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UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-16 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 13 user ratings

" Buzzer beaterHard to imagine a better written story of a difficult subject. A rare hermaphrodite changes from being raised male to how she really feels...female. Her family not only supports her but truly walks alongside, with a Harley Davidson uncle and nurse-mom . This demonstrates two principles of successful teens: finding a skill to excel in and getting through a high risk difficulty with love supporting her. " said.

"3 stars because the writing was nothing exceptional, just to-the-point, which I think some readers will appreciate but bored me. Also, it should have been longer. There is a supporting character, Pepper, whose story is essential to the plot as the protagonist's, but I came away not feeling much for her. If anything, I had no sympathy for her, which I'm sure was not the author's intent. Otherwise an interesting story about a high school basketball player and young woman who happens to be intersex. I don't think I've come across many books about girls basketball." said.

"This is a book about an intersexed teenager who prefers to be of the female sex though her parents brought her up as a boy. This is a somewhat uncomfortable topic for me because I know nothing about it. I am totally ignorant. Plus, I am also sheltered and privileged so I couldn’t relate to the situation at all. I have never been bullied nor have I ever seen bullying and I find myself unsympathetic to bullying victims when I read them in books for some reason. However, I liked the book well enough. I’m glad I bought it." said.

"6 September 2017 - so far highly recommended. I have the Scribd audio version and the narrator, in my opinion, captures the brittleness of Alyx perfectly.

7 September 2017 - This novel has won many plaudits and it’s easy to see why. A strong story, well-crafted characters which moves along at a good pace. I finished this in two evenings; it is that difficult to put down.

Alyx is a 15 year old intersex child, brought up as a boy but who always felt she was a girl. Her parents made the decision to allow Alyx to choose her own self-hood, but this brought its own problems. As she says herself, that decision is all well and good, but at some stage she needed to choose a locker-room and that proved difficult.

Driven out of California by constant bullying, Alyx and her Mother return to the family home in Milwaukee, where Alyx wins a place on the girls’ basketball team. This generated an unprecedented level of jealousy from one team member, who sets out to find out about Alyx’s past. When the truth comes out, Alyx has to decide whether run or stand and fight.

Added to this are what we would see as regular teenage angst, but which Alyx finds difficult to cope with. How do you date a boy when you’ve been a boy most of your life?

It’s a brilliant novel that should be a standard reading text in schools. It pulls no punches and is written in a refreshingly straight-forward style from a young person’s point of view.

Favourite quote: "Aren't we all queer? Different? Odd? Peculiar? Strange? Freaky? Weird? Losers in our own way?" - Double Exposure - Bridget Birdsall
" said.

" Bridget Birdsall does an excellent job presenting the issue of gender identity through a wonderfully told story. We are rooting for Alyx from the beginning as she struggles to find her place in a new school and on a new basketball team. All the typical teen troubles are heightened by Alyx's journey to be herself. (Avoiding spoilers here!) And for basketball fans--the game play-by-play is awesome! " said.

" I always enjoy reading books by local authors, although I do spend too much time wondering about geographical stuff-like when authors change the names of places-where were they really referring to? Overall, this was a good book about an important subject. My only criticisms would be that I didn't find the writing style to be all that strong, and the villians were perhaps a little too heavily drawn. " said.

" The pros: Wisconsin author (who overcame dyslexia to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a writer), Milwaukee setting, and the only teen fiction novel I can recall about a teen born intersex (anyone know of any others, I'd love to hear about them!). The cons: the characters, empathetic though they were, didn't quite capture my emotion as much as I would've liked them too + the overall writing style failed to reel me in. . " said.

"As an intersex teen, Alyx's life has been pretty much hell. After her father's death and yet another beating at the hands of her nemesis, she and her mother move to Wisconsin. There, Alyx will only be known as a girl and not as a boy or undecided -- or so she hopes. When she excels in basketball, her life, however, continues to become nearly as complicated as it was in California.

I know Bridget and must give kudos to her work. It is outstanding and worthy of the awards for which it has nominated and won.

" said.

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