Jet Black and the Ninja Wind Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-11-16 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 43 user ratings

" Written in a lyrical kind of prose which flows beautifully, this book offers an easy to follow yet action packed plot with a relatable protagonist, a girl struggling to live up to expectations and her own emotions. I like the historical references which makes the book seem more 'real'. Although, was slightly disappointed with the ending because the romance bit seemed to be kind of missing/unresolved. :P " said.

" I found this to be an exciting read filled with the right amount of mystery, ninja action, Japanese history and heroine coming-of-age.Wind as a entity, a kind of character in the story, brought a magical aura to the story that reminded me of the fantasy martial arts fight scenes in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon which is a genre I enjoy.This story also got me thinking of family, family heritage and family loyalty. " said.

"Jet is a wonderful heroine. She manages to be both strong and vulnerable. As the novel progresses, the reader becomes more caught up in her story. The authors weave great storytelling, history, and some very fine writing to create a compelling story.

The multicultural and historic aspects of the book create a sense of global interconnectedness that isn't found many places. The two settings, Japan and New Mexico, are vividly described and make you feel like you are there.The reader learns about Zen Buddhism, the Emishi and Navajo Code Talkers in a way that left me wanting to know more.

At the end of the book, I found myself wanting to know what happens next. This is not only an excellent YA book, but also for adult readers as well.
" said.

""Not fear, but gratitude. It felt good to re-name fear, to take away its power." Best line!

As one who lived in Japan, I knew much of the history in the book, but I don't think most Westerners would since the authors touch on obscure Japanese history. The author also brings the setting to life with details. I liked best the information on ninjas. There is also a primer of Japanese terms. JET BLACK AND THE NINJA WIND is an ambitious work, much as MOBY DICK is both a novel and an anthology on whaling.

In terms of the ninja action scenes, Lowitz and Oketani's best writing was describing how Jet's body and mind melded as one with nature to perform ninja actions.

I can see why JET BLACK won the APALA award for 2014.

I bought a copy of this book from B&N.
" said.

"*I won this on a goodreads giveaway*

4 stars

An amazing book, full of action, intrugue and a hint of romance, that keeps you to the edge of your seat.
Jet has been trained all her life to be a ninja but she didn't know it. Her journey of adventure and self discovery starts when she travels to Japan to take her mother's ashes.
She is a very likeable and strong character, I loved her from the beginning but reading through her every adventure made me realised that I loved her more with each page I've read.

The writing was exquisite. Reading all these descriptions was like I was there with Jet and I was able to see it all!

Can't wait to read more of Jet Black and these talented authors!
" said.

"OK.. so imagine this.. you're born into the Western world with an Asian (in this case, Japanese) heritage.. you think you're living a regular life with school and friends accept for the fact that your Mum is forcing some crazy martial arts training on you everyday after school to protect you from enemies.. all the while you think your Mum has lost the plot until one night, a life changing incident occurs to which you discover that growing up, all was not as it seems and you learn all the training was to prep you to become a ninja - a life you never thought to be yours.. you are then forced to learn, accept and understand your family's secretive history and then you are thrown into a quest with limited guidence to save your family's secret and sacred land.. If I could give this book 6 stars, I would!! a unique and fast paced read that integrates contemporary young adult with ninja action and historical reference.. I recommend it to all!!" said.

"I picked this book because of my interest in Japanese culture. Ninja story? Bring it on! Jet Black and the Ninja Wind is a story about a Jet's survival story as she travelled to her mother's birth country to protect a family treasure. This is also about her story to discover about herself, more specifically, trusting in her ability.

The book is filled with danger as Jet and her cousin travelled from one place to another and I was really engrossed in them. There is definitely character growth for Jet but somehow I didn't feel close to her as I thought I would. Don't get me wrong--I like reading about Jet's and her struggles through dangerous situation to protect what she need to protect. She did get on my nerves in the beginning but she slowly grew on me and I get to understand more from her point of view. Love interest? Not much. Not enough. I need more!

There is a valuable lesson to learn from the book alongside Jet which is why you need to read the book if you are interested. I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about Ninja and Japanese culture but I'd hesitate if you are looking for some romance story. It's still a good read.
" said.

This was an exciting, fast paced read filled with mythology, history, and international intrigue. Lowitz and Oketani tackle hard questions about materialism, consumption, greed and the environment.

It's a deep read, but I appreciate a YA novel that forces the reader to think. Jet Black's character works not just because its about a young girl discovering her ninja skills; but because she has to confront hard questions about violence and ethics.

The novel weaves in the experiences of indigenous people and marginalized groups without objectifying them. I think the loving portrayal of the Japanese countryside is a nice addition in a genre of books (in English) which tend to focus exclusively on Tokyo.

My only quibble: there is a kind of romance subplot which wasn't quite convincing. It seems like it's the set up for a series, so maybe that will be more fully developed.

Still, I base my ratings on the ability to keep me engaged in the story and entertained-JET BLACK succeeded.

Fans who like fantasy or urban fantasy will find a lot to appreciate in Jet's ninja skills.

(I received this book from the author for an honest review)
" said.

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