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UPDATE TIME: 2017-04-07 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

Genre: Adventure
AR level: 5.2
Grade appropriate: 4th and up

Overall: 4/5-- I liked this book better than the first. (That seems to be the general conscientious from most other reviewers as well.) It's more exciting and the characters are coming into their own.

Creativity: 5/5-- I would not have been able to guess that Stuart Gibbs would take the kids to camp in the sequel to Spy School. Cool idea!

Characters: 5/5-- I like Ben a lot. He's a good guy who ultimately decides to do the right thing in most situations although it does not always come easy. He sometimes debates whether to do the right thing or the easy thing.

Engrossing: 4/5-- It's a quick read.

Writing: 4/5-- Funny and clever. A little cheese on the part of the bad guys.

Appeal to kids: 5/5-- Kids seem to be diggin this book. It's never on the shelf.

Appropriate length to tell the story: 5/5

Language: none-- This book had no offensive language as opposed to the first in the series. Just goes to show it wasn't necessary.

Sexuality: none

Violence: medium-- It reminds me a little of the TV show Chuck, but instead of the main character being the blunderer it's the CIA. Lots of cartoony violence. Nothing graphic. The most disturbing thing is when a bad guy is on a zip line and ends up falling into the ravine. They discuss how he's dead now, but don't go into graphic detail.

Drugs/Alcohol: none
" said.

"Originally reviewed at Owl You Need is a Good Read

I love this series. Absolutely love it. Ben Ripley makes me so happy. Who knew I could love this one just as much as this first book? I enjoyed the adventures they went on in this one since they left the school and ventured into the wilderness to learn new spy tactics.

I was a bit annoyed time to time with how stupid they portrayed Hale. I know he is dumb and that is the point but at times it was a bit much. This did not detract for my overall enjoyment of the story.

This book is perfect for girls, boys or adults. It is quite fluffy and just frankly a lot of fun to read. I mean c'mon, spy school is such a great idea!! There is so much you can do and I just love the way the story flows so effortlessly.

Erica is such a badass. She is just so effortlessly cool. I can't get enough of her in these books. Ben has his little crush on her but I enjoy that the crush isn't such a big focus. It's there and you are reminded of it at times but it isn't overdone.

Let me also plug the author website right here. I went there to see on the off chance if he knew what book would come after Spy Camp and he has some really good places on there. You can print off his signature so you instantly have a signed copy of his books! There are also shirts available which I thought was pretty funny.

All in all, I am so happy that I've read these books. Can't wait for more from Ben Ripley!
" said.

" Loved It. Getting the next one in the series. " said.

" Not as good as the first one, but I still enjoyed it. " said.

"Ben Ripley's all excited about spending the summer at home with his family and friends, when the Principal drops a bombshell on him. All spy school students are expected to attend spy camp. He gets one weekend at home and then he'll have to report to Happy Trails camp. But even before he gets to leave for his weekend at home, a note from SPYDER appears informing him that they are coming for him soon. Upon arrival at spy camp, Ben finds another not from SPYDER. Since spy camp isn't secure and SPYDER is gunning for him, the higher ups decide he'd be safer heading out into the middle of nowhere with "Woodchuck" Wallace, the psycho camp leader survival specialist. For cover, a whole group of students is taken out in a bus with Ben and the plan is for him and Woodchuck to slip away from the group to foil SPYDER. But when the bus driver is Alexander Hale and SPYDER is smarter than anyone thinks, you know things are not going to go according to plan, and everyone's in store for one wild spy adventure.

Ok, first off, Woodchuck Wallace may be the scariest character Stuart Gibbs has invented yet. It's a toss up between him and Marge from FunJungle. Hmmm, Marge versus Woodchuck. Now that would be entertaining...but I'm getting sidetracked. I had complete faith that Gibbs would pull through and deliver an entertaining adventure for Ben & Erica, and he did. The little bit about the Civil War reenactment was a stroke of brilliance. There was a good twist to the mystery of what was going on that surprised me. I liked the introduction of Cyrus Hale to the cast of characters. And I've decided that Stuart Gibbs has a little bit of Michael Mann in him. Ok, so he doesn't blow up as much stuff, but between the massive damages incurred at FunJungle and in various places Ben Ripley goes, there's a wake of destruction that is quite large. It isn't bad, it's just noticeable. I wouldn't want to own any place where a Stuart Gibbs character is headed. Anyway, overall, another great spy adventure that is perfect for middle graders.

Notes on content: One or two minor swear words. No sexual content. Some people get injured in an explosion, one fatally (view spoiler)" said.

" I love this book. It is about this kid who goes to a camp named spy camp. He met Erica in spy school and she is the best spy there. He gets a letter to work for SPYDER (a enemy organization) and refuses, but they won't take no for a answer, so it is either he accepts and works for them, or SPYDER will kill him. I love this book and recommend this to everyone. 5 stars easily the best book I have ever read. " said.

" Great follow up to the first in the series. I still laughed so much. Can't wait to dive into the next " said.

" Not as great as one, but still entertaining and a strong continuation of the story. " said.

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