the owl: SO CREEPY! (My son asked me at the beginning if Nicodemus was a bad guy.) The swirly ink at the beginning: cool but pointless.

2. The movie was a lot scarier in places where I didn't feel the need for extra drama: it was okay with me that Jenner never actually makes an appearance in the book, and it was okay with me that the scientists and NIMH weren't made out to be cruel. Even Mr. Ages was so much more pleasant in the book; I don't know why they made him such a grouch in the movie. I think in general the pace of the book is sort of slow, so I suppose that's why they threw in the extra conflicts, but I think they could have been truer to the book and still made a good (better even) movie.

3. In the book, I liked that while the rats were being injected with drugs, they were also being taught while in the laboratory and it wasn't just a spontaneous thing that they could read. And then I liked that they had a season of library study to help give them the knowledge that they had.

4. One bonus for the movie was that I love that Mrs. Frisby gets herself out of the bird cage in the movie. I mean, I love Justin and it's lovely that he comes to rescue her in the book since there isn't a way for her to escape, but I remembered that scene before watching it this time and I remember how clever and brave I thought she was when she got out.
" said.

" I'm enjoying this - I never read it as a child. But some of the sexism is jarring! Mrs. Frisby doesn't get a first name - she's Mrs. Jonathan Frisby, and she's told that some things are no job for a lady! I know these details were culturally appropriate at the time, but they're definitely off-putting when reading it now. The world building was cool and I think the story holds up well- except for the sexism. " said.

"For the life of me, I cannot remember how this book came to be on my bookshelf years and years... and years ago. It just seems like it was always there, enticing me to pick it up and read it.
But who would ever want to read a book about some rats?
Apparently, lots of people - including me... eventually.
After watching the book grow dusty on the shelf for several summers, I finally picked it up and gave it a try. What had I been waiting for? It became my favorite book and I read it at least 4 more times after that.
I'm not quite sure how well it will hold up over time, but I want to present it to my daughter as an option because of how much I enjoyed it as a child. Maybe it's one that we can read together and we can have a new adventure right along with Mrs. Frisby.

" said.

" Random childhood favourite reread. Still good stuff. " said.

" Not sure how I managed to get to almost 50 without reading this classic children's book. In a way, though, I'm glad I did; I was able to appreciate its marvelousness on all levels as a result! " said.

" Very charming. I enjoyed this immensely. The epilogue is unfortunately unsatisfactory, but I can deal with it. " said.

" Great book. I unfortunately watched the movie first which mostly ruined Robert C. O'Brien's story so don't waste your time with the movie. This is a wonderful book that I will one day move from my bookcase to my son's bookcase when he's old enough to read. Easy 5 star. " said.

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