Warriors: A Vision of Shadows #3: Shattered Sky Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-05 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

"Okay. I'm a teeny bit disappointed in this one and I hate that. I hate that! I mean, it has Jayfeather in it. How can it not be as good. What is this.

But of course.... a couple of cheesy cliche scenes can't keep me from fangirling over Jayfeather, Squirrelflight, and Bramblestar Warrior Cats.

Can I just say that the earlier books had a lot more detail and stuff? And that I feel like they're dragging the wrong stuff out. By all means, cliffhanger me, but I needed more Starclan mumbo-jumbo because...

Mainly because it always ticks Jayfeather off and he's hilarious when he's mad.
" said.

"OMG they got me again!! onestar doesnt seem as bad now, i kinda feel bad for him. i hated him so much before this. he died tho! kinda expected. but twigpaw, that courageous little thing!! she went on her own to find skyclan+succeeded!! impressive, considering alderheart and a group of warriors couldnt do it. there were so many plot twists during this book. and needletail died!!:(((( i was so sad. expected, but hawkwing was violetpaw+twigpaw's father awe. i wish violetpaw and twigpaw would stay loyal to their own clan tho. " said.

"Yes, I literally read this within 24 hours. Okay, more like 16. Yes, really.


Ahem. Pardon me.

White Fang stole -- er, I mean, took it first, so I had to wait 3 agonizing days until he finished it. But after that it was all mine, all mine, mwhahahaha.

And I paid for it. Dearly.

I AM DYING INSIDE. Of course, what did I expect, it's a Warriors book.

A lot of what I hoped would happen in this third part of A Vision of Shadows did happen, but somehow it was extra dramatic. ALL THE FEELS. My poor Vulcan soul cannot take it, Captain...



I promise to stop shouting now.
" said.

"I absolutely loved Shattered Sky! I'm finally feeling like the Warrior Cats is being taken in a new direction which is much needed. Don't get me wrong, I've absolutely adored all the storylines and series but I now feel as if this new series is completely different and I can't wait to see where the Erins take it.

As usual, it was wonderfully written and had all the intrigue​ and plot twists that I love. I don't know how they still manage to write such intricate and amazing storylines after five (FIVE!!) series but I love it and I hope they never stop.
" said.

" It sucks that I'm caught up: it means I have to wait for the next book. I mean, I have the prequel series to read, but I like the idea of being the present time better. Hmmmm... I'll get there! " said.

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