Magyk (Septimus Heap, Book 1) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-08 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 479 user ratings

"This book was an interesting and unexpected read, I picked it up yesterday in Waterstones and started it in the car on the way home but then found myself unable to put it down and finished reading it in less than 24 hours. The most interesting thing for me was that this book is very much like a prequel book that the author doesn’t think about until after they’ve written the rest of the series but it was in fact the first book in the series. And Septimus Heap who I suspect will be the main character in the rest of the series isn’t actually known until the very last chapter.

In this book there is no main character as such since it is a book with alternating POV’s but a family and group of friends who all contribute to being both main and secondary characters. So with this in mind the most noteworthy characters to me are (and there are a few); Jenna, Nicko, Boy 412, Marcia, Silas, Sarah and Zelda. Jenna is the child adopted by the Heap family at the start of the book after Silas finds her in the snow and learns of the death of his son; Jenna is raised as one of the family and only learns her true identity later on in the book. Nicko is one of the sons in the family and forgive me for not knowing the order but there are 6 of them; he is adventurous and brazen running head first into battles he cannot possibly know the scope of. Boy 412 is a character adopted by the main group and who doesn’t really fully join them until later on in the book; after being raised in the ‘child army’ he only identifies by his rank and number and doesn’t talk other than to say this. Marci is the ‘Extra-ordinary’ witch of the group; after finishing her training she achieved this rank and tries to hold it over everyone’s head thinking it makes her better than the others. Silas is the father, an ordinary wizard who dropped out of training after the birth of his sons in order to help his wife care for them. Sarah is the mother; she tries to help her children and their father in this book but ultimately struggles as they continually get away from her.

The storyline is original and gripping with very likeable characters and a building sense of danger that will most probably be explored in the rest of the series. The pacing was great leading the reader on a gripping adventure all the way through and still holding back a surprise until the very last minute.

5 stars a great will and this will be a series I will continue with through to the end.
" said.

waaataaaa! whadezziiigh!!
nekat juga ya? hehehehe
welcome! selamat datang, wilujeng sumping, mohon doa restunya (lho?)
silakan, silakan duduk dulu *nyediain air ledeng ama kulit kuaci buat cemilan*
maap review-nya di hidden karena yang punya rumah masih malu ama "keki" review-nya disalip orang
*mondar mandir sambil ngedumel sendirian*
padahal gw duluan yang yang baca buku ini. trus gw kan dengan bangganya majang itu bukunya (meskipun pinjeman). sementara jeng roos (yang nyalip gw) gak majang buku nyaaaah *cemberut* trus ujug2 kluar aja review-nyaaaaah. emang pake mantra2 khusus yang bisa ujug2 kluar reviewnya. mustinya pan gw duluan yang beres kelar bacanya *masih mondar mandir kebingungan sambil ngusap2 perut* jangan2 jeng roos ini punya jimat magyk khusus "ujug2 tamat secepat kilat" neh... uh, ntar kalo gw baca flyte gak bakalan dipajang bukunya di currently reading ah, biar dia kaget.. ujug2 kluar aja reviewnya, huahahaha *devilish grin*

hmm.. koq jadi inget lagi lagu metal keren punyanya iron maiden yang judulnya "seventh son of a seventh son" karena tokoh utamanya (septimus) merupakan putra ketujuh dari putra ketujuh yang didunia sihir diyakini memiliki kekuatan magis yang hebat yang sangat diidam-idamkan kaum penyihir dan necromancer untuk dijadikan murid

Here they stand brothers them all
All the sons divided they'd fall
Here await the birth of a son
The seventh, the heavenly, the chosen one

Here the birth from an unbroken line
Born the healer, the seventh, this time
Unknowingly blessed and as his life unfolds
Slowly unveiling the power he holds

Then they watch the progress he makes
The good and the evil which path will he take
Both of them trying to manipulate
The use of his powers before its too late

Seventh son of a seventh son
Seventh son of a seventh son

eh.. malah ngelantur. sabar yak, pan udah disuguhin cemilan buat nunggu review-nya
gini.. ceritanya buat gw sedikit "kekanak-kanakan" (ato gw yg udah tuwir?). cukup menarik untuk sebuah seri pembuka dari 4 seri yang udah terbit. ceritanya imajinatif meski sebagian besar jalan ceritanya udah bisa ketebak dan juga karakter-karakternya yang lumayan bejibun. spells/mantra2 yang unik dan terutama kapal hotep-ra yang bener2 kereeeeeeen (setengah naga setengah kapal) karena bisa terbang. sumprit, gw pengen punya kapal kayak ginian *ngayal mode on*. moga2 musuh2 dibuku kedua lebih seram dan lebih sakti. atu lageeee, yang bikin heran koq semua yang baca buku ini perempuan sih? (dari semua tingkatan umur) uh, kayak baca chicklit aje. pada kemana laki-laki nya? *garuk-garuk*
buat fans HP silakan dicoba buku ini :D dan terutama tentu saja fans cerita2 fantasi.

mantan anggota laskar afrit yang udah insap, huehehehe
" said.

" So ein wunderschönes Kinderbuch <3Vielen vielen Dank Sabrina dass ich es durch dich doch noch entdeckt und direkt gelesen hab! " said.

"Magyk (Septimus Heap, #1), Angie Sage
عنوانها: مجیک؛ جادو؛ افصون؛
عنوان: سپتیموس هیپ: کتاب یکم مجیک؛ نویسنده: آنجی سیج؛ مترجم: سمیه گنجی؛ تهران، وسعت، زهره، ایران سخن، 1386؛ در 530 ص؛ سپتیموس هیپ کتاب اول؛ شابک: 9786005142020؛
عنوان: سپتیموس هیپ: کتاب یکم جادو؛ نویسنده: آنجی سیج؛ مترجم: پرتو اشراق؛ تهران، ناهید، 1387؛ در 437 ص؛ سپتیموس هیپ کتاب اول؛ شابک: 9789646305857؛
عنوان: سپتیموس هیپ: کتاب یکم افصون؛ نویسنده: آنجی سیج؛ مترجم: مهرداد مهدویان؛ تهران، افق، 1388؛ در 437 ص؛ سپتیموس هیپ کتاب اول؛ شابک: 9789643695125؛
جادو، مجیک، یا افصون؛ سرشار از شگفتی ست، با تخیلی نیرومند نوشته شده. خوانشگر نوجوان را به جهانی دعوت میکند که تا وارد شود، دیگر هرگز مایل به ترکش نباشد. ا.ش
همه بجز پسر 412 که در خواب بود، به تاریکی خیره شدند
" said.

"I can not say that I didn't enjoy this book because I actually found it a very good read. I have to admit it was a little immature for me in places and I prefer my YA novels to be the older age of the spectrum.

I loved the characters and they were well written and engaging. You can clearly see how the characters will further develop through the books. I have to admit that I guessed the true identity of Septimus Heap very early on but I believe this was intentional. The reader knows a secret that the characters in the book don't.

I did however find the story a little slow in places and the fact that there was so many characters to keep track off meant that the story was slower as you introduced new characters.

Overall I think this book would appeal to a younger audience. I am not totally against reading further in the series but I will not be rushing out to buy the next ones.
" said.

" Magyk wasn't BAD, necessarily, it just really pales in comparison to so many other fantasy stories I've read. My main problem with it was the complete lack of a central main character. The series title, Septimus Heap, is supposed to be that main character. However, he doesn't, technically, show up until really late in the book.

Before that we jump between SO many different characters: Jenna, Silas, Marcia, Nicko, bad guys, good guys, and even boggarts, mice and a wolf. I mean those animal narrations are pretty funny, but it felt really unnecessary to me. And not having a central character to direct it all, it just felt way to jumbled. Add the fact that you meet a new character almost every chapter, introducing new viewpoints, personalities and opinions; I just starting not caring. I was never confused, persay, it IS a kid's book. It just felt like the author knew about her serious problem (aka lack of a hero), so she tried to throw in all these "crazy" characters to make up for it.

Story wise, it's just mediocre. Something about a seventh son of a seventh son born to take down the evil DomDaniel. It's not groundbreaking, we've all seen this before. That would have been fine, if I would have cared for the characters. And previously mentioned character problems really prevented that from happening

Reading on my nook, I was confused when I would happen across a word like, "Flyte" and it would be capitalized. I then found out in the actual book, those words are also bolded to show emphasis on Magykal spells and whatnot. The capitalization annoyed me, I couldn't even imagine the bolding.

It's exactly the same problem I had with Chuck Palahniuk's Tell All. I don't need you to point out something obvious to me, I'm not an idiot. And I don't even see how it helps kids, yeah you can put spells in bold and make them jump out at the reader, but what's the point? If you're reading the book you already know what the spells are, there's no need for it. I guess it just comes down to feeling like I was talked down to at times, and I don't enjoy that at all.

In the end, a cliched plot, kiddie characters, and a hilariously obvious twist all mean one thing: my Magykal *gag* journey ends here.
" said.

" مع أن الكتاب متوقع إلا أنه محمس جداعالم السحرة هنا يختلف عن عالم هاري بوتر حيث تبدأ القصة باستيلاء الشر على الحكمانتهى الجزء الأول فاتح الطريق للثاني وفي الوقت ذاته كأنه نهاية القصةاهنيء المترجم " said.

"Prvo da napomenem ova knjiga je pisana za relatiovno mladu populaciju, po mojoj proceni do 12 ili 14 godina starosti. Što znači da je jako ... naivna. Sa druge strane odlično je napisana. Drži pažnju, likovi su interesantni što je i dobto pošto je skoro ceo fokus na njima. World building je veoma slab, tek tolko da se dobije neka ideja a čak ni magični sistem nije previše objašnjen iako se jako puno vrti oko njega.

Nema dosadnih momenata, nema ekspozicije i svet se drži sopstvenih pravila što je uvek plus tako ako vam treba štivo za čitaoce u razvoju ovo je odličan način da ih privuče. I taman da budu spremni za Harija Potera :)

PS: da sam jedno 20tak godina mladji ocena bi bila pre oko 4 ili 5.
" said.

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