A Penguin Named Patience: A Hurricane Katrina Rescue Story Reviews

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"Patience looked a tad worried as she looked around the aquarium from her perch on top of a rock. Well, maybe a lot worried. She was an African penguin and was used to hot weather, but this time it was different. The Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans was flooded and the "aquarium staff was evacuated because of the flooding." It was dark, terribly hot, and Tom, the penguin keeper and his sardines, were nowhere to be found. Patience wasn't the only penguin facing this terrible dilemma.

There was Fanny, Ernie, Kohl, Bunny, Amquel, Voodoo (who was "under a spell"), Rocky, Stachmo, Dyer, Zelda, Dennis and many others. Patience was the oldest and had to keep them all in line, but was she patient enough to do it? It was dark and it was getting hotter by the minute when all of a sudden there was a beam from a flashlight. It was Tom! He set up a fan and brought them sardines. Patience snuggled up in his lap as the other penguins clustered around. It looked like they all would have to leave the aquarium, but where could they go?

This is a charming story of what happened to the Audubon Aquarium penguins during Hurricane Katrina children will love. Of course the main character is Patience, the "penguin in charge" and oldest penguin at the aquarium. The aquarium was heavily damaged and once the waters subsided they were going to be relocated to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. The artwork is delightfully expressive and very appealing. Young children will be rooting for Patience and all the other penguins as they safely make their way out of the aquarium. There's an interesting historical note about Hurricane Katrina and the fate of the Audubon Aquarium in the back of the book. Do they ever return home? You'll just have to read this tale to find out!

This book courtesy of the publisher.
" said.

"What a great character! I loved reading the story of Patience and her penguin pals' rescue after Hurricane Katrina. The tale was new to me so I appreciated the Author's Note too." said.

"Patience is a South African penguin in a dangerous situation: Hurricane Katrina is threatening her refuge in New Orleans. Her life (and the lives of her companions) is saved thanks to a competent and compassionate zookeeper, but Patience has to do her part, too: She has to be patient.
It's a sweet, beautifully illustrated story that doesn't preach, but which contains more than a couple of lessons for the children to whom it is read: people survive disasters; people help each other; and sometimes you have to be patient.
" said.

"Patience is a South African penguin living at the NOLA Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. The Aquarium was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina, and many animals were put in peril as the power was out for quite some time, including Patience the Penguin and other 18 penguins. This is the story of Patience at the Aquarium with her other penguin family and friends when the storm (Hurricane Katrina) hit New Orleans. From Patience’s point of view we learn that they lost power and the inside of the aquarium got hot and dark. The penguins were all flown out live at a different aquarium in California until theirs was fixed and they could return home to working conditions. The penguin keeper, Tom, was a man who fed Patience, and told her she would be okay and that he would bring her home when we could. The penguins liked the new aquarium too and had fun there! Tom flew on the airplane with Patience when he brought her home 9 months later. Patience was so happy to be home!

I worked in the Gulf states following the oil spill, New Orleans among other places, so I know this Aquarium well and grew to love all of the people and places in the area. The Authors note tells us the story of Fed Ex paying for the penguins’ flight home and the band welcoming them with “When the Saints Go Marching In” on the runway. This is a very heartwarming tale that should strike a cord with anyone who watched and prayed for the people affected by the storm. We tend to forget there was a great effect on animals, who could not fend for themselves, and it was encouraging to hear a story about humanity, about the do-gooders who took animals safety into their own hands, or people that were there to give money or time and celebrated their triumphant return home. Read more at !
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