Commander Toad and the Planet of the Grapes Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-11-09 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 7 user ratings

" A little weird, but my niece liked it. " said.

" This is a pun-filled book with adorable illustrations. I loved it. " said.

" Cute book - on par for 2nd graders. " said.

" From a 6 year old:I gave this book 4 stars because I like it. It was an exciting adventure. Commander Toad was my favorite character. I would like to read another commander toad book some day. " said.

" Logan didn't get many of the "grape" jokes and I had to do a lot of explaining. He still enjoyed the fact that it was a Commander Toad book, but I don't think he'd give it a higher rating than "It was ok." " said.

" Interest Level: K-2Grade Level: 3.1This is a very silly book about a group of amphibious space adventurers who arrive on a new planet, only to be swallowed up by grapes! Plenty of puns and jokes about grapes ensue (they're the grapest!).This would be a fun book to use to teach younger children about puns or how to use humor in their writing. It would also be a very clear example of fiction vs non-fiction to help them learn the difference. " said.

"Commander Toad and his crew aboard the Star Warts have found a new planet to explore. But when Lieutenant Lily starts sneezing and the Commander Toad gets swallow in a giant red bump, they may be facing more than they bargained for.

I recently remembered this series from when I was younger, and it seems like it’s not as popular as it once was. That’s a shame. While the story and characters are a bit simple, they are fun. Once we get the introductions out of the way, the story is interesting, and will definitely connect with young readers. Adults will love the spoofs on Star Wars and Star Trek and everyone will groan at the grape puns.

Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.
" said.

"Jane Yolen got her inspiration for these books from an article in a newspaper about a frog in a frog-jumping contest. The frog's name was "Star Warts", but she decided to change the frog to a toad since toads are known for giving warts. She includes a lot of puns in all the books, which there are seven altogether.
This is just one of many books in the Commander Toad series. It’s about Commander Toad and his crew (Mr. Hop, Lieutenant Lily, Jake Skyjumper, and Old Doc Pepper) having adventures through space in their ship the Star Warts. This particular adventure lands them on the planet of the grapes where Toad gets swallowed by a large grape. Lily and the rest of the crew must find a way to save him. But when the crew goes to help, the grapes swallow them too! Its not until Doc Pepper figures out the solution that they are free: the planet is allergic to them and needs allergy shots.
I like the Commander Toad series, especially all the play on words: Star Warts, Luke Skyjumper, Lieutenant Lily, etc. This isn't one of my favorites of the whole series but I did enjoy it. I was a little confused why the planet sprouted grapes as an allergic reaction, but its a book about frogs in space so I guess a lot of it shouldn't make sense. I think the students in my class would really enjoy this book because it is silly and has a fun adventure. I also really like the grape puns at the end of the book. Overall I would say this book is good, but I would recommend other books in the series more.
" said.

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