Pokemon: Black & White Handbook Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2019-11-09 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 47 user ratings

" it was amazing but trainer black white were i think fake and the story was quick to read and is a cool book to read and my friends were amazed to see the pokemon book . " said.

" I especially like this one because it has the regional Pokedex numbers. " said.

"It would have been helpful if there had also been descriptions of attacks and abilities.
At the very least, it was nice to have the list of possible abilities, attacks, and layout of evolutions for this generation with big pictures.
All the same, using serebii or the bulbapedia is infinitely more useful since it shows where each Pokemon can be found, which game they're found in (for those special creatures who can only be found in one version and not the other), and what attacks are learned at which levels PLUS lots of other info for those more dedicated to things like eggs, abilities, farming, etc.
Nice to look at, but if you're looking for more guidance in B&W this really isn't it. Definitely focused on younger readers who have an initial, cursory fascination with the game.
" said.

" If your kids like Pokemon games. this is a great help to them and to parents because kids will enjoy reading about something they are interested in. " said.

"This book taught me a lot about Pokémon before I just knew Some now I know all of them" said.

"As usual, when it comes to things in the category of Pokémon, I have nothing but good and positive things to say. And this book is no different.

1) The Pokémon in this book are from the Generation V video games, and as I have both the Pokémon Black and White Versions, as well as Pokémon White 2 Version, I can tell that these Pokémon sure are plenty of fun to read about.

2) The Pokémon found in the Unova region are very well-drawn, as well as very beautiful, too. (Plus, their Pokédex entries for either version are sometimes very different, but that is a good thing there as well.)

3) The Gym Leaders at the end of this book sure are pretty neat. I like Iris the best, as she’s a Dragon-type Trainer, and I find that to be very cool.

To sum it all up, the book Pokémon: Black White Handbook is perfect for when you want to go to the Unova region and experience it for yourself. (But you don’t have to pack your bags because, as usually happens when you read a book, you go wherever the book takes you in your mind.) I give this book five stars, and I highly recommend it to all of the Pokémon fans out there as well.. :)
" said.

"To enjoy this book, you either need a set purpose or absolutely no connection to the internet. I can tell you that after a year or so of console limitations, I hadn't caught up with the newest Pokemon games, nor did I know what the new Pokemon looked like or even were. Although it's behind the times, with X and Y featuring the latest of the "new" pokemon and with Alpha/Omega being the newest games overall, this book was still helpful in the process of getting acquainted with my newest pocket monsters. It really does a satisfactory job of showing the creativity of the game designers (or occasionally the opposite, but pleasantly enough, not often - Garbador, anyone?). A mitosis pokemon, a gothic-lolita themed pokemon, pokemon with ancient purposes...all of these designs, while obviously stock images, do the creatures justice. Still, that's just about all it does, as everything else can easily be pulled up on the internet, and with a lot more information to boot. I guess I can't complain as it was obviously created for children who don't play the game competitively, but when information like egg moves, the importance of personalities, IVs, EVs, and etc exists, well, knowing the moves that the monster can potentially learn (and it only lists the ones it can learn through leveling up, I noticed, and nothing on TMs; though I guess that would have been a bit too long) seems so much less important.

Still, it was enjoyable to look through, and made me excited to jump into the Pokemon universe once again. Which is what it's supposed to do, right?
" said.

" I didn't find any misspelling of words, and no repeating of attacks in the lists.The information is useful- though it lacks levels or tm/hm listings for attacks, but it does have how to evolve each pokemon listed which is nice. A very nice addition to any pokenerd's book collection! " said.

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