¡Tienes un pájaro en la cabeza! (Spanish Edition) (An Elephant and Piggie Book) Reviews

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" According to Claudia he is her favorite writer oh and because of him she loves to read, not because mommy brought home these amazing books, but I'm not bitter. " said.

" What can I say. Hilarious. Again Angus was crying with laughter. Mo Willems just has a way that really really tickles his funny bones. " said.

" I'm pretty picky about children's books. I want great illustrations, a unique (hopefully humorous!) storyline, and kid-friendly text. Mo Willems delivers again and again! We all were thrilled to dicover the Elephant and Piggie series. Great fun for emerging readers and listeners alike. " said.

" Dear Mo Willems,Thank you so much for creating the funniest early reader books ever! I love hearing my daughter read them to me. But better than that, these Elephant and Piggie books, along with David Milgrims Otto books, are what made my daughter into a reader! These are the books that we check out from the library and she brings to me wanting to read them to me over and over again. And I don't get bored of hearing them. They make me giggle every time.Sincerely,Josie " said.

"I will just give a generic review of this series.....We love them. They are so dang funny. It amazes me that with just a few pen strokes Willems can convey so many different emotions. The illustrations are hilarious and the story line is always entertaining. They are great books for reading out loud in dramatic ways. They're also great for kids wanting something to read on their own, or with a parent. Sometimes I'll read the Pig part (because I'm a girl) and my boys will read the Elephant part (because they're boys).

One of their favorite parts is the end page (the page attached to the back cover) - the sneaky Pigeon is always camouflaged there and they love trying to find him.

Love, love, love the series. If I could afford it I'd buy them all, but there are a bazillion or so and I hope he writes even more!
" said.

"1. Picture Book- Controlled Vocabulary
2. This is a cute tale about Elephant and Piggie, and what enfolds when a pair of birds land on Gerald's head, and they hatch eggs!
3. Critique:
a. The most important component of this story that really stands out is the author's unique style. Willems uses bubble dialogues to narrate the story, which really builds the characters of Elephant and Piggie.
b.This hilarious book uses a specific style to create a funny story with simple, yet poignant text. Similar to Dr. Seuss' style, it is so simple, yet rich in meaning.
c. The controlled vocabulary dialogue continues throughout this story, making it fun for the readers, while teaching them how to use dialogue meaningfully.
4. This book could be used in an upper elementary classroom setting to teach the importance of dialogue in literature, and to ultimate teach students how to use dialogue and quotation marks. The students could create a similar story of their own using the same style of bubble quotations that Willems does in this book.
" said.

""They're in love!" Ha ha ha ha ha!! Very nice. Just another amazing E&P.

Must. Own. All.

2/29/12 I was so in love with reading an E&P in storytime (and it turning out so well) that I was very happy when the second group said they'd love to read another and that we had the time for it. I had really wanted to try this one out. It worked out fabulously. One mom and daughter loved seeing the birds hatching and all. So fun. I must put in more E&P in storytimes. Wonderful to know their length works!

2/2/15 Used in Movement storytime. I sometimes worry about book choices because of the very wide age range I get, though it tends to be a lot of the younger. I suppose squirmy-ness isn't too much of a problem since the rest of the program we've moving around so much. Anyway, this book was a huge hit. Length was not a problem. Yay!

2/25/16 Used at an elementary school's Literacy Night in my "guest storytime." Read a couple of times. They loved it--both kids and adults.

4/27/16 Used in N is for theme (because of nest). The kids enjoyed. Of course. I somehow thought this was the very 1st E&P, but it wasn't. Oops I told them wrong. Their lives will never be the same now.

3/20/17 Used in Movement. It was great!
" said.

"Citation: There is a Bird on Your Head! By Mo Willems. (Hyperion, 2007). 57 p. Controlled vocabulary.

Summary: This book is part of the Elephant & Piggie series. Elephant and Piggie are best friends who share advice when Elephant is saddled with the problem of a family of birds nesting on his head. Through humorous dialogue, readers follow the friends as they come up with a way to relieve Elephant of the bird problem.

Critique: a) In each book in this series, Willems uses a cartoon-style text, giving each character a speech bubble to construct the plot. Willems goes a step further, color-coding the speech bubbles for each character to make it easier for young readers to follow the dialogue. This unique method has the creativity of a Dr. Seuss-style piece (in fact, this is a Geisel Award winner) which brilliantly keeps young readers engaged through the speech bubbles and humor while making it attainable through basic word patterns and repetition.

b) Willems creates such a playful storyline with the speech-bubble method, it makes even adult readers laugh aloud. Because the speech bubbles are color-coded, Willems can use repetition to create a variety of moods and emotions , sometimes repeating the same line as a question or exclamation. It truly makes this book fun to read, inviting the reader to experience and convey the emotions of the characters.

c) Willems famously uses repetition in his controlled vocabulary books, using the different characters with their differently-colored speech bubbles to repeat the same line in a new tone. “There is a bird on your head,” explains Piggie. “There is a bird on my head?” repeats Elephant (p. 9). He later uses partially repeated lines to emphasize the humor in the storyline. “You have three eggs on your head,” breathes Piggie (p. 33). “I do not want three eggs on my head!” laments Elephant (p. 34).

Curriculum Connection: All of Willems Elephant & Piggie books would make an excellent early-reading book for developing readers. The simple text and speech bubbles make the storyline easy to follow. This series is also fun for a read aloud with primary classes, and allows for good discussion of interpretation of facial expressions and characters’ emotions.
" said.

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