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" A great story based off of a traditional Japanese story/fairy tale like the percy jackson books by Rick Riordan. Xander faces spiritual battles with himself as well as a physical battle against the oni. " said.


Everything I Liked from the First Book
Asian MC, Japanese mythology & culture, good family dynamics (minus the entrance of the mother figure), beautiful artwork . . . Momotaro #2 remains true to the elements that I enjoyed from book one. For more details, click here to read my review of Momotaro #1.

Character Growth
Xander is still a pubescent teen dealing with tween issues, and now he's one with special powers. He's quite the handful. That said, this provides much room for character growth, and Xander does just that. Young readers can relate to Xander's problems and learn how to work through issues.

Follows Events of the First Novel
I love how Xander of the Dream Thief follows through with events of the first novel. For example, the primary conflict in the novel is spurred by the after-effects of Xander's last adventure. Also affected are his relationships with friends, classmates, and family. (I'd talk more about these details, but that would go into spoilers!)


Adults are Absent or in Need of Saving (Once More!)
In my review of the last book, I explained how it's unrealistic that children would be the ones saving the day without help from any adults. This still holds true. However, I do appreciate how Xander is able to work through his issues and mature as a character. Sometimes, we do need to learn the hard way outside of parental guidance. And I appreciate his parents' love and understanding through it all.

Quick, Not Well Developed Resolution
Some of the issues are wrapped up too quickly. In particular, there is one big issue that was introduced at the end of the last book and which proves a problem at the beginning of this book. I was expecting to see more development on this issue; however, it was resolved at the end without us seeing Xander work through it. I wish that more attention had been paid to this issue.


Overall, Xander and the Dream Thief is an enjoyable followup to the first novel. As long-time readers know, I always appreciate a novel with good family relationships and Asian characters. I especially love how this novel isn't another episodic adventure in Xander's life but incorporates elements from Momotaro #1. I'm looking forward to seeing where Margaret Dilloway takes us next!
" said.

" I received a copy of this book from Disney-Hyperion via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. " said.

" Not bad for a book II, but Xander really needs an attitude adjustment- quit the whiny, I dont need to learn this and start your education. " said.

" Feeling whiny and self-centered, Xander loses his new-found powers. When he's about to lose a whole lot more, he sets out on another surprising quest. While he meets and fights various characters and creatures, both malicious and benign, he learns the power of thoughts, words, deeds, and dreams. I tried to get my 14-year-old to apply some of those lessons to the onerous task of eating his vegetables last night. Maybe they will sink in someday. " said.

"I couldn't wait to read the sequel to Momotaro #1 and went out especially today to my local library to pick up Xander and the Dream Thief.

It did not disappoint.

Dilloway seems to have found her stride and while Xander is still annoyingly whiny for one burdened with such great responsibility and at times, things do go too easily for him, it is overall an enjoyable adventure as Xander and his friends set off on yet another quest.

I would love to read more about Xander, Jinx, and Peyton as they fight the oni and learn about themselves. Hopeful, for more of the series.
" said.

"When Xander starts having nightmares, his grandmother give him a baku charm with the express warning not to overuse it. When Xander does exactly the opposite, his family suddenly starts exhibiting lethargic symptoms. In order to save his family, he’ll have to confront the Baku and take back his family’s dreams and his powers. Will he succeed?

Full of adventure and fantastical detail, the plot is complex and engaging. The characters are humorous, likable, and draw the reader into Xander’s world. The mix of mythology and adventure were well blended. Internal and external dialogue is easy to follow and blends well with each other. Fans of mythology, adventure, and fantasy will enjoy reading this book.

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Please Note: A copy of this book was given to us in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed, however, are our own.
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