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"The school year's finally through, and Ben Ripley is ready to escape spy school for the summer and live a normal kid's life. The feeling of freedom doesn't last long when Ben learns that he must go to a summer school at a camp buried into the wilderness, where he participates in various survival training activities, and if that wasn't enough, the enemy organization SPYDER is still on Ben's case and their mole has invaded the camp. I really enjoyed this book a lot! It's humorous, witty and also very climactic. " said.

"Not as fun as the first one, but similarly well written. It ends with a bit of a gory gift which comes off lightly given the overall tone of the book, but I'd prefer it didn't include that piece given that the reading level for these is about 4th - 6th grade.


Their enemy is about the same age as the kids themselves and they end up victorious because their enemy apparently falls to his death. Although it's an accident, the kids were willing to make it happen before an explosion beat them to the punch. Comes off just a little bit weird given the age of the target audience. I'm fine with my 11-year-old reading it, but I'll be pre-reading all the other books in the series.
" said.

"This book was very interesting to me. It kept twisting and turning in a direction, it was full of suspense and changes. The book is in the view of Ben Ripley, he is a normal kid in a not normal school. The setting first starts off at spy school, the school for soon-to-be spy's, where everyone is packing up for spy camp. Ben gets a note from the evil organization SPYDER. He and his "friend" Erica find out why they chose him to give the letter to.

Next the setting changes to a wilderness in West Virginia where spy camp is. On the first day Ben gets a contract that says SPYDER wants him to join or in 24 hours they will find him and capture him. Ben gets hasty and nervous that they want him and not some higher trained spy. The next day Erica's day, who is a spy (not a very good one either), is assigned to find and stop SPYDER while Ben and his fellow students go on a camping trip. Which is just cover for Ben and the camp director Woodchuck, to sneak away for a week and keep away from SPYDER. But while on the bus, the bridge in front of them explodes. What will happen next, read the book.

This book is full of action, adventure, and especially drama. I thought it was a very good book and a quick read. Anyone that likes mystery books and want suspense, this is definitely the book for you. It is childishly mature and full of anger and fun as you unwind this book. I recommend this to every one.

" said.

" This book was Awesome! I like the Action and the adventures " said.

" Exciting action packed story with a great twist at the end. And I totally was wrong about the identity of the villain. Kids are going to gobble this one up. " said.

" Ben along with all of the kids at spy school have to go to a spy camp Ban A.K.A smokescreen gets attacked by S.P.Y.D.E.R. " said.

"This was a fun followup to the first of this series. In this one, Ben finds out that he is not going to spend the summer at home as he had thought but was required to go to Spy Camp. Of course, Spyder gets involved and targets Ben. In the meantime, the dysfunctional member of the great Hale family is at it again, stealing credit for things he did not do. However, Ben shows himself perhaps more humane than Erica in this case. Read this for a fun quick read involving smart kids who have learned their spying lessons quite well!" said.

"Thirteen-year-old Ben Ripley AKA Smokescreen) is all set to leave spy school for a carefree summer at home. Instead, he spends a weekend at home and is sent, along with his classmates, to an intelligence version of summer camp where the would-be espionage agents will be trained as survivalists. But a death threat from another spy group called SPYDER forces him to scramble for allies while watching his back. The book is filled with adventure, smart kids, and family dynamics as Ben learns where fellow spy student Erica Hale got some of her courage and intelligence. I really enjoyed Ben's self-deprecating humor and how he considers doing the wrong things but usually ends up doing the right things or being honest about his shortcomings. It's great for middle grade readers to encounter adult characters whose inadequacies are revealed as thoughtfully as super-agent Alexander Hale's are here. This is a perfect book to read during the summer. I simply can't wait to see what the young spies will get up to next. " said.

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