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UPDATE TIME: 2019-11-07 
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"Joey has been deaf since she was 7 years old. Her mother has encouraged her to lip read and discouraged learning sign language. She just wants Joey to "fit in". But Joey doesn't fit in, she feels isolated at school and at home. One day she meets a neighbor who has an unusual pet, a rescued chimpanzee, who uses sign language to communicate. This becomes a major turning point in Joey's life.

This is an incredibly well written story. I read it in 2 evenings (I stayed up 'til 2 am the second night to finish it!) I laughed and cried. If you are a fan of animal stories, or just want a good read, this one's for you.
" said.

"A beautiful book. A wonderfully moving story. The chimpanzee is based on the life of a real chimpanzee raised as a human child. I loved the voice of the deaf girl who narrates it. It is actually the most understandable depiction of how ASL works that I've ever read.

The book is well written and flows very well. The characterizations were wonderful. All of the important people seemed complex and real.

I am going to recommend that both of my boys, 10 and 12, read this book. It is very thought provoking and I think brings up issues that are important for children to think about. Highly recommended.
" said.

"Hurt go Happy is about a 13 year old girl Joey that lost her hearing when she was 6.Joey's mom wouldn't let her learn sign language because she thought it would make her look handy caped.Suruki is a 2 year old chimp that was rescued from Africa after poachers killed her mom.Charlie thought Suruki sign language so she can tell him what she needs and wants.I thought this book was was very good,it thought me that if someone is deaf you don't have to stare just write out what you need to say.I would recommend this book to students that like a story that shows no matter how different some one is the can still make a difference. " said.

"Hurt Go Happy is a very touching story about a girl, Joey, who has been deaf since the age of six. As she struggles to live in the “hearing” world not knowing sign language because her mother wants her to read peoples lips. The world changes when Joey discovers a neighbor who has a chimpanzee, Sukari, that knows how to use ASL. Sukari and Joey quickly become friends and she begins to learn how to sign.

The story takes a turn when Sukari’s owner Charlie becomes ill. It is up to Joey to save Sukari for the dangers out there and to find her a new home. Ginny Rorby not only has not only shows us how important it is to communicate and understand others but she also teaches us that we are stronger then we may realize.
" said.

"I really liked this book. There was so much complex conflicts. There is problem of deaf teenager and her friends (bullying), her and her mom about signin with hands instead of reading lips, and about pesticides testing on animals.
I think animals testing shouldn't happen. Maybe as technology develops, people can invent a machine that is really similar with person. But that will cost bunch of money.
This book was really sad.. I think the fact that only character that changed through story was Sukari made the book even sadder. At first, Sukari was like a child, doing whatever she wanted to do. She as very cheerful chimpanzee. But as she went to zoo and laboratory, she became very nervous and slightly has eager for real love.
Saddest part was when Sukari tried to erase tattoo from keep on going in to the bath, repeating that it hurts.
" said.

"Let me just get this out, companies out there that test on animals, you suck.

That felt so good.

Hurt Go Happy is a really emotional book that left me scarred for life. I will never see shampoo companies the same ever again. Joey, a fourteen year-old deaf girl, met a chimpanzee named Sukari who knows how to use sign language. However, Sukari gets whisked away to a desolate laboratory for pesticide testing.

The book shows you many real-world problems. From animal and child abuse, to divorce and discrimination of the disabled. Joey's mother divorced her husband because her husband has abusive, which affected Joey and her mother for their entire life. Joey turned deaf because of her father and Joey's mother went cold every time deafness is measured.

Joey's mother really changed throughout the book. At first, she dismissed Joey's deafness, and treated her like she wasn't deaf, which was really hard on Joey. Joey's mother didn't understand Joey's perspective, and didn't allow Joey to learn sign language for her own good. Though as she meet Sukari and her guardian, Charlie, she became more and more accepting of Joey's disability.
" said.

"A Christmas vacation one-day read - a young adult book that was one of Victoria's favorites 10 years ago. It's the story of a 13 year old deaf girl who befriends a neighbor: an old man and his pet chimpanzee who's learned sign language. The book wore its animal rights politics plainly, but not at the expense of telling a well-written, interesting story; this was not a PETA pamphlet. Joey was a wonderful heroine - brave, strong, and believable. I especially liked how Rorby was truthful about so many little details. The chimp wasn't just adorable, but sometimes an exhausting burden too. A nice boy befriends Joey, but moves on when he makes other friends. And a parent might love you, but be very crappy at parenting. There's lots of loss and grief in here, but sensitively and tenderly handled. Lots of tears from me." said.

"This book was so incredibly good! The main issues in the book were deafness and animal rights. A teenage girl who has been deaf since she was 7 is still trying to come into her own when she knows she didn't really fit. Her hearing loss has created isolation that is only made worse by an extremely controlling and manipulating mother. Thankfully she meets a neighbor who happens to be a CODA (child of deaf adults) and his chimpanzee. Joey quickly finds comfort and love in these two friends and that helps her deal with the tension and drama that come with her relationship with her mom. The author does such an amazing job with showing the impact of hearing loss on relationships and also showing the depth of emotions involved when choosing the best communication for oneself or one's child.

The animal rights part of the book makes you want to get involved and prevent horrendous treatment of animals. It was expertly crafted to pull at the heartstrings and envision a similar situation to a family pet who is no where as smart or intelligent as Sukari. I had no id a there were so many chimpanzees needing homes in America.

This book made me cry to a depth only felt twice before. I think this shows how strong of a story it is. I don't cry when I don't care about the characters. I cared so much about these characters that I was a blubbering fool.

Please read this book! You won't be disappointed.
" said.

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