From Percy Jackson: Camp Half-Blood Confidential (An Official Rick Riordan Companion Book): Your Real Guide to the Demigod Training Camp (Trials of Apollo) Reviews

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" Well considering I work at a bookstore and it's been super slow I picked this up just to pass the time. It wasn't really bad just meh. I've liked all the other little side books but this one was just missing something. " said.

" This is a real different book for the Percy Jackson world. The reader gets to hear from characters that don't really have a spotlight in other books of the series. As always, Riordan keeps up his humor and it intrigues me how he has created this mythological world of awesomeness. I encourage anyone that's interested in the book to read it because you will surely enjoy it. " said.

" AHHHH THIS BOOK WAS GREAT. I feel like all of rick's books that have to deal with percy are auto-five stars. This was a really fun and funny companion book, and I am so glad I read it. It was really refreshing to be back in percy's POV and back in his world. I HAVE MISSED THESE DEMIGODS. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an easy read that includes with percy (aka chuckles and snorts and eVERYTHING PURE AND AMAZING) " said.

"This was lots of fun and great light reading. It gives you all sorts of information about Camp Half-Blood including a detailed map of the camp and its facilities. Apollo plays a big part since the book was started out of shock at the informative movie Apollo had made. After all, they don't want the god MAD at them! There were lots of great little stories including how Annabeth ended up making lots of little houses available for all the descendants of the minor gods that can now participate at Camp Half-Blood. BTW did you know George Washington was a Half Blood? Well, Rick Riordan says so, so it must be true!

I do suggest trying to check this out from your library. Certainly I'm glad I didn't buy this little book. Don't have the room or the money!

Definitely recommended as wonderful but forgettable light fiction about our favorite demigods.
" said.

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After Nico sings some tacky songs from a Camp Half Blood orientation video he has seen, the other campers decide it's time to find an updated way to inform new campers about the amenities and history of their hideaway. Interspersed with "screen shots" of Apollo's circa 1950 orientation film, various characters talk about difference facets of the camp, and offer descriptions of some of the more important features. Annabeth talks about increasing living space by constructing "tiny home" cabins, Chiron recounts his introduction to the camp, and Ellis Wakefield discusses "The Ares Peacetime Challenge". Pete the Palikos offers brief, illustrated overviews of areas such as Thalia's Pine, the Athena Pathenos, and the dining pavilion.

Riordan's trademark good humor shines through, and readers who have enjoyed the different series, from Percy Jackson to Trials of Apollo, will be glad to have additional information about their favorite characters and will more easily be able to imagine themselves as residents of Camp Half Blood. Pair this guide with a bright orange Camp Half Blood hoodie as a great gift for a die-hard fan!
" said.

" This was an excellent and funny short read " said.

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" Simple, divertido y con buenos recuerdos. Disfruté leyéndolo y conociendo un poco más sobre el Campamento Mestizo. " said.

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