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" Story uses a monster substitute to nail home the point that kids should behave in school. Rhymes are throughout book and eventually tells the story of how a boy misbehaved during halloween and was turned into a monster. He had to rectify his behavior by teaching others to be good. The tale was about the teacher, and eventually he was turned back into the little boy by the magical gnome. Great Illustrations and will be very popular in the classroom. " said.

" This is a fun story about a creepy subtitute teacher, along the lines of Miss Nelson Is Missing!, but with a darker, more magical ending. Bad behaviors in the classroom are highlighted with anecdotal stories of other children. And after the children find out the whole story about Mr. Creacher, they promise to change their naughty ways. The ending is heartwarming and a bit surprising. We really enjoyed reading this story together. " said.

"Awards: None
Grade Levels: K-3
Summary: In Substitute Creacher there is a substitute teacher for class today. The class is wreaking havoc until the substitute teacher/creacher walks in the room. The substitute teacher/creacher tells the story of how he came to be a creacher.
Review: I really enjoyed this story. The entire book rhymed which in my opinion makes it more fun to read. The illustrations were beautiful and detailed
In Class Uses: Class Library, Read Aloud, teaching behavior for a substitute teacher
" said.

"Ms. Jenkins’s class is acting up. To get his kids straightened out, Ms. Jenkins sends in the substitute teacher of all substitute teachers, Mr. Creacher. He is a monster who shares terrifying stories with the class about what happens to children who do not behave.

“Good morning to all!
My name’s Mr. Creacher.
Ms. Jenkins has asked me
to step in as a teacher.
She claims that this class
has grown quite out of hand.
So, I’m here to warn you
we’re taking a stand.

Amanda snickered at the way he spoke. Gavin opened a fresh box of tacks. The creature glared.”

" said.

"This book is brand new, I was drawn to the cover when I saw it displayed at the local library. The story was cute, I can see how many students would like this book being read to them, especially if it was by a substitute teacher! Mr. Creature was a bad little boy, he was turned into a creature and had to stay that way until he repaid his "debt" for all he has done bad. He teaches children that they should be nice to their teachers (as he was not as a child). In the end, he changes back to the little boy he was and everything is still that same as when he left it so many years ago!
Copyright 2011
" said.

"When a teacher stays home from school one day, a substitute shows up to get the class back in order. But this is no ordinary substitute – he’s a creature made to stop naughty students in their tracks. This book is very humorous and discusses some problem behaviors that may take place in the classroom at any time of the school year. The book is intended for 6 to 12 year olds. It appeals to this group because of the humor and play on words, an unrealistic way to look at realistic situations. I would use this book if I knew I was going to be gone some day in the future or if I was having behavior problems similar to the ones discussed in this book. It is a very good way to talk about these issues without making anyone feel defensive.

Gall, C. (2011). Substitute Creacher. New York: Little, Brown.
" said.

"Genre: Poetry
Grade: 3-4
Award(s): None

Many students feel the need to misbehavior when a substitute teacher is present. This book would be an excellent addition to any elementary grade level classroom library. Through rhythms and examples students learn about the different ways of how not to behavior with a sub. I would probably use this book in the beginning of the school year because the activity that follows will set order in my class when I am absent. I would have the students come together as a group and discuss what are bad behaviors first and list them out. After words underneath the bad behavior I would write down the good behaviors they give. Once that is completed we would discuss what each thing said and meant as a whole. When we are done discussing the ideas we would come up with classroom rules stating how the class will act when a substitute is present.
" said.

"Substitute Creacher was a halloween inspired fable aimed at teaching children appropriate schoolroom behavior. I don't really know what to say about this story. I read it to my nephew, and while he was impressed with the pictures, for him the story didn't seem to be all that impressive. He just didn't get this story. Developmentally he's not yet at the stage of being able to extract a moral from a fable and then apply that moral to an existing situation or behavior. He's still very literal.

What's more, I'm not really sure how impactful this story is as a fable. The comeuppance that each of the misbehaving children got was so unlikely, I don't know how a kid could realistically come to a, "oh, I'd better not do that sort of thing" conclusion (e.g., a glue eater's fate is winding up with all kinds of junk stuck to him. Why didn't he just wind up feeling sick?). It was just kind of an odd book with a handful of decent pictures. Meh.
" said.

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