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UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-04 
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" King Louie wants to be tall - based on his real life.From advanced reader copy. " said.

" A fun narrative nonfiction that introduces young readers to one of Europe's most influential monarchs. The fact list at the back of the book gives further insights to King Louie the Fourteenth. " said.

" A simple introduction to Louis the Sun King who built Versailles and invented platform shoes because he was so short. Lesson: What you look like isn't as important as who you are " said.

" Read this with Madam last night, and when we got to the end and I started reading the 14 Facts about King Louis, she stopped me and said, "Wait, what? He was a real person?" Yeppers. Maybe the artwork was so exaggerated that she thought it all was pretend, or maybe they haven't covered the history of France yet in school. Now she knows! " said.

" An excellent introduction to King Louis XIV, French history, and fashion told in interesting narrative. The story will appeal to youngsters even if they don't care about any of those topics. The illustrations don't do anything for me personally, but they do support and enhance the text through exaggeration - Louis' new wig takes up almost a whole page.Would like to see some sources listed, but the Fouteen Facts...were fun to read! " said.

"This is a funny, mostly non-fiction book about King Louis the 14th, King of France from 1643 to 1715.

Children who are interested in tales of knights, castles, kings and queens may be interested to learn about a real one - and Louis the 14th ("Sun King" or "Louis the Great") was one of the most famous kings in history.

The book mainly focuses on King Louis's height, and his efforts to look taller, but the fourteen facts at the end are worth reading with older kids.

I think this book is for older preschoolers and elementary students. It's a good introduction to part of the history of France - and younger kids will laugh at the illustrations of the king's wigs and shoes - and of the King falling on his derrière!

My kids enjoyed it.
" said.

"A brief intro to King Louie XIV of France and the lengths he went to to compensate for his lack of height. Further notes in the back give more facts about him.

Knowing a bit more about some of the less than stellar parts of King Louie XIV's reign I felt a little weird about this (if you adults want a good summary of his life, I recommend this video from This book makes him sound like some grand leader with just some forgivable self-esteem issues. It kinda sugar coats his reign too much though explaining his more grievous pitfalls isn't exactly fun picture book material either. This would be an excellent read before visiting Versailles to get kids pumped up for some of the things they'd see there (like his clothes, his throne, and his room full of mirrors). It also explains the emergence of some past and current fashion trends which is interesting. So it does have its good points, and the illustrations are also fantastic.
" said.

" King Louie wants to be tall - based on his real life.From advanced reader copy. " said.

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