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"This is a story of bravery and resourcefulness. Abbas Kazerooni was only 9 years old when he fled Iran. It was a matter of leave or be forced into the army. He expected to travel to Turkey with his mother. His father would not be allowed to leave the country. At the airport as Abbas and his mother are about to board their plane, she is pulled aside and not allowed to leave. Abbas continues to Turkey - alone - as a nine year old boy. He doesn't speak the language, know anyone, have anywhere to stay. This is his remarkable journey. What makes this story even more remarkable is that it is a true story." said.

"This audiobook was read by the author. It is a true story and it is amazing.
Abbas was 9 years old when the Iranian regime decided to change the age of mandatory entry into the army to 10. His once well-off and aristocratic father realizes he must get Abbas out of the country. The plan was for Abbas and his mother to go to Turkey, apply for British visas and move there where a relative would sponsor them. Unfortunately they turned his mother away at the airport and 9 year old Abbas went to Istanbul on his own.
This is his story of what happened.
It is heart-wrenching and incredible. If I was still teaching school I would definitely share this with students in grade 5 and up. To have it read by the author has an even greater impact.
" said.

"Audiobook Sync free audiobooks for their 2018 YA summer program week 3.
This is the true story of 9yr old Abbas and his solo flight from Tehran to avoid conscription into the army during the Iran-Iraq war. Abbas finds himself on his own in Istanbul, in luck with a few helpful adults, but mostly getting along by his wits and ability to gauge people well. He has to find a place to stay, a place to change money, and his way to the consulate to begin the process of applying for a visa... and survive through that long process. As my youngest boy is 9 himself right now, and a very independent, enterprising boy as well for that matter, I really felt my heart go out to him and his family for this crazy experience.
" said.

"Just finished this as one of the free audio titles offered by . It's a true story of the author's life narrated by the author. An amazing story of his escape from Iran at the age of 9 during a time when they were lowering the age to conscript young boys into the army to the age of 8 years old! His father, once a man of wealth and influence, is now unable to leave the country, so they sell everything to buy tickets for Abbas and his mother to fly to Turkey to obtain Visas so they can travel to England for Abbas to study there. Unfortunately, his mother is restricted from going, so they end up sending him alone.
A courageous and very resourceful young boy whose entrepreneurial abilities and quick thinking enable him to survive under under dangerous and harsh conditions.
" said.

" This is one amazing story about survival. Abbas Kazerooni needs to leave his family and home to avoid being drafted into the military at the age of 9. Because his family is on the wrong side of politics he will most assuredly be targeted. His family sells everything they own in order for Abbas to escape to Istanbul with his mother, but at the last minute his mother is denied travel status and he must go on his own AT THE AGE OF NINE to a foreign country where he does not speak the language. His savvy and determined outlook plus miraculous encounters with kindly people who guide and help him - from the kindly taxi driver on the first night in the strange city to the hotel owner who treats him like a grownup and helps him make money in most interesting ways - makes this a most compelling read. " said.

"An amazing story.
Kazerooni’s resourcefulness and good luck makes for a harrowing tale. I was nervous the entire book, hoping that he would make it (logically, I knew he would be fine since he wrote this book but it still was a bit nerve-racking considering his age). I had also just finished a book on human trafficking so I was convinced Abbas would be taken advantage of.
I have a 10 year old son and there were many heart breaking parts. Such a difficult time in his family’s life - really for the entire country of Iran.
I’m very glad that this book was included as part of the Sync Audio program because I would have never found it otherwise. Kazerooni said that he wrote this book to tell his story and to honor his mother’s memory. Your mother would be extremely proud of you and it was an honor to share in your story.
" said.

"I wasn't expecting to like this book as much as I did! This was another 2018 SYNC Audiobook.

Abbas Kazerooni wrote and read this captivating autobiographical story. This was during the 80's when the Iran-Iraq war was raging in Tehran, Abbas home town. They had just lowered the age of recruitment into the army and Abbas father is worried that his son will be recruited soon. They sell all they have to gather enough money for two airfare tickets to Istanbul, Turkey. Abba's father's passport has been confiscated so just Abba and his mother will be leaving. At the airport they inform Abba's mother that she may not leave. At the last second the decision is made that Abba alone will go. So at the age of 9 he leaves his home for Istanbul.

This is an amazing story! Abba is a very loveable kid. I can't imagine the things he went through on his own. I have two children who are now at the same age as Abba in this story and I've thought the only way they could have made it through what Aba did is with the help of kind strangers, angles, that happen to be in the right place at the right time--just like they were for Abba.

I'll be reading Kazerooni's next book to learn more of his story.
" said.

"Sometimes, the power of an audiobook versus a print or visual version is beyond compare. Especially when it's told by the author, who in this case has lived through harrowing experiences as a child, and has found a way to tell his story with skill and compassion, as well as with the talent of a trained voice artist and with a very pleasant English public (i.e. private) school accent to boot. Abbas left Iran in the 80's as a 9 year old boy when the army of the Ayatollahs started recruiting boys from age 8, putting Abbas's life in great danger since his family had been influential supporters of the overthrown Shah after the Iranian Revolution in 1979. Abbas's family had been very rich and powerful, but now they were left penniless and had to sell the few possessions they had left and their very beds to buy two plane ticket to Turkey. At the airport, his mother was barred from exiting the country as a last minute ploy to prevent Abbas from leaving, but an administrative glitch enabled him to leave alone. His parents, desperate to give him better chances in life, urged him to fly to Istanbul alone and from there apply for a visa to England, where a cousin awaited to give him shelter. He describes his time in Istanbul and how he successfully navigated its many dangers with very little money but lots of grit and plenty of resourcefulness, and apparently, quite a lot of personal charm too. Inspiring. " said.

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