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UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-01 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 44 user ratings

"Fantastically unique and creative, the experience of reading this book was every bit as delightful as the story and characters themselves.

Written entirely in verse (if Dr. Seuss were to write a novel-length chapter book (with the addition of a few Lemony-Snicket-like macabre elements) this would be it!) with font size, type, and direction changes sprinkled throughout, this felt unlike any other book I've read before.

So much fun!

I keep hearing that this should be read aloud. I'd like to add to that that it should be read aloud either by the child, or where the child can see and delight in the unexpectedness of the text along with the rhyme. I considered briefly using this as a read-aloud in my classroom, but I think the students would enjoy it much more if they could take it home and read it aloud with their parents.

As for the story: I was impressed at the unique and unexpected places the story took me. A story would have to be pretty strong to stand up to being told in verse, and this story not only managed it, but made it seem like verse was the only possible way this story could be told. Again, so much fun!

And the characters. I loved how at the beginning Katrina and Morty balanced each other out. I ADORED how as the story went along, they not only learned to utilize each others' strengths, but were able to learn from them. Excellently well done.

Overall, fun characters, fascinating story, and the most original storytelling approach I've yet seen in a children's book. A thoroughly delightful reading experience that I can't wait to share with my students!

4.5 stars rounded up
" said.

"An amazing book overall! The best part? The entire book rhymes! From cover to cover it’s a rhyming frenzy!

This is a great book for anyone who likes a bit of nonsense. It was written for children and young teens but it is a great read for everyone! Either way, this book is a fabulous book for all ages.

It is 283 pages and 20 chapters chalked full of amazing! Personally, it only took me about 4 hours to read but it’s perfect for someone looking for a book to just sit back and relax. This book is full of twists and turns, just when it seems that the main characters are doomed: a twist here and a turn there, completely switching things around. It is a very entertaining book I would certainly read again!

In this book, Katrina Katrell’s guardian Mrs. Krabone thinks Katrina is crazy when she claims to see a strange creature. Even worse? Mrs. Krabone wants to cut up Katrina’s brain! Katrina runs away before her brain could be chopped up and soon learns that the creature she saw was a zorgle! Mortimer Yorgle the zorgle to be precise! One of the last zorgles left now that all the zorgles of Zorgamazoo have gone missing, it is feared that they have been kidnapped! Morty doesn’t like adventure, but that’s what he has to go on when he is chosen to find out what happened to all the zorgles of Zorgamazoo. After fate brings Katrina and Morty together they must go save the zorgles of Zorgamazoo. Soon we learn about Dullbert Hohummer the Third, the reason all the zorgles have disappeared. The odd pair of Katrina and Morty have to save all the zorgles of Zorgamazoo, and in fact, all the other creatures too.

I enjoyed every minute of Zorgamazoo. It is very entertaining with funny cartoons at the start of each chapter and a extremely interesting writing style, the book isn’t entirely one font, sometimes it’s BOLD, or underlined, maybe Italic, but sometimes the writing is ǝpısdn uʍop or edisni tuo! A very interesting plot and characters, a unique kind of story you couldn’t read anywhere else! I highly recommend it!
" said.

"My first impression was—Tim Burton Meets Dr. Seuss! Cool and clever. It was a touch of dark, a touch of heart, a touch of bizarre, and a touch of nonsense. I was fully impressed by Robert’s MAD rhyming skills. Either he is a natural at it or he worked exhaustingly hard. I found it invigorating and addictive. I have to admit, I could not stop rhyming afterwards, in my head and outloud. The font changed in size, style, and the layout which complimented the story as well. Overall It was impeccable, to say the least.

I am not much for reading poetry and I wondered if reading this book written in rhyming verse would become tedious or annoying and surprisingly it didn’t. I was equally impressed how the rhyming did not hinder the story, rather it enhanced it. I worried at one point it may start to seem contrived because how long can someone write in verse and not get off track? It was different from anything I’ve read. Robert delivered another unique story. (I have read his book “Dust City” and that was original too.)

All of the characters were creative. The two main characters were likable and honorable. Morty, a creature called a Zorgle, was an unlikely hero in this tale. He was chosen by lottery to investigate what happened to the vanished Zorgles of Zorgamazoo. Katrina is an independent, offbeat, adventurous girl. She was on the run from her controlling guardian Mrs. Krabone. She thinks Katrina has a wild imagination so she wanted the doc to lobotomize her brain. Creepy.
But Mrs. Krabone was severely irate.
She spat when she spoke with fury and hate.
“A creature?!” she shrieked. “A mysterious beast?”
You’re crazy, Katrina, and that’s saying the least!
If you tell me again, I shall do it myself:
I’ll scoop out your brain for a spot on my shelf!

Some parts were gross (It’s hard for me to even write this. EW!!!):
“Morty!” he bellowed, “you dithering dupe!
You stink! Like a heap of my goopiest poop!

Some other verses I really liked:
He spun on his heel, and he leapt in the air,
Recalling the cadence of Freddy Astaire,
But never as nimble, not nearly as spry
(more like a hippo with mud in its eye.)

The girl was in gumboots as tall as a chair.
She had daggers and knives pinned up in her hair.
Her name on the street was “Selena the Slash.”
And she’d cut off your pants to pilfer your cash!

But in spite of their vow that they never would quit,
In spite of their bravery, gumption and grit,
They were starting to tire, losing their hopes,
Like a boxer, pinned down, his back on the ropes.

Here is my own (not as good as the author’s):
This is a book unique as can be
Give it a look and you will see.
You’ll be sad when it ends,
Wanting to share with your friends.
By the time it is done
You’ll be rhyming for fun.
It’s filled with imagination
While giving feelings of elation
You’ll appreciate the wonder
And realize Robert steals the thunder!

I couldn’t help myself. I felt this gave me a better appreciation for my imagination and the wonder in this world. Great fun read. Now I want more, how about an adult version?
" said.

" If you're a fan of Dr. Seuss, Roald Dahl, and/or Shel Silverstein this is a book for you. This is a silly adventure book all in rhyming verse!! A little girl and her new friend Morty the Zorgle go off to find the missing Zorgles of Zorgamazoo, but they never anticipated the adventure they would have. " said.

" its an really good book its about an girl named katrina katrell go on an adventure. i really recomend it " said.

" A whole novel written in rhyme! This book is so popular with kids in Grade 3-7, I can't keep it on the library shelves. Also a great aloud (although I have to make an effort to avoid using a singsong-y voice that can happen while reading poems). 2010 Silverbirch Award winner. " said.

" All that rhyming rather grated on my nerves. I felt like I had to read a never ending wedding toast presented in lyric form by a well-meaning, but amateurish best friend or relative. Do I have to clap enthusiastically? " said.

"This was a battle of the books book for 3rd grade. I read this out loud to my kids.
The story was cute but it gets two stars because it exposed parenting weaknesses. I'd read a page and Fred would interrupt, "I have no idea what is happening." And I'd respond with, "Are you even listening?! How dumb are you?" (Not really. But close.) And then I'd summarize what I'd just read, which wasn't much due to all the filler words necessary to create limericks. He just could not follow the rhyming. And there were lots of difficult words mixed in with made up vocabulary (zorgles).
Plus, I didn't want to get trapped in the sing-song cadence of rhyming poetry reading so during the entire reading I kept wondering if I was reading normally or not. It was very confusing.
" said.

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