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UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-07 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 3 user ratings

"I loved Please, Mr. Panda, so I was super excited to see that Steve Anthony had written another character lesson book using Mr. Panda. In this story, Mr. Panda is mixing something up in a bowl. Various animals come along asking what he is making. He tells them they have to wait. It's a surprise. The only animal patient enough to wait is a small penguin, but he's in for a big treat at the end. It turns out Panda is making a giant donut.

This book is cute. The text is simple. The illustrations are sweet (although not as fun as Please, Mr. Panda because there aren't as many donuts). The moral is simple - if you are patient, you will be rewarded. It's an easy enough concept for kids to grasp, and it's written in a fun and engaging way. The page with the bunny features a bunch of little bunny butts disappearing into holes while they're all saying, "Good-bye." I know this page would have been the highlight when my son was younger. This book is perfect for ages 2-5.
" said.

" In one way, at least, even better than Please Mr. Panda, in that the panda is not so 'curt' but does explain why he wants each B&W critter to wait ("It's a surprise"). But those who cannot be patient but instead demand to know now do not get the reward.... " said.

" Waiting means working on patience. It's not always easy and not everyone wants to wait. Sometimes it's totally worth the wait! If you enjoyed Please, Mr. Panda, you'll enjoy his second story about manners.Reviewed from a library copy. " said.

" This reminds me very much of Waiting is not Easy! by Mo Willems. Mr. Panda is making....something. But what? You will have to wait to find out. Can you wait until the end to find out or will you leave before it is ready like almost all of the other animals?Just remember that some things are definitely worth waiting for. " said.

" Adorable, simple, sweet and relatable message about patience, kindness and manners. Mr. Panda is making something. His friends want to know what it is, but when Mr. Panda asks each friend to wait for the surprise, only one friend has the patience to wait. Will the surprise be worth the wait? Recommended for toddlers through 2nd grade. " said.

" Just as entertaining as the first in the series, this book is colorful, funny, and hides a simple message about being patient for the things that you want. Panda is baking something and willing to share but as each of his friends show up they decide they simply don't have the time to wait but Penguin does and when he finally gets his surprise he can't believe his eyes! What does Panda give Penguin? Here's a hint, Penguin is going to need a really huge glass of milk. " said.

" Good things come to those who wait in this cute picturebook. Panda is making an awesome surprising gift for his friends. All of his friends are anxious to see what the surprise is, but they are too impatient to wait for the surprise to be revealed. One tenacious little friend announces his intention to be patient and waits to find out what the surprise is. Great story to start a conversation about patience and why it's important. " said.

"Title: I’ll Wait Mr. Panda
Author: Steve Anthony
Illustrator: Steve Anthony
Genre: Predictable Book
Theme(s): Manners, Patience, and Animals

Opening line/sentence:

What are you making Mr. Panda?

Brief Book Summary:
I’ll wait Mr. Panda is a predicable book about a penguin who was the only animal to have the patience to wait for Mr. Panda’s surprise. This book touches on manners and patience in a way that children could understand while still creating an interesting story for them to enjoy.

Professional Recommendation/Review #1:

• Kirkus Reviews, 2016
A penguin is rewarded for patience. Mr. Panda, large and with amusing gravitas, sports a tiny chef's hat and a pink-frilled, doughnut-patterned apron in this tale of delayed gratification. Mr. Panda is wielding a wooden spoon and mixing bowl, into which he mysteriously pours various ingredients (flour, milk, sugar). An assortment of curious animals, mostly black and white--an alpaca, an anteater, a herd of rabbits, and possibly an egret--pop in to ask what he's making. "Wait and see," is Mr. Panda's repeated answer. All but a steadfast penguin decide that, as the anteater says, "waiting is too hard," and are on their way. The penguin, who appears first opposite the title page, continues to wait, assuring the large chef, "I'll wait, Mr. Panda." When the gigantic surprise is produced at last, it is decorated with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. This would be purely purposive if not for the lively good humor at play in Antony's eager, silly creatures, who fly, hop, and peek from the sidelines and on the endpapers. Though the reward is rarely as spectacular as this, sometimes hope and anticipation are enough to strengthen the waiting muscle. Certainly young readers will find Mr. Panda funny, will be tickled at the hyperbole, and may find the idea of a huge doughnut delectable to contemplate while waiting for their own surprises

Professional Recommendation/Review #2:

• Children's Literature
A dour-faced Mr. Panda has a box of colorful doughnuts to give away. When he makes an offer to the penguin, he gets a rude response, Give me a pink one. Mr. Panda turns away and tells the penguin he has changed his mind. Similar results ensue as he offers doughnuts to a skunk, an ostrich, and a whale. Then Mr. Panda hears a polite request, Hello! May I have a doughnut Please, Mr. Panda? From a lemur hanging upside down on a tree branch. Mr. Panda gives all of the doughnuts to the lemur. The lemur thanks him. As Mr. Panda leaves, he announces that he does not like doughnuts. The illustrations feature a large, block shaped panda interacting with black-and-white animals on gray backgrounds. The only color is found in the box of eight doughnuts he carries. This simple lesson in the use of good manners will likely appeal to young children.

Response to Two Professional Reviews:
Each Review describes the story in detail and describes little elements that most people might not notice and this is great for teachers because they are able to gain insight from another professional point of view other than the simple storyline. Both reviews mention the lesson the story creates about patience and manners, which becomes familiar early on in the story.

Evaluation of Literary Elements:
The plain background and bold characters allow the readers to focus on what is happening through the pictures. I’ll wait Mr. Panda pictures are in black and white and the only color on the pages is the doughnuts that Mr. Panda is making. This element brings the readers attention to the continuing object throughout the story.

Consideration of Instructional Application:
The underlying message to this fun book for children is patience. As a class, the students could make their own Panda and penguin and create their own surprise that would require them to use the same language from the story, to help them understand the concept with a different situation.
" said.

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