The Stars: A New Way to See Them Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-07 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 230 user ratings

" My highest 5-star review to this book and Rey's other science book called Finding the Constellations. I wanted a book that would guide me and my family in getting to know the constellations--nothing more. That's exactly what these books deliver. They make constellation viewing fun and easy. They offer none of the confusion and frustration that every other book has offered me for this purpose. Everyone is a budding astronomer with this kind of valuable handbook! " said.

" This is exactly what I wanted! I want to be able to go outside and find my way through the sky--constellations and planets. This book shows the way. I checked it out at the library, but I think I need my own copy. I am not finished memorizing the charts, but the information and method are easy and effective, down to "blank charts" next to "filled-in" charts to practice on the pages. I just can't wait for a clear night to practice finding stars! " said.

" Rey's brilliant reconnections of stars to form more logical constellations makes star-watching for the amateur far more enjoyable. If you're lucky enough to find a hardcover copy with the original dust jacket, it unfolds into a star-chart. When I bought my copy at a used book store, the owner asked me if I knew what was so cool about this book. I was thinking to myself, "well, everything really..." But then he showed me the dust jacket. Sold. As if I weren't already. " said.

" The first book that got me interested in astronomy as a child. Though a bit outdated by the time I read it -- I somehow found it on my bookshelf and read it in the early 90s -- I enjoyed the tour of the traditional constellations and had great fun looking for them outside. I also enjoyed that the author's name was so much like "Harry"I didn't realize this was the same guy that did Curious George until a couple weeks ago! " said.

"I loved this book. I have always been an avid star-gazer and planet watcher, but had a hard time seeing all the figures suggested by the constellation names. Thirty five years ago when my son was young, I stumbled upon H.A Rey's simplified star and constellation book, intended for children, but for this adult, it brought the stars within reach, and I have kept a copy (the same one) ever since. Wonderful resource with easy to learn connect the dots constellations and year round star charts for every age." said.

"This is the book that changed the shapes of the constellations for everyone - including the professional astronomer, from the old classical configurations. Those older constellation outlines were not at all intuitive and most didn't reflect the real sky. H.A. Rey changed all that. His constellation depictions were so good and so sensible that, although they were intended for children, they soon transferred to the professional astronomical community and are still the preferred renderings in use to this day. His second book on the stars, "Find the Constellations" was also a classic in this sense." said.

"If you've ever gone camping and looked up at the stars and said 'What the heck am I looking at?" this book is for you. Originally written for children, The Stars: ANew Way to See Them, will teach you all of the constellations in a clear and simple manner.

Mr. Rey, co-author of the curious george books, took it upon himself to redraw all of the constellations so they actually look like something recognisable. Most star charts are just a jumble of boxes and triangles with no recognizable shapes.
For instance on a regular star chart Tarus looks nothing like a bull but Mr. Rey's version, using the same stars, definitly looks like one.

Plus the drawings are really cool.
" said.

"See from all the reviews how universally good and welcome an impression this book makes on all who try out using it. Once you see it, no other star guide will do.

So it's crazy that Rey's system has not universally caught on. That you can still go to a stargazing talk and find Capella counted as Auriga's foot, which makes no sensible pattern in the sky at all. Rey makes Capella Auriga's eye, and by its virtue of being sensible, Rey's Capella is fixed from an early age as how I will see Capella for life.

Who are the closed minds who have continued to produce silly star atlases with sloppy blob-shaped constellations since Rey did this work?
" said.

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