The Trials of Apollo Book Two The Dark Prophecy Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-06 
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" *squints hard at cover*Is that Calypso I see...BABEStarting this in a few days <3 " said.

The writing is just so enjoyable and I may be biassed but apollo's inner dialogue is hilarious like there wasn't a single chapter where i didn't stop reading because I was laughing too much. This book deals with some big issues like abuse of power and manipulative relatioships but in a way that I wish read it when I was younger (*cough* when i started pjo*cough*) I had some problems with the pacing tho but maybe it was because I was expecting this book to be set in Camp Jupiter and it was set in Indianapolis .I also liked the WayStation crew and the whole plot with Emmie and Jo also I was pleasantly surprised about how organically Leo and Calypso relationship was handled I was very worried at the end of the hidden oracle. And the ending was the best part we get Grover!!

ps: I hope that the third emperor is Diocletian because it would be very interesting to see Jason and Reyna deal with it if not Caligula seems the most obvious choice
" said.

" More haiku please! I can't wait for this release! " said.

" (6/24/16): It seems like a book for each Oracle...and in the last book Apollo finally will defeat Python and become a god again on Olympus. Oh, well, I'm in! I'd like to see how it works out! " said.

" Oh wow. Let the nightmare of waiting begin. *criew uncontrolably* " said.

"Pausanias. Description of Greece.
[9.31.1] XXXI. On Helicon there is also a statue of Arsinoe, who married Ptolemy her brother. She is being carried by a bronze ostrich. Ostriches grow wings just like other birds, but their bodies are so heavy and large that the wings cannot lift them into the air.

The Dark Prophesy may have to do with Helicon, a mountain sacred to the Muses; a ostrich also listened to Orpheus in a mosaic.

Philostratus, Life of Apollonius of Tyana 4. 14 :
"He also visited in passing the shrine of Orpheus when he had put in at Lesbos. And they tell that it was here that Orpheus once on a time loved to prophesy, before Apollon had turned his attention to him. For when the latter found that men no longer flocked to Gryneion for the sake of oracles nor to Klaros nor to Delphoi where is the tripod of Apollon, and that Orpheus was the only oracle, his head having lately come from Thrake, he presented himself before the giver of oracles and said : ‘Cease to meddle with my affairs, for I have already put up long enough with your vaticinations.'"

After Lesbos, is unknown what happened to the head of Orpheus.

The Griffins dwell in the Rhipaean mountains, between the Hyperboreans and the one-eyed Arimaspians, and guarding the gold of the north. Hyperborea was home to Boreas and sacred to Apollo; Griffins are sacred to Nemesis (identified with Artemis and Athena) as well as Helios and Apollo.

And, yes, Orpheus sang to a Griffin too.

" said.

" May 2017. I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL MAY 2017! :'/ " said.

" __________PRE-RELEASE__________WE HAVE A NAMEalso, Apollo will have "new friendships—with heroes who will be very familiar to fans"?? YES " said.

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