The Unbreakable Code (The Book Scavenger series) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-07-26 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

" I loved the first "Book Scavenger" book so much, and this one is, if possible, even better. The mystery was engaging, the breaking of the unbreakable code was plausible, and I was left feeling inspired, entertained, and also I was left with an urge to start communicating in code with my friends and loved ones. Every middle-school book-lover needs this book. " said.

" A solid 4.5 for this book; liked the puzzles and codes better. Felt like everything and everyone matured in this book, and I loved finding out historical events I never knew about San Francisco (e.g., the Niantic) and what the city actually is built on (and now completely makes sense why North Beach has its name!). " said.

" Great sequel to a fantastic book. This book has James and Emily off on another book adventure, traipsing through San Francisco. I loved all the historical elements and facts, and it makes me want to go visit San Francisco to see these hidden gems!I would also recommend the Winston Breen series by Eric Berlin for anyone that likes puzzles. " said.

" Another great book by this author. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Book Scavenger and was just as engaged with this one. Kids (and adults!) who like puzzles, books and/or adventures should all like this. I also particularly like how the middle school kids are given a good amount of independence- even in a big city like San Francisco. " said.

" I love a good story full of bookish fun! I liked book one in the series more than this sequel, but I still enjoyed each time a new children's book was mentioned, their beloved bookstore, and the game itself.This book was a much more specific mystery so I wasn't as giddy reading it as I was reading the original, but all of the San Francisco fun (The Wave Organ sculpture is now on my bucket list!) brought this up to four stars to me. :-) " said.

"Continuing right after the first Book Scavenger, Emily and James suddenly find themselves into another adventure involving a Mark Twain treasure somewhere in San Francisco. This time, the stakes are higher when there's a mysterious stranger starting fires where books have been hidden and the two friends find themselves in the middle of helping set up the school dance!

The story may have been a little slow going for my taste but there's plenty of things going for it that will keep readers turning pages.

I love that the setting was in San Francisco where I grew up and recently visited. It was cool when they mentioned places I've been to and I definitely want to check out some other places on a future trip. I liked being able to solve the codes in the book, too. And I can't wait for the next book in the trilogy!
" said.

" I love the fun, fast-pace of this book. Let's face it, I will always be drawn to a book that involves mysteries and books. I finished reading under the pressure to get the book into the hands of one of my avid readers, James. He asked me no less than 3 times in a 2 week period if I was finished reading it, so he could have it to read. It made me feel akin to Mr. Quisling's relationship with Emily and James. " said.

"Love to spend time with book lovers whether in books or real life.
I don't think intermediate readers would even wonder this...
but I wonder how many people in the world actually seek personal vengeance and feel that it is justifiable to cause harm to others to achieve that goal...

those readers will be excited by the action taken by kids that will matter their readers as they over come what has not been overcome by experts.

I think I'd like to find a way to create a Book Scavengers Club happen in our school.
" said.

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