The Ark, the Reed, and the Fire Cloud (The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz, Book One) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-03 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 75 user ratings

" I loved it, it does remind me a little bit of Narnia, except without the magic and also Redwall except the woman who wrote this Jenny L. Cote is a believer. It was funny, it was cute and sentimental. My Mom would have loved this. Worth reading " said.

" This truly was an astonishing book and the author did a fabulous job at describing all the things she did. The stowaway that was going to kill Noah, his family, Max, and Liz; I have got to say I have never been scared while reading a book but it finally happened. I have read this book 11 times and will do it again. :) " said.

" This book had great potential - an original idea and a great cast of characters. However, Cote needed a good editor. Parts were ponderous and redundant and left me wishing for it to just hurry up and end already. Having said that, it was chock full of great lessons on faith, trust, and friendship. I have higher hopes for the second book in the series. From what I understand, her writing shows development in The Dreamer, The Schemer, and The Robe. " said.

"I brought this home to read aloud to my family - something we enjoy. But with the distractions of end of school activities, and upcoming events. I ended up reading it silently to myself. Only took a week, even in my busy schedule.

I haven't returned it yet, because after having read it for myself - I want to share it with my kids even more. I look forward to good conversations, and hearing what they think will happen next. That, and I'm looking forward to practicing my Scottish accent, which is certainly on the weaker side.
" said.

"This book is magical and adventurous and fun. It entertains, but also teaches and I think it is a must have for any Christian library. It expands on the story of the flood without ever changing the biblical tale. It is about friendship, loyalty, and hope.

This is a 450 page book for children 8-12. I think it is beautifully done- the cover and the drawings inside. Have you seen The Princess Bride? Where Peter Falk is reading this grand adventure story to his grandson, Fred Savage? Well, that is what I envisioned as I was reading this book. It is a perfect book for you and a child to read together. This is a perfect Christmas gift for preteen readers.

there's more on my blog
" said.

"Great, GREAT re-telling of Noah by the animals! I loved her view of how this could have really happened. I know it really happened, but the how was fun to see her version. There was a lot of laughter....some gasps...and some tears, but at the end...JOY! The kids, all 3 (from 5-13) adored this book (as they did the other we read of Ms. Cotes: The Dreamer, the Schemer, and the Robe . Really fun, amazing stories that really bring the Bible alive for the kids (and mom!) Can't wait to spend more time with Max, Kate, Liz and Al! (Especially Al!)

Warning: If you read out loud...there are a TON of voices...and accents that must be had! ;)

A definite must read.
" said.

"This would be better, I think, if it was shortened to exclude many of those unnecessary parts that started to get boring quite quickly. Maybe it should be more truthful as well..? Definitely the most annoying part about this book were the accents. I wish they would just explain that the animal is talking in a certain accent and leave it at that rather than changing words, like about to 'aboot', just to 'jest' etc I found this difficult to read in my head and it was very childish (I guess this can be expected in a children's book though, but then it is saddening to see a swear word in this Christian children's book). I will still be reading some other books in the series though, interested to see what they will be like." said.

"I received this book for Christmas and began reading it that same night. I love this book so much.

Max is a Scottish Terrier ( he is actually Scottish ) who enjoys his life in the Glen, a peaceful place in Scotland. He guards the other animals from danger, and becomes known as the bravest animals in the Glen. But something is bothering max. He has been having strange dreams lately. One day, he is walking to the stream to get a drink, and the reeds talk to him. His old mountain goat friend, Gillamon, says that God is telling him to go somewhere. So Max sets out on the journey of a life time.

This is a great book for all ages. It is all the genres I like. Anthropomorphic animals, fiction based on truth > historical fiction, and christian.

There are no downsides for this book. It is a completely clean, not at all boring story.
Age range: 7 and up.
Hope this helped!
" said.

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