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UPDATE TIME: 2017-07-26 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 2 user ratings

" With Seussical leanings this short picture book gives a child (and some adults) a basic understanding of evolution and how humans evolved from fish to the modern humans we are today. Loved the speculation about what we might be one day, could lead to some great discussions! Back matter available for a slightly more in depth look at the evolution timeline. Recommended. " said.

" Science ftw!!! I love how evolution is presented in this book as a logical progression. Pair this book with a non-fiction book about evolution (or even dinosaurs and their extinction) and it would an excellent resource to talk with kids about evolution. My favourite part is actually the discussion on the last page about the definitions of evolution and how the story was written. Brilliant way to educate parents and kids. " said.

" The theory of evolution may seem like a big topic to introduce to your toddlers but Tom Sullivan is here to the rescue. This delightful picture book takes a simple look at the life of one little guy who decided to move up in the world and onto land. Each page is simply illustrated as we follow him all the way to our modern world and modern man. Great book to help introduce science to your kids range of reading material. Used it for story time and had them enthralled. Definitely recommend. " said.

"A brief overview to evolution that summarizes humanity's development from fish to future potential possibilites. I'm not sure who are the intended readers for this picture book. Is this supposed to be a simple introduction to evolution? The concept of evolution is an abstract idea that is too complex for preschool & early elementary readers and this attempt may only confuse young readers; yet, the cartoonlike illustrations and sparse text are too vague and lack the scientific background needed by older readers. Science teachers may find this an interesting resource to begin a science unit." said.

" Love this book! Teaches evolution to kids! " said.

" Evolution is hard to understand. One of the most common misconceptions is that an individual can evolve within a life span. The change that drives evolution has to to do with which individuals have babies, and which of those babies survive. Now I understand that nice picture books don't discuss reproduction and death of baby animals. And this is a very nice overview of animal evolution. But I just wanted to suggest that adults may want to point out the metaphor of the narrator isn't literal. " said.

"Very cute story about a fish that evolves into a human, and is telling their story. I enjoyed the boldly colored yet simplistic illustrations on mostly blank white pages. While I thought the presentation itself was good, I think that evolution is something that is a bit beyond the grasp of readers young enough to be reading picture books, but I imagine the target audience would actually find this book more funny than educational. There are some educational resources about evolution in the back, but even these use language that is beyond that of wee little readers. As an adult, I enjoyed the whimsical telling of the evolutionary process, I'm just not sure it's quite right for the age group that picture books generally aim for." said.

"Brightly-colored illustrations in the simple palette of red, blue, and white make the complicated history of evolution approachable for young kids. The overly simplistic text shows evolution through the ages as if it happened to a single organism. Although this makes it understandable for young ones, this misrepresentation of how evolution works could be confusing if one does not yet understand the concepts of “millions” and “billions” of years. Though it includes factual back matter that explains evolution more fully, this would only be useful for kids in the end of the age range for this book (second and third grade, perhaps). Its usefulness as a teaching tool may be limited, although its
funny story with large font and short sentences may still delight readers with its whimsy and bold illustrations.
" said.

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