The Stars: A New Way to See Them Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-04 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 230 user ratings

" I have always thought that 'one day' I would learn a little bit about the night sky. Yet, every year, nothing. I bought this gem and my understanding went through the roof. It is geared to be easy enough for kids but anyone that has never got further than the big dipper can get tons of use out of this. It only gets 5 stars because there is not a hundred. " said.

" I love this. I got it from the library just to peruse but now I must have my own copy. It's practical, it's endearing, it's perfect. Even the author bio on the back flap is extraordinary. I never liked Curious George, Agent of Chaos, but I have a new love for H.A. Rey.I have yet to positively identify a star, however. Bit too much light where I live. " said.

" this isn't exactly a children's book, but it's rather kid friendly. Once again Rey (of Curious George fame) has created a guide to help make finding the constellations easier. Well, I say again but really, this book came first. I think it's a great companion to his guide for kids, Find the Constellations, because it has slightly different info and includes more details, like the latin names for the constellations. This is another one we will add to our home library for sure. " said.

" This is my bible of the night sky. I could never quite figure out the figures of the constellations until I read this book. Suddenly, the dots connected and looking at the stars became much easier. There are explanations of the mythology behind the names, calendar charts, and hemisphere focus. This is the foundation for my porch viewings, when the neighborhood lights go dim and stargazing becomes brighter to the eye. Starry, starry night.Book Season = Year Round " said.

" My highest 5-star review to this book and Rey's other science book called Finding the Constellations. I wanted a book that would guide me and my family in getting to know the constellations--nothing more. That's exactly what these books deliver. They make constellation viewing fun and easy. They offer none of the confusion and frustration that every other book has offered me for this purpose. Everyone is a budding astronomer with this kind of valuable handbook! " said.

" This is exactly what I wanted! I want to be able to go outside and find my way through the sky--constellations and planets. This book shows the way. I checked it out at the library, but I think I need my own copy. I am not finished memorizing the charts, but the information and method are easy and effective, down to "blank charts" next to "filled-in" charts to practice on the pages. I just can't wait for a clear night to practice finding stars! " said.

" Rey's brilliant reconnections of stars to form more logical constellations makes star-watching for the amateur far more enjoyable. If you're lucky enough to find a hardcover copy with the original dust jacket, it unfolds into a star-chart. When I bought my copy at a used book store, the owner asked me if I knew what was so cool about this book. I was thinking to myself, "well, everything really..." But then he showed me the dust jacket. Sold. As if I weren't already. " said.

" The first book that got me interested in astronomy as a child. Though a bit outdated by the time I read it -- I somehow found it on my bookshelf and read it in the early 90s -- I enjoyed the tour of the traditional constellations and had great fun looking for them outside. I also enjoyed that the author's name was so much like "Harry"I didn't realize this was the same guy that did Curious George until a couple weeks ago! " said.

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