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UPDATE TIME: 2019-11-04 
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"Get Coding! Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and Build a Website, App, and Game by Young Rewired State is a guide for all ages in the tools of today's coding. Want to make a website from scratch? Create an app? Build a game? All the tools are laid out in a user-friendly format that leads kids on an imaginary quest to keep a valuable diamond safe from dangerous jewel thieves. Young Rewired State, an international collective of tech-savvy kids, offers readers an easy-to-follow book of instruction in bite-size chunks. It focuses on the real-life coding skills taught in an engaging, comprehensive guide.

Get Coding! Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and Build a Website, App, and Game is a good tool for those that want to get started with some serious coding, while still having some fun. The book is user friendly and well organized, with challenges that will keep young coders engaged and focused. I really like the idea of giving the coders a mission to complete, and the goofy artwork that is included. I do think that this is for those dedicated to learning, and those youngsters that have already tried some of the basic coding games and tools in the past. Some of the challenges might be too much for those that are easily frustrated or just casually interested in coding. I know that I did not attempt the app making or some of the more complicated coding, mainly because I did not have the time and enthusiasm to put in the effort. However, those children and even adults that want to get a handle on coding and are ready to get to it will get solid instruction and a good foundation.
" said.

"Get Coding!, is an absolutely fabulous and essential book for children if they want to know how to code a webpage, or build an app. In today’s society, we are relying on more and more computerised machinery, and the internet is exceptionally useful and popular, and is only going to become even more important in years to come.

I’ve believed for a long time that they should teach coding in schools. I remember having an old Amstrad computer as a child and learning how to code, spending hours copying code from a book and then all it did was to make one little image move across the screen. Today, coding is much simpler, easier and creates a lot more than a single moving image.

This book will give children the knowledge to build a webpage, create a password, build and app, plan a route and make a mini-game. It will also show them how to code using the three modern essential languages HTML, CSS and Javascript. The only things that are needed to be able to use this book are a computer/Mac and the internet.

The instructions are exceptionally easy to understand and follow. They are also split into two so that there is one set for PC and one for Mac computers. Be aware that the instructions are written in American English – this is because computer code is written in American English, so I can only presume that they didn’t want to confuse the children.

Children will love this book and it will teach them valuable skills for the future. It will also give them a sense of achievement as they complete each of the six missions.

Reviewed by Stacey at
" said.

"I received this book for free from the publisher in return for a review. The following is my honest opinion on this book:

'Get Coding' is an excellent book for anybody interested in learning the basics of programming. The same width as an A4 book and almost square in shape it's quite big at 208 pages. With thick glossy pages this feels a little like a school text book, however it's anything but boring. The book is separated into sections teaching you things like how to build a web page, building an app and building a game all using the coding languages of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Now although I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to electronics, I love my computer, my games, taking the pc apart, building a new one, etc but I have to honestly say I don't know much coding language. This book is very easy to understand though and is set out in a colourful and simple way. The book covers making a simple game and goes through all the stages of what to do step by step so you don't get easily lost. I do know quite a bit of html language and I can say that all that I know is accurately explained in the book so although I haven't tried all the coding and making a game feature yet, I believe the book to be accurate.

What I really like about this book is that although explained from start to finish you can also dip in and out of the book with the handy index. This is great if you are using html or another language on your own web pages and don't want to create that whole app game but want to just use certain info in your own projects.

This is a great book for kids and I think plenty of adults who aren't too knowledgeable in computer coding will enjoy using this book, it's certainly helped me. (pictures available on amazon or my website)
" said.

" A book that could help young coders. May need adult assistance to follow the directions. " said.

" Great for youngsters learning the basics. " said.

" I think this book does a great job at making the language of coding as easy to understand as possible for middle grade students. " said.

" Lihtsasti loetav ja põnevate ülesannetega raamat! " said.

" I read this book back before I had looked at any Web code and it had some helpful bits. I would recommend for beginners. You will however have to read up on extra stuff to build anything interesting. Good read for enthusiastic young people with little experience. " said.

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