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UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-03 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 31 user ratings

" copyright 2011 fantasy/poetryI enjoyed this book especially since I've been a substitute teacher. I especially liked the poetry parts when the substitute creacher tells about the students he has had - the glue eater, the daydreamer, and the girl who brought her pet to school. I won't give away the end but it was fairly easy to figure what was going to happen in the end. " said.

" The naughty kids of Mrs. Jenkins class get a substitute for the day. But instead of some plain ol' teacher, a horribly monster-like substitute shows up. He spends the class time regaling the kids with stories of other naughty children and their ultimate demise. Kind of a neat twist at the end when you learn who, exactly, this creature is!Excellent illustrations. " said.

" A rowdy class gets a different kind of sub. It is a substitue creacher. He tells the studnets about all of the students that he has gotten in trouble and all the terrible things that happened to them. He then tells them that he was one of them. By the end of the book he learns his lesson and gets to be changed back into a human. " said.

" This was a twist on a substitiute teacher. As any young class knows and any teacher too when the regular teacher has to be out; the substitute teacher always goes through a lot by the class. BUT in this book the teacher is a creature that comes through the door and fills the children's minds with lots and lots of stories. Stories they think is made up but are they really? and the end of the story has a good life lesson. " said.

" Another funny book at our fair, I expected this to be along the lines of Miss Nelson is missing. The story is about a sub who comes to teach an out-of-control class of students. Each mischief maker is told a story of a student who is punished for his crime but they aren't scared until they learn how the substitute himself became the "creature" that he is. The story is fun and has some good lessons, but I was more impressed with the artwork in this one. " said.

" A great picture book for Halloween. I believe it would also be a good book for a substitute teacher to carry around and read to rowdy kids. I could have used a book like this in the past. The creacher tells the kids all the things that could happen to them if they misbehave. Then he tells them that at one time he was just like them and because of bad behavior he turned into the "creacher". A good story. " said.

" Story uses a monster substitute to nail home the point that kids should behave in school. Rhymes are throughout book and eventually tells the story of how a boy misbehaved during halloween and was turned into a monster. He had to rectify his behavior by teaching others to be good. The tale was about the teacher, and eventually he was turned back into the little boy by the magical gnome. Great Illustrations and will be very popular in the classroom. " said.

" This is a fun story about a creepy subtitute teacher, along the lines of Miss Nelson Is Missing!, but with a darker, more magical ending. Bad behaviors in the classroom are highlighted with anecdotal stories of other children. And after the children find out the whole story about Mr. Creacher, they promise to change their naughty ways. The ending is heartwarming and a bit surprising. We really enjoyed reading this story together. " said.

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