The Legend of Zelda, Vol. 9: A Link to the Past Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-11-09 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 21 user ratings

" Been wanting to try the Zelda manga series for a while and decided to jump in with #9, of course. It's a pretty straight forward questing plot, as to be expexted, but it's enjoyable. The dialogue is fairly basic, but the characters are fun. I particularly enjoyed the original character Ghanti. Definitely going to give the other Akira Himekawa Zelda books a go! " said.

" This is the first "graphic novel" I've ever read. It was originally published in Japanese, so you have to start reading in the back and go from right to left. This maintains the original artwork and only the words are changed. It was difficult at first, but got easier quickly. Benjamin has been sleeping with this book and re-telling the story to himself at night, and re-enacting on occasion by the late-night jumping in his room. " said.

" The Legend of Zelda manga series is a collection of 10 books that are written in collaboration by two women, A. Honda & S. Nagano. When they started they played all the games so they could get an idea of the story and then they sat an elaborated to create the books.There's a great attention to detail from Link to his companions to the enemies he fights. It's so much more interesting to read the conversations and see the familiar places from the games from a different perspective. " said.

" I thought my nostalgic love of this game would translate into me enjoying this manga, but it's far too rushed for my taste, especially in the second half. I have higher hopes for a Majora's Mask manga, as it won't have to contend with the sheer number of dungeons that this volume needed to gloss over. The art is great and fans of the game series will probably find something to like here, but I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone. " said.

"This manga has less to do with the source material than the last one, and overall it was disappointing as a result. A Link to the Past is one of my favourite Zelda games, and this book ignores most of the story in favour of a storyline about an original character called Ghanti. Ghanti is a bandit that hesitantly helps Link on his quest, and she mostly seems to be there to fill the role of a stereotypical kawaii manga heroine. The next manga on the shelf is Ocarina of Time, which is my favourite Zelda game of all time, and it's split into two books. I'm hoping that's a good sign!" said.

" So far, every adaptation by Akira Himekawa to legend of zelda has been nothing less than amazing. The story is adapted yet feels original due to what the writer has done to it. Im always engaged in the story. Definitely a recommendation to all Zelda fans to read these stories " said.

"- This story should have been stretched over a couple volumes. It rushed a lot.

- I want more details about Ghanti's history. She was the most interesting character.

- This was not my favorite Link and Zelda design. The artwork was okay, but I like other character designs better.

- There was part of the book that was telling and not showing, which was really weird for a graphic novel. I understand that they were trying to get through a bunch of dungeon stuff, but still.

- I feel like the story was misnamed. It should have been a A Link to Dark and Light or A Link to Two Worlds.

- Is Ganon's true form a pig? He is usually in pig form when I see him, but I know he has a gerudo form sometimes too.
" said.

" Oh my, this was like a snack. Not sure if I resist, I will probably play the game once more...! :) " said.

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