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UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-05 
Review Score: 3 out of 5 star From 4 user ratings

" Cybils nominee for Best Fiction Picture Book 2o16. " said.

" A humorous friendship/family story with incredible line drawings! " said.

" Awesome line drawings, interesting multiple perspectives, and a cute premise. This book tugs at my heartstrings in a way that just isn't fair. " said.

" A limited palette and stylized, cross-hatchy illustrations add to the distinctly European feel of this offbeat read. The look, the length, and the sinister/sweet interplay between the characters (not to mention the nudity) all make this one stand out for American readers. I'm honestly not sure if kids will go for it, but I'm interested in finding out. " said.

" Yet another quirky but delightful story by Doremus, who also wrote Empty Fridge. The story is told from both character's point of view. It starts with the crocodile, but being human-scentric, I assumed it was from the boy's POV at first. Ha! It is an interesting lesson in love, trust, and growing up. One caveat - there is one picture where the crocodile is holding an arm of a killed prey and there is blood on the ground. It isn't horrible but it might be startling to some kids. " said.

"The pictures are just perfect, communicating a wealth of information that the text leaves out. In fact, this is one of the few picture books where I have to stop reading and "narrate" the illustrations to make sure the listening audience understands what's going on. There are so many levels here, not just between what the words say and the pictures show, but also between what the crocodile thinks (the first narrator who tells the first part of the story), and what the boy knight thinks (the second narrator who continues the story). Then it gets all French and ends with a poignant reflection on the shifting dynamics of the parent-child relationship. I'm pretty sure no one in the listening audience got that since it would take a whole heck of a lot more than a fancy read aloud voice or an illustration explanation to convey. And dude. It's bedtime." said.

"A near-sighted crocodile mistakes a young armored knight for a baby crocodile and adopts him as his own in this French picture book. In the first part of the story, the crocodile is the narrator, lovingly describing how his “baby” sinks instead of swimming, and prefers cooked meat to raw. When he finally sees him taking off his “skin” to take a bath and realizes what he’s found is a human, he decides “this little boy will always be my baby.” Then the narrative switches to the little boy who describes his adventures with the adoring crocodile—adventures that are much more fun than “life inside a stuffy castle!” But, distrust begins to grow between the two, as each realizes the potential danger that each could be to the other. The narrative changes to a joint one, with each side expressing both their fears and love for each other. Finally the two realize they can’t live together, and the two sadly part ways, in a tearful parting scene. Dorémus’s pen and ink illustrations in vivid reds and pinks provide moments of drama and humor, such as when the boy’s squeaky armor scares away all of the crocodile’s prey. Klinger’s red hand lettering may be a bit difficult for young readers to tackle, but adds to the overall character of the book. This is probably best shared one-on-one or in small groups, so that the details and subtleties of the text and illustrations can be best appreciated." said.

" I struggled reading this book. I actually said out loud after reading it, "That's the dumbest book I've ever read." I don't get it.7/24/17 Read with Julia. " said.

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