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"Some call the ocean "the Final Frontier" because there is still so much we don't know about the life below the waves. This book describes some familiar sea creatures, but also brings up less-known and unusual sea-life. When I read about the Barreleye Fish (it has a transparent head) and the Hagfish (also called "snot fish"), I wanted to go explore the deep for myself. Who knows what other wonders are waiting for us! This book gives great information on many sea creatures and creates curiosity to learn more. I still can't make up my mind which is "the most amazing creature in the sea"." said.

"Very interesting, and definitely has the potential to open up a discussion about which of the animals featured really is the "Most Amazing" creature in the sea - or did one get missed?
I may very well end up using this book in a science class to set off that exact assignment! Bring back an animal with a short paragraph explaining why IT is the most amazing!

The only flaw I really found were the illustrations - they could have been...more. They were very well-rendered, but they didn't do as much as they might have to really showcase the creatures' amazingness.
" said.

""The Most Amazing Creature in the Sea" is a mesmerizing picture book created with tempera paints. The author/illustrator asks the reader to peruse each of the sea creatures and choose one that sh/e thinks is the most amazing creature that lives in the sea. Each illustration takes up 90% of a double page spread, with the nonfiction text at the bottom. An Author's Note, Bibliography, and Online Resources are shown on the last page and give the reader further information necessary to understand the importance of the sea and its creatures.

This books could be used in the following ways:
- Grades 3/4 Ecosystem Unit
- Grades 2-5 Ind├ępendant Study
- Grades K-5 Read Aloud
" said.

" What a wonderful surprise. In this book, the reader doesn't only learn about one "amazing" creature, but a myriad of them, from the small and hidden leafy sea dragon to that heaviest bony fish in the world--the ocean sunfish. Each animal tells its story, the reason it IS the most amazing creature in the sea! At the end, you get to pick which one you believe is the winner, or are they all winners? There is a page of extra information about ocean creatures and organizations that are working hard to keep the ocean safe for all "amazing" ocean creatures. With background detail that highlights the animals in their specific ocean habitat, Gennady Spirin beautifully captures the spirit of each creature in the ocean's swirl." said.

"Younger readers will be able to learn amazing facts about some of the most fascinating creatures the sea has to offer and do it independently as the text is short and to the point. Readers are encouraged to learn about these creatures and be judges as to which is the most amazing of them all. The illustrations are detailed and a fair rendition of the animals they represent. It is rich in figurative and descriptive language, for example "colossal" and "master of disguise". It is an excellent example to explore the notion that not all non-fiction books use photographs as a text feature. The author's note at the end encourages readers to explore a career in ocean science, and to become an advocate for sea creatures as well. It also provides a bibliography and online resources to further study the oceans and those who live in it. Recommended." said.

"Marine biologists study all life in the earth's oceans and other saltwater habitats. Exploration of a world containing more than ninety-six percent of earth's water increases understanding and assists in preservation efforts. The adaptations made by the fauna in the given conditions are nothing short of incredible.

According to this statement

Scientists estimate that no more than 5% of the oceans have been explored. (MARINEBIO)

we've many, many more wonders to discover. Author Brenda Z. Guiberson and illustrator Gennady Spirin (Frog Song and The Greatest Dinosaur Ever) present to readers an array of underwater residents in their newest collaboration, The Most Amazing Creature In The Sea (Henry Holt And Company, June 6, 2015). Some of them will be familiar to most readers, others will be enchantingly different.

My full recommendation:
" said.

"summary (from Amazon):
Which sea creature is the greatest? Is it the one with the most venom, the greatest diver, the one with blue blood, or the best rotating eyes? Or is it the master of disguise, the one with the best light, the most slime, or the most eggs? Fascinating facts and spectacular illustrations will inspire young readers to choose their own favorite sea creatures!


This books is mostly pictures so it works great for a nonfiction story time or for getting young readers excited about reading nonfiction. Each animal gives fascinating facts about themselves that would keep the reader excited about the next animal. This book would be great for in class room use and for generating discussion about animals, ocean etc.

The author includes a insightful authors note and small bibliography

The only "down side" or caution that comes with this book is that some of the pictures (like the Angelerfish or Wolfish) are kind of scary and may not be enjoyed by young readers.
" said.

"This is the kind of book you could use with k-5 students--for different purposes. Guiberson, one of my go-to authors, writes well with a clear purpose. In this book, she describes how each of several sea creatures is amazing. As I read, I kept gasping aloud at the almost fantastical details that are included. For example, the male angler fish attaches itself to the female with his teeth and then his skin fuses to the female's and they become one. The male loses its eyes and the female sees for both of them. WILD. Each description of an animal ends with "That's why I am the most amazing creature in the sea!" LOVE (and don't skip when you read) the author's note at the end about how these creatures are endangered and how each one of these creatures contributes to the success of the biome or habitat--which means if any of them disappears, the whole system could be out of whack. You fall in love with these creatures when you read about them - and then when you read the author's note, you want to ACT.

I'd read this aloud in k-2nd and get it in the hands of 3rd-5th grade students for independent reading. Or I'd use this as a read aloud in any of these grades to launch a study on ocean life and conservation. Or I'd use it as a mentor text for writing workshop. All sorts of writing could be launched - opinion pieces, more research on one of the animals featured, research into conservation and so forth. Guiberson's design of this book could serve as a format for a class book. Guiberson has several books and would be worthy of an author study focus as well. Lots of potential in the classroom.
" said.

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