The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (Dover Children's Classics) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-07 
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" A good book.good way to learn about Sweden.Read the first part moving on to his return back home.Loved how gradually Nils changed from a careless unthinking boy to a helpful generous boy....the geese and the animals were fun too.On to the second part... " said.

" Imagine you have somehow shrunk to the size of an elf and have been carried away on the back of a goose, which begins a long and dangerous journey from which you hope to return.My fourth grade teacher read this aloud as we happily worked on quiet art projects which occupied our hands and produced life-long keepsakes while at the same time being absorbed by the memorable adventures of a Norse-land boy. " said.

"It's about a boy whose mammy and daddy are gone away for a day. The boy finds a leprechaun while he is eating in the garden. The leprechaun makes him as small as a bird. Then the boy finds a goose, and the goose says that he has lost the other geese. The boy says he will fly along on the goose's back and help it find the others. They have a lot of adventures together. They even find a bear's cave. The boy falls in. The goose throws a rope in to rescue him, and the boy climbs up on the rope. Another time they fall through the ice, and they have lots more adventures in Sweden. " said.

"Part fairy tale, part an imaginative wander around Sweden and its natural history. Initially written for school children it paid great attention to the ecology of different areas of that country. Yet you wouldn't know it. Woven around the adventures of a young boy who was turned elf-size for not keeping a promise, and who goes on to follow a flock of geese in their travels. It was written in 1909 and the author was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Very cleverly written. Age recommend? 6 to adult." said.

"Νιλλλςςςς Χόοοοολγκερσοοον

ακόμα νομίζω ότι ακούγεται στα αυτιά μου το τραγουδάκι έναρξης από το παιδικό της ΕΡΤ (με την παλιά μεταγλώττιση, όχι την ξενέρωτη την καινούρια) και νομίζω ότι ο Νιλς έχει σημαδεύσει την παιδική μου ηλικία (και τα νεύρα της μάνας μου). Το βιβλίο το έχω λιώσει, προσπαθούσα να ζωγραφίσω (με αποτυχία) τις περιπέτειες του Νιλς, έλεγα τη γνώμη μου στο τι δεν μου άρεσε στο βιβλίο και τι θα μπορούσε να είχε γίνει καλύτερο και νομίζω ότι ακόμα έχω μια συμπάθεια στη Σουηδία (στη Λαπωνία σίγουρα) εξαιτίας του μικροσκοπικού ανθρώπου, που το ανθρωπάκι τον τιμώρησε γιατί ήταν κακό παιδί (κι εμάς μόνο με σοκολάτα μας τιμωρούσαν τότε..... τς τς τς)

Όσοι έχετε παιδιά να μην παραλείψετε να τους το διαβάσετε (για καλό δικό σας φυσικά!!!) Αυτό και την Πίπη τη Φακιδομύτη, από την άλλη Σουηδή συγγραφέα που λατρεύουμε!!! (Ο Ρόαλντ Νταλ δεν είναι Σουηδός!!!)
" said.

"Efectivamente, a terra e o mar podem unir-se de muitas formas. Umas vezes, a terra vai ao encontro do mar, desdobra-se em prados inclinados e planícies, onde a erva cresce em abundância, e o mar acolhe-a com areias movediças amontoadas em bancos e colunas; dir-se-ia que, por se amarem tão pouco, o mar e a terra só querem mostrar um ao outro o que têm de menos belo. Outras vezes a terra, quando o mar se aproxima, ergue uma muralha de montanhas, como se quisesse deter inimigos, e então o mar lança vagalhões furiosos, chicoteia as rochas, ruge e sacode as espumas, como se pretendesse despedaçar a costa…
- Eu queria saber – continuava ele a murmurar, muito baixinho, em voz de mistério – se há alguém capaz de me explicar por que se experimenta aqui, sobre o planalto, esta profunda nostalgia que tenho sentido em todos os dias da minha vida, e creio que se infiltra no peito de todos que aqui vivem. Eu queria saber se alguém já compreendeu que esta languidez resulta simplesmente de esta ilha, a ilha inteira, ser uma borboleta com saudades das asas que perdeu…
" said.

"Nils Holgerssons wunderbare Reise von Selma Lagerlöf, illustriert von Lars Klinting ist ein schönes Kinderbuch mit wundervollen Bildern. Das Buch, das ich gelesen habe, hat nur einen Umfang von 92 Seiten und ist zum einen stark gekürzt (die originalen Versionen haben bis zu 400 Seiten) und zum anderen ist das Buch für die jüngeren Kinder gedacht. Das Original soll düsterer, kritischer und ernster sein. Dies hier ist jedoch auch für die Kleineren geeignet, es ist zwar mitunter spannend, aber es geht immer gut aus und lässt sich gut (vor)lesen. Die einzelnen Geschichten sind zwar durch die Kürzung nicht nahtlos aneinander angefügt, sondern etwas holprig, eignen sich aber dafür auch für kürzere Leserunden, wenn man einfach immer nur ein Abenteuer erzählen mag als Gutenachtgeschichte. Die Version ist sehr schön bebildert. Nils Holgersson ist ein kleiner, sehr frecher und mitunter fieser Junge, der Tiere quält und ärgert und seinen Eltern Scherereien macht. Dafür wird er in ein Wichtelmännchen verwandelt und geht mit den Gänsen auf Reisen. Dabei erlebt er einige Abenteuer und erkennt nach und nach, was helfen und gut sein heißt, was Freundschaft ist und vieles mehr." said.

"Fairy tales, myths and legends and the beautiful description of the landscape of Sweden, that's all included in this phenomenal book. Together with Niels Holgerson and the wild geese the reader makes a long journey from the south of Sweden to the land of the Sami people. There are many ancient Swedish folktales and legends, stories about animals and their habitat and tales about Sweden as the land develops itself to an industrial nation.

It wasn't the first time I read it. Year ago I used to read for my school kids, but because time to read is limited during a school year I don't think I have finished it.

The tales are - when looking at it from our point of view - moralistic. Niels is a very unruly boy, who is punished for this behavior by a little gnome. He is turned into a hobgoblin and leaves his house with a tame goose and a bunch of wild geese. During his journey he learns to develop good virtues. All is well, that ends well, when he returns with the tame goose and shows to be loyal to their friendship, when his parents want to kill the goose. The moment he steps into the room to keep his parents from killing his friend, the spell is broken and he turned into a normal boy again.

Being fond of folktales, fairy tales, myths, legends and fantasy stories I loved to re-read it after so many years.
" said.

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