Why is Great Grandma So Sad? Discovering the Holocaust Through the Eyes of a Child Reviews

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"Susan Heagy shares in the preface that these are fictional characters but the experiences are true. True stories from Holocaust Survivors are combined to bring us Why is Great-Grandma So Sad?. Also, included in the back of the book are some short biographies of the survivors who’s stories are a part of this book.

Sarah, a 7 year old girl, notices that her grandma is very sad one day, so she asks her mom and then the action unfolds. The grandma’s story is told clear with simple illustrations. It isn’t an easy read, because of the subject, but it is a book that I would consider well written and appropriate for kids. Working through it together as a family was a perfect way to handle the book and the questions that came with it. I also think it would be a great resource to use in any curriculum whatever the educational setting.

“With the revelation of history came the gift, and the responsibility for Sarah to be the new Survivor. She would remember her Great-Grandma’s experience, and not forget it—not ever. The gifts of life, hope, and determination were now passed on to the next generation.”

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"The Holocaust is without a doubt one of the most tragic and heartbreaking events in recent history. Yet, far too many people still don’t fully understand the truly devastating toll it took on Jewish people as a whole. Why is Great-Grandma So Sad? brings the Holocaust to the forefront and makes it personal. Learning about this horrific event and telling others is incredibly important and Susan Heagy has done a wonderful job doing just that.

Ms. Heagy has taken some of the personal accounts of Holocaust survivors to weave an intensely personal and powerful story of Sarah, her mother Rebecca and her beloved Great-Grandma Hannah. Sarah wants to know why Hannah is so sad and Rebecca decides it’s time to tell Sarah the Holocaust story. As gently as possible, and in terms a child will understand, Rebecca describes how Hannah was just seven when Hitler first began his reign of terror. She goes on to explain how Jews were persecuted, mistreated and heartlessly executed. The back of the book is devoted to several Holocaust survivors, their biographies and their stories.

Why is Great-Grandma So Sad? is an excellent story to be told to children and to be read by anyone. It’s a story about understanding and sharing our pasts, no matter how painful. It’s crucial to us all that we never forget this dark period in history. Kudos to Susan Heagy for doing such an excellent job by telling this important story and for doing it so magnificently! received a complimentary copy of this book from the author via BookCrash in exchange for an honest review.
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"The topic of this book is one that is in a sense ironic as it is a few days after July 4th, where America celebrates it's continued freedom from the clutches of British rule, to be ruled by their own government, and to become their own free country just like that of many other great countries. This book is about the Holocaust, given through the eyes of children who lived it.

Author Susan Heagy has given us, the readers, a very unique opportunity to learn about the Holocaust, by actually interviewing survivors, children who grew up during those rough, terrible times, who have had to live with the consequences of being of the Jewish faith during the reign of a tyrant who planned to take over the world. Though the actual characters in this story are fictional, her historical fiction novel is written in terms younger children may read and understand it clearly.

Many of us are lucky enough to know at least one Great Grandparent, while we were growing up, not everyone, but many. They are a gift of the past given to us to learn from and to know and to love. My own children have had the wonderful blessing to know their 2 Great Grandmother's, before they passed on. Both of which were greatly affected by the wars, the great depression, military life, loosing of loved one's especially husbands and other such trials they had to live through. But my children loved hearing their stories. It brought the history of the USA into a more personal account and importance to us all. In "Why is Great-Grandma so Sad?", a little girl is now old enough to see and question why her Great Grandmother is sad all the time, or has a sad demeanor about her. As the little girls' mother sits down to tell her the story behind the sadness, she has to figure out a way to tell it so her 7 year old daughter understands. What is revealed is a story of a young girl who is forced to leave her home with her family and move to a ghetto, then later to a concentration camp all under the rule of the Natzi army. This Jewish refugee family has little to no food, must learn to survive bitter cold, and even as a child growing up from 7-11 before she is set free from the Natzi rule, she too must do her part to survive, to live, to stay alive.

We learn just how important family is and why it is also important to learn about our past, so we may better be grateful for our present, and so we may better change our future.

I honestly love this little book! The art is wonderful, very stylized in a beautiful way that fully compliments the story. At the back of the book, Susan Heagy gives us a few nuggets of gold in the form of actual survivor witnesses of their personal accounts of the Holocaust. As a teacher in elementary school, I can see this book being a great resource for children to use during the time we study the Holocaust. I know many friends who would be interested in using this to help teach their students and children more about the Holocaust. Thank you Susan for putting this together and keeping your promise!

The author has given me the following information, that I feel inclined to share. Each purchase of this book supports the Holocaust Survivors. Please visit for more information.

To comply with the Federal Trade Commission's regulations, I must mention as part of every review that the publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of the book, through BookCrash, in exchange for an honest non biased review.
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