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UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-03 
Review Score: 3 out of 5 star From 22 user ratings

" OMG! We got a cover! And a synopsis! YAYYYYYY! " said.

" I'm sorry but this is too ordinary and so different from the first book. " said.

" Cute at times. But also really random and not so cute at many other points. I think the magic from the first book was missing. Overall, still enjoyable for Dash and Lily fans. " said.

" I guess this has become a Christmas tradition.See you soon December. " said.


“Sometimes you make plans. Sometimes plans make themselves.”
Maybe I missed out on the magic because I didn’t read Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares. Or maybe this book just isn’t good.

From what I gather, Lily used to be an optimistic and whimsical person. I’m sad to report that she is neither of those things in this book. It really made her unlikable. She had very valid reasons to feel the way that she did but her constant angst and negativity did not bode well with me. Keep in mind that this was my first time “meeting” her character and she did not make a good first impression. On the other hand, Dash seemed kind and quirky enough. Lily’s treatment toward him made me resent her even more, and I hate hating on girls, so it really bothered me that I couldn’t find any redeemable qualities in her. I really didn’t care for any of the other characters either. They all seemed like fluff. Underdeveloped fluff. Who are they and why are they important to the story? I’m practically cringing at how hateful I sound. I’m a Grinch. Sorry.

So why did I read this book? It was almost Christmas. This was new to the library and miraculously available for hold straight away. The first book was not available, but I figured that this was more of a companion novel rather than a sequel. I guess I was wrong. I was really excited about reading a holiday-themed book because I’ve never done that before… at least not during the actual holiday. I wanted to feel joy and whimsy and Christmas spirit. Unfortunately, I got none of that out of this book. On a side note, I normally like reading about dysfunctional families (I mean, hey, we all have them) but the family members in this book just reminded me why family gatherings always suck.

In conclusion, I am disappointed. The writing was fine. The book is short and fast-paced. The characters are whiny and filled with teen angst. There was not enough Christmas cheer. Where’s Elf when you need him?!

It simply wasn’t my cup of tea, but if you’re a previous fan of Dash & Lily, I’m sure you will appreciate this story a lot more than I did. I hope you enjoy it.

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"i was pretty excited when i saw this was a thing. i first read dash and lily's book of dares back in 2011 and while it wasn't amazing or anything, i remember it being really cute and so i decided to pick this one up.

and tbh? it was just kind of annoying.

i completely understand the fact that i am most definitely not the intended audience for this book. it's definitely more geared toward pre-teens and teens. so i shouldn't really complain.

but there were a couple of things that really got under my skin. the first being the thing that bothered me the most and that was how Dash's father was treated at Lily's party. first her brother was rude to him, and then Lily's great aunt corralled him over to her and this conversation happened:
Mrs. Basil E: "So you're this rapscallion's father?" (referring to Dash)

Dash's father: "Guilty as charged. Or at least that's the story his mother told me."

Mrs. Basil E: "Oh--and you're rakish as well! i've often found it helpful to have a shovel around when dealing with a rake."

Dash's father: "I'm not sure i follow..."

Mrs. Basil E: "And I, sir, am not very sure you lead. but no matter. why don't you sit down next to me? as little as i expect i'll enjoy your company, it will gratify me greatly to see you out of the way. lily takes these celebrations very seriously and in my estimation, you are currently the person in the room with the highest likelihood of ruining this one. let's make sure that doesn't happen."

Okay first of all, that's SO completely and utterly rude and horrible to say to someone.
and all he mumbled in response was, "i didn't have to be here, you know."

and she proceeded to still be a bitch to him. and the poor man stayed. he stayed and drank cider and participated in the tree lighting. and everyone was so freaking mean to him FOR NO REASON.

he came to the party because lily invited him. he even brought her a present and made some corny jokes. poor guy, no one even laughed. and then lily's brother and great aunt were HORRIBLE. i repeat: FOR NO REASON.

that whole scene really left a bad taste in my mouth. and i believe it sort of reflects poorly on the authors. why do they think it's okay to have someone bullied like that who had done nothing to deserve it? and no one seemed to think anything was wrong, including Dash.

i get that his relationship with his father was a bit rocky but come on. in this case, the man did nothing to deserve this horrible treatment.

i feel like David Levithan and Rachel Cohn write a bunch of self righteous moronic characters that have their heads so far up their own asses. and i truly don't care for it.

going beyond that:

"So there we were. that completely obnoxious pair of teenagers making out in the doorway of a major department store, eliciting stares and curses from passersby and not caring one bit."

wow congratulations to you both, you're obnoxious morons.

also the next day, lily's all: "Christmas can go fudge itself because i already have what i want: Dash."

OH MY GOD. really??

it can FUDGE itself?? FUDGE?

and okay great you spoiled prick, now that you have your idiotic boyfriend, we should just cancel everyone else's happy time because you got what you want??


i am so done with david levithan and his self righteous garbage and rachel cohn and her "fudge" this and fudge that because i have a goddamn boyfriend.

i'm so glad i didn't waste money on this piece of shit.
" said.

"I really enjoyed Dash and Lily from their first book, but this story just did not seem as good. It was woefully sad and did not have the excitement and wonder from the first book. Quick read though.

Full review here:

I have been in the Dash & Lily fan club since I read their story in 2014. I loved their crazy games and following clues. They were two lost souls that found each other and it was beautiful. I was over the moon excited to discover there was a continuation to their story! Sadly, I was let down by this book. This is not the loving and adorable story of Dash & Lily we have come to know and love.

When the story opens, Dash & Lily were coming up on their one year anniversary. They have been so happy dating each other, getting to know each others families, and make memories together. But not everything has been rainbows and sunshine for these two, Lily’s grandfather suffered a heart attack and his recovery has not been easy. Lily put it on herself to take care of him, along with everything else she insists she needs to do. Lily has become distant and short with everyone, Dash especially. Christmas is supposed to be Lily’s favorite time of the year so Dash makes a plan to help remind her how great the holidays really are. Twelve days before Christmas he puts his plan in to motion with the help of his good friends. Dash may be a little thick headed at times, but he knows one thing – his feelings for Lily are real and true and he is going to do whatever it takes to remind her that she is loved.

This entire story felt rushed. It did not feel thought out or substantial. It was not upbeat and cheerful, but instead one disaster after another. Lily is in a depressive state and refuses to let people help her, which will bring any reader down as well. I felt so sad for her throughout this entire story. Everything she or Dash tried to do to lift her spirits did not end well. The adventures that were planned in the first book that brought these two together are few and far between in this story. In fact, they are barely mentioned because they are overshadowed by traumatic events happening in Lily’s life. Reading a Christmas-time story with a heavy sad undertone is not as enjoyable as you would think.

The characters were still very much Lily & Dash, don’t get me wrong, but Lily is trying to be older than what she is. She is still a teenager that but she feels she needs to shoulder the weight of everything with her grandfather. She feel she needs to be his caregiver so he can stay at home simply because she cannot handle change. She felt immature in the fact that she didn’t want to accept that her grandfather is growing old, has serious health risks, and requires constant medical care. There is no way she could take care of all of that but she was in denial about it. I was frustrated with that character flaw. Would that be a flaw or more of an annoyance? Either way, it made me like her a little less.

Dash is not without his troubles but nothing like what Lily was going through. He had issues with his parents, as explained in book one. He was a little thick headed when it comes to dating someone, but it was so sweet and endearing. It felt genuine and real. I will forever cheer for Dash, but Lily seriously needed some professional medical help in this story.

The other thing that really bothered me about this story is the beat-you-over-the-head-nearly-every-page references to NYC. If you have not been there, you will not understand most of the references made. I recently visited NYC and have a general idea of the areas, but I feel bad for those readers that don’t know the area and cannot picture them. They are not described other than by name.

Overall, this story was not what I was hoping for. I have said it before – I wanted more. This story did not feel thought out or developed at all. It was all over the place, depressing, and it did not put me in the holiday spirit. I felt this was a 2.5 star read. Some of the humor is still there but do not expect to walk away feeling super warm fuzzies, there is too much seriousness that keeps the reader from feeling upbeat. After this story, I’m not sure I will continue with Dash & Lily on their adventures.
" said.

" Sometimes I thought it was better than the first book, but in the end, I don't think so. It's still cute, though! :) " said.

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