The Unbreakable Code (The Book Scavenger series) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-07 
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"I waited eagerly for this sequel after listening to "Book Scavenger" & this story takes place very soon after the first book. While I enjoyed the continued friendship of James and Emily, the complexity of the puzzle, the description of the school dance, and learning about San Fran, a few thing were a bit disappointing. In particular, I wanted this sequel to introduce another well-developed character as a friend for Emily, although it seemed that the author may be developing this for the next book. I also felt the book was a little dark as far as human nature was concerned with the underlying fire theme without explanation for this choice.
" said.

"In this book, we follow Emily and her friends/family through an historical adventure. While the first book combined literary history with puzzles, this one was more squarely focused on San Francisco history and puzzles. The story didn't grab me quite a well as the first story, but we still enjoyed it tremendously. My kids an I had several spirited breakfast discussions about who the ultimate villain would turn out to be in the story, which is a sign they were pretty into it. As an aside, the real book scavenger game was pretty fun to try out. My kids were thrilled when their book was actually reported as found." said.

"Love this follow-up to the first Book Scavenger.. and it's just a good! Emily and Jack are back cracking codes... this time an unbreakable one that stems from the time of San Francisco's Gold Rush. Emily, Jack and even Matthew, learn about Mark Twain when their teacher, Mr. Quisling, seems to be involved in a Book Scavenger hunt with a former friend that ends up in arson each time the book Tom Sawyer is located. Ms. Bertman has written another engaging story about kid heroes and successfully intertwines historical events and places of San Francisco throughout the story without sounding "teachy" or dry. Can't wait to read the next in the series.. hoping it is "Book Scavenger: Unlock the Rock" with Al Capone!!!" said.

"Emily and James are back after their successful adventure in Book Scavenger. They are now working with Garrison Griswold, but he seems to have changed a great deal since the accident, and it is not what Emily expected. Their history teacher, Mr. Quisling, is also acting very strangely. They find out that he is trying to solve a mysterious code from the 1800s by tracking down a variety of different editions of Tom Sawyer. As they start to research the code on their own, they learn that the person sending Mr. Quisling on the quest may not be who he thinks it is, and in fact may be putting them all in danger. Another book-filled, code-breaking romp through San Francisco. Highly recommended for grades 4 & up, but start with the first book." said.

"I wasn't sure that any sequel could possibly top Jennifer Bertman's dazzling debut novel, Book Scavenger, but this one did. Once again, she delivers a mixture of lovable characters, puzzle-solving challenges, heart-stopping dramatic action, and abundant humor, all set against the backdrop of an enticingly presented San Francisco. I was particularly struck by the gently delivered tidbits of true philosophical wisdom that are sprinkled throughout the story, especially this one that spoke to me most deeply at my own moment in life: "You make your choices or the world makes them for you." Bertman puts these words into the mouth of Garrison Griswold, "Finding that book you connect with is a type of treasure hunt." Yes! And this series is a treasure for readers." said.

"Emily and James are back again cracking codes in The Unbreakable Code by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman. In this sequel to Book Scavenger, Emily and James are not only searching for books, but also hidden treasure. The kids learn about the unbreakable code after finding a coded note their teacher, Mr. Quisling, drops at a book event. They also learn that Mr. Quisling, a fellow book scavenger himself, is only finding books written by Mark Twain which includes encrypted messages. But after these books are found, suspicious fires are being started. Could Mr. Quisling be a serial arsonist? Can Emily and James figure out the unbreakable code before someone else does? This is a great story filled with suspense, puzzles, and fun historical facts. I loved learning about real-life events and places in San Francisco, and trying to solve the mystery along with the kids. It was a page-turner until the very end! You and your students will love this sequel due out in late April!" said.

"Emily and James start to become suspicious that Mr. Quisling is up to something. They saw him grab something out of a lady's purse, and then he acted really strange at school, so they started following him. They also decoded the message he pulled out of the purse and then dropped which has led them to an ancient unsolved code with ties to Mark Twain and old buried sailing ships under San Francisco. While their trying to break the Unbreakable Code, they're also trying to figure out how to cheer up Mr. Griswold, Emily is worrying about her family's finances, and both of them signed up for the school dance committee which may prove to be a huge fiasco. And the reader knows there's also an arsonist out there calling themselves the Phoenix who is somehow involved and upset at what Emily and James are doing.

Another fun adventure filled with codes to crack, mysterious occurrences, and tours of popular and lesser-known areas of San Fransisco. I would have read this one faster if the last week had been less crazy. Kids are sure to gobble it up.

Notes on content: No language issues. No sexual content. Some danger from fires, but no one gets seriously hurt.

" said.

"Emily is thrilled that her parents have decided to call San Francisco, California home for a while at least. Usually, they would have moved to another state to start a ‘new adventure’...fulfilling their dream to live and experience every state and all it has to offer. Emily has found a great friend in James whose family owns the apartment building they all live in. Both Emily and James are readers who love puzzles and scavenger hunts...especially those initiated by Garrison Griswold, a publisher who started The Book Scavenger site.

In The Unbreakable Code, Emily and James are curious about their teacher, Mr. Quisling, and his activity on the Book Scavenger site. It seems he is involved in something that combines Mark Twain books, arson fires, and an unbreakable code. Emily and James are determined to figure it all out and break a code that has baffled many throughout the years. It becomes increasingly dangerous as Emily and James are affected by these arson fires. Can their teacher be a criminal? Or is someone trying to frame him? Could it be an old girlfriend? Yikes!

In this second installment, readers will learn so much about San Francisco history. It is a nearly unputdownable book which takes us all on a scavenger hunt. Familiar book titles are strewn throughout the story and the characters are likeable and engaging. Hopefully, there will be more books in the series. A great read-aloud, too, full of ciphers and coded messages.
" said.

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