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UPDATE TIME: 2018-08-07 
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"I actually really like this book, which was a little surprising for me because usually I don't like the books that were put on a list and i have to choose one to read. My Science teacher gives everyone in her class a paper with a list of stuff we can do for a term project. I chose to read a book because I am pretty fast at reading and it wouldn't take that long to read. My Favorite parts in the story is when Shackleton tells Perce his outlook on luck and when Perce is on the ships shaft with the photographer.
Shackleton's Stowaway is about Perce Blackborow, he wants to go on Shackleton's ship that is going to explore Antarctica. He was kind of depressed because he doesn't make the coalification’s to go on the ship, so his friends that he met help him sneak onto to ship and hide in a cupboard. After a few days’ he comes out and since they are already a few days away, Shackleton lets him stay on the ship because he doesn't want to turn around just to bring him back. When they finally get to their stop before they head to Antarctica Shackleton was going to send him back home but he convinced Shackleton let him stay on the ship, but he has to write a letter to his parents telling them were he was going.
When they are getting close to Antarctica they see ice sheet everywhere, they try a few different ways to push the ice away from the ship. One night they wake up to a strange noise and the ship was tipping. When they get up on deck the notice that they are trapped by the ice and that there are some holes in the ship and that water is getting in the ship. They try to fix the holes but there is to many. Eventually they have to abandon ship. They live on the ice around the ship for a wail then they eventually start moving across the ice to find rescue. They go through a lot to find a way to get back home.
The photographer on the ship asked Perce to climb up the shaft of the ship with him so he can take a picture. Perce agrees to go up with him. Once the Photographer finds what he want to take a pick
Near the end of the book Shackleton and Perce are talking about their adventure they just went on. Perce said that they must have really good luck to have survived all that they went through. Shackleton looks at Perce and said “Luck? Ah. You know what good luck is? .... It’s being too bloody stubborn to die through all the bad luck that comes first.” I really like this quote because I agree with it. Most people say that they are lucky because they are glade they lived through the horribly luck they just had .

" said.

" Really enjoyed this fictional account of true events. A fast read. Written in the first person it really placed you there. " said.

" I can't say anything about this book was exciting or for that matter very interesting for me personally. But I have never been a fan of survival stories. " said.

" What a joy to read! My son was assigned this book in camp, and suggested I read it, too. I instantly fell in love with the characters and the fast, streamlined style, and finished it in two days. A terrific tale based on real events. " said.

" The story of Shackleton and the Endurance is one of my favorite survival stories. While this book is considered fiction, it is based on the real life events surrounding the Endurance and its quest to cross the Antarctic continent. The book follows the steward on the ship, Perce Blackborrow, and the specific challenges he faced while with the crew of the Endurance. The book is geared towards teenage readers and hopefully prompts readers to research the real story of Shackleton and his brave crew. " said.

" This is a wonderful adventure story. I am fascinated by what all the crew went through! This book is told from the perspective of the stowaway and is an amazing true story! " said.

"If I start lamenting a Minnesota winter, I can be grateful I'm not spending four months under a lifeboat on an Artic island waiting for rescue. Victoria McKernan bases her novel on the experience of Perce Blackborow, the youngest member of Ernest Shackelton's crew as they attempt to cross Antarctica. Miraculously, all the crew return alive from the two year journey; however, over two-thirds is spent trapped by pack ice and nearly a year is spent with no ship at all. Drawing heavily from journals, shiplogs, and interviews, McKernan makes the story frighteningly real.

I once saw a documentary of this amazing survival, but this novel did more to bring the suffering home. I am amazed and the strength and the will to live among that group of men.
" said.

"I think this book was a major contributor to my inability to fall asleep last evening until after 2 AM. This is my first experience with the story of the Shackleton expedition and Victoria McKernan has me chomping at the bit to read more about Shackleton, look to find Hurley's photos and perhaps read more about these incredible survivors. The narrative and dialog mix kept me moving and since I hadn't read about the expedition I didn't know until the end who survived. I plan to add this to a new survival book talk that mixes fiction, nonfiction and biography. My only regret is the edition I had was a blister to read as it was a Follett bound that was not easy on the eyes...small print, no margins. Will be looking for another edition to add to the collection." said.

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